Tameka Raymond is Back In The Ring.....She's Filed A Motion For a New Trial

USHER AND TAMEKA RAYMOND MORE BABY MOMMA DRAMA - Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond has put the gloves on again, and is back in the ring for round 2. Tameka has filed a motion for a new trial in their custody battle. She wants to know where was the evidence, if she was such a bad irresponsible mom. Usher who has snatched their two boys back since he was given primary custody, is out on tour with who's watching the kids?

via Eurweb
Tameka vowed to appeal the decision … by filing a motion for a new trial on grounds the judge was biased in Usher’s favor.
Tameka claims the judge has a strong tie to Usher’s lawyer, claiming the attorney was personally responsible for nearly half of the contributions to the judge’s re-election campaign in 2008. What’s more … Tameka alleges Usher’s lawyer served on the judge’s re-election campaign committee.
Tameka also insists NO evidence was presented showing she couldn't take care of her kids.
Tameka also claims there was clear evidence of Usher’s “past, current, and future inability” to care for the kids.
Mediajuicejoint says Tameka want that money, and she ain't going down without a fight. Bringing up the stalker ish and his alleged drug use didn't move the judge, but since Usher went on tour the same day he was supposed to start playing full time daddy, might be the ammunition she needed along with all her other accusations.
All I know is she better get her swallow game on and her money up because this title fight is going to cost her and she already know that money can buy many things!!!!!

Should the kids spend their time with Usher's team of nannies or their Momma while he's on tour tickling his fancy with you know who?.....more to come.

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