Top 10 Greatest Down South Rappers

This is a Top 10 Greatest Down South
Rappers ever, not by opinion but by fact. Anyone who has a brain that functions
properly and can process the lyrics and meanings of them and the songs should
agree with this list. Too many people have just made pathetic top 10 or
whatever lists because they obviously don’t know real music and are brainless.
You can’t deny.. No matter how much you may not like a rapper you can’t deny
their skill. Some of you may think that should be other
rappers on here in place of some because they are hot in the game or for
whatever reason it may be. But that’s where people are retarded. This is based
on pure rap skill no bandwagon. So basically you're really retarded if you don’t

1. Bun B - Bernard Freeman (born March 19, 1973
professionally known by his stage name Bun B, is an American rapper and was one
half of the southern rap duo UGK (UnderGround Kingz). 

He is also a guest
lecturer at Rice University located in Houston, Texas. He recently released his
third official solo album Trill OG on August 3, 2010, which received a 5 Mic
"Classic" rating in The Source Magazine - the first album in over
five years to receive the honor.Bun B is married with two stepchildren.

 2. Scarface - Brad Terrence Jordan (born November 9, 1970),
better known by his stage name Scarface, is an African-American rapper and
recording artist from Houston, Texas and a member of the Geto Boys. He is
originally from South Park, Houston.
He began his career as Akshun (pronounced Action) recording
solo for Lil' Troy's Short Stop Records, a local label in Houston. After
releasing the 12" single "Scarface", he would go on to sign with
Rap-A-Lot Records and join a group who were collectively known as Geto Boys
replacing one member who left, and released the group's second album Grip It!
On That Other Level (1989), a highly successful album that garnered the group a
large fanbase, in spite of their violent lyrics keeping them from radio and
MTV. He took his stage name from the 1983 film Scarface.
In 1992, Scarface appeared (along with Ice Cube and Bushwick
Bill) on the Kool G Rap & DJ Polo album: Live and Let Die.

The album Mr. Scarface Is Back was a success, and Scarface's
popularity soon overshadowed the other Geto Boys. Scarface remained in the
group while releasing a series of solo albums that kept him in the public view
with increasing sales. This peaked with The Diary and The Last of a Dying
Breed, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews and sales, and earned him
Lyricist of the Year at the 2001 Source Awards.

In 2002, he released The Fix, the follow-up to The Last of a
Dying Breed and returned to the studio with the Geto Boys for their album, The
Foundation. He was also featured on The Biggie Duets alongside Big Gee and
Akon. He guested on Ray Cash's debut single "Bumpin' My Music".

In addition to his career as a rapper, Scarface has also
been the coordinator and president of Def Jam South since 2000, where he has
fostered the career of popular rapper Ludacris, whom he originally signed to
the label.

Scarface has appeared on Freeway's album Free at Last and on
Beanie Sigel's album, The Solution. Scarface is currently planning production;
he has produced three tracks on UGK's Underground Kingz including "Life in
2009," "Still Ridin' Dirty," and "Candy."
Some of Scarface's early music videos ("A Minute to
Pray and a Second to Die
") featured community activist Quanell X in
supporting roles. Although he was brought up as a Christian, Scarface converted
to Islam some time around 2007.
In 2008, Scarface collaborated with rapper Tech N9ne on his
album Killer on the song "Pillow Talkin'".
Despite limited commercial appeal, he remains uniquely
popular amongst those in the industry, and has been described as "your
favorite rapper's favorite rapper".On August 6, 2009 Scarface performed at
the 2009 Gathering of the Juggalos. In 2005, comedian Chris Rock praised
Scarface as one of the best three rappers of all time on his list of the Top-25
Hip-Hop Albums ever. "
On June 30, 2010, Scarface announced that he is working on a
new album entitled The Habit which will include features from John Legend and
Drake that is scheduled for release this Fall. For one production on the album,
Scarface co-hosted a worldwide producer showcase with iStandard from which
thousands of producers were considered and after a selection of the top 8, Alex
Kresovich was named winner. The album is also said to feature production from

3. T.I - Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. (born September 25,
, better known by his stage name T.I., by his nickname Tip and by his
alter ego T.I.P., is an American hip hop recording artist, film and music
producer, actor and author. 

He is also the founder and co-chief executive
officer (CEO) of Grand Hustle Records. T.I. has released seven studio albums
(I'm Serious, Trap Muzik, Urban Legend, King, T.I. vs. T.I.P.,

Paper Trail, and No Mercy) with the most recent five being
highly successful on the commercial market. He has released such successful
singles as "Bring Em Out", "What You Know", "Big Shit
Poppin' (Do It)", "Swagga Like Us" (featuring Kanye West, Jay-Z
and Lil Wayne), "Whatever You Like", "Live Your Life"
(featuring Rihanna), "Dead and Gone" (featuring Justin Timberlake),
"Got Your Back" (featuring Keri Hilson) and "That's All She
Wrote" (featuring Eminem). He has served two stints in county jail, twice
for probation violations and a federal prison bid for a U.S. federal weapons
charge. While serving 11 months in prison he released his seventh studio album,
No Mercy. T.I. has also had a successful acting career, starring in the films
Takers and ATL.

4. Young Jeezy - Jay Wayne Jenkins (born October 12, 1977),
better known by his stage name Young Jeezy, is an American rapper. He is a
member of the hip hop group United Streets Dopeboyz of America (USDA) and a
former member of BMF (Black Mafia Family).

He began his career
in 2001 under an independent label and joined Boyz 'N Da Hood in 2005, the same
year his solo major label debut Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 was released.
Its single "Soul Survivor", which featured Akon, became a top-ten hit
in the US. The Inspiration followed in 2006, and The Recession followed in
2008; both albums yielded chart-topping singles. Jeezy has also appeared on
numerous other rap and R&B singles such as "Say I" byChristina
Milian, "I'm So Paid" by Akon, "Hard" by Rihanna, and
"Love in This Club" by Usher, the latter being a number one single on
the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2008.

5. Rick Ross - William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28,
, better known by his stage name Rick Ross (often stylized as RICK RO$$),
is an American rapper. Ross founded the record label Maybach Music Group, on
which he released his studio albums Deeper Than Rap (2009) and Teflon Don

Ross was also the first artist signed to Diddy's management
company Ciroc Entertainment. In early 2012,MTV named Ross as the Hottest MC In
The Game.

6. Andre 3000 - André Lauren Benjamin (born May 27, 1975),
better known by his stage name André 3000 (formerly known as Dré), is an
American rapper, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producerand
actor, best known for being part of hip-hop duo OutKast alongside fellow rapper
Big Boi.

andre 3000

As an actor, Benjamin
has made appearances in a number of TV series and films, including Families,
The Shield, Be Cool, Revolver, Semi-Pro, and Four Brothers.
In addition to music and acting, Benjamin has also been an
active entrepreneur. In the spring of 2008, he launched a clothing line called
Benjamin Bixby. He has also been an advocate for animal rights. He is also
known for his work on the Cartoon Network animated series Class of 3000.

7. Chad Lamont Butler
(December 29, 1973 – December 4, 2007)
, better known by his stage name
Pimp C, was an American rapper, singer, and producer. Pimp C was best known for
his work with Bun B as a founding member of the Underground Kingz (UGK).

Butler formed the rap
group Underground Kingz (colloquially known as UGK) with best friend Bernard
"Bun B" Freeman. In 1987, Jive Records signed UGK and released Too
Hard to Swallow, followed by the critically acclaimed Super Tight. The group's
third album, Ridin' Dirty, reached #2 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop
Albums chart, and their momentum was continued with features on the popular
singles "Big Pimpin'" with Jay-Z and "Sippin On Some Syrup"
by Three 6 Mafia. UGK's fourth album, Dirty Money, was distributed in 2001. Due
to Butler's incarceration in 2002, UGK would not release another studio album
until 2007's Underground Kingz which included "International Player's
Anthem (I Choose You)" featuring Outkast. Tony Snow Aka Sweet Jones.

8. Trick Daddy ( Maurice Young , Miami , 1973 ) is a
southern rapper also known as Trick Daddy Dollars or T Double D . He grew up in
Liberty City, one of the worst areas of Miami. 1
Trick appeared on the track "Scarred" by former 2
Live Crew member, he worked with Luther "Luke" Campbell, Produced by
Darren "DJ Spin" Rudnick, from Luke's 1996 album Uncle Luke.

The song became a hit
and immediately caught the attention of fans and record producers alike. Ted
Lucas, a former concert promoter and then-CEO of Slip-n-Slide Records, signed
the rapper to the newly formed record label. Slip-n-Slide released Trick Daddy
Dollars's debut album Based on a True Story in 1997; the album was popular in
the Miami area.
In 1998, when his next album was released,
Trick removed "Dollars" from his stage name. Club-oriented track
"Nann Nigga", featuring Trina, became a national hit, peaking at the
third spot of the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. Atlantic Records signed
Trick Daddy to the label in 2000 and released Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse
47 that year. "Shut Up", which Jason Birchmeier ofallmusic considered
"a rowdy club hit similar to 'Nann Nigga'", followed "Nann"
as the next single; featured guests on "Shut Up" were Deuce Poppito,
Trina, and Co.
Thugs Are Us, released in 2001, featured the hit single
"I'm a Thug" (released March 20, 2001) which reached #17 on the
Billboard Hot 100. His fifth album Thug Holiday boasted "In da Wind",
which Birchmeier believed was Trick Daddy's most creative single. In 2004, Thug
Matrimony: Married To The Streets was released, with hit single "Let's
Go", produced by Lil Jon, featuring Twista, and sampling the guitar riffs
from the Ozzy Osbourne hit "Crazy Train". That year, Trick Daddy
guest-performed on the Ying Yang Twins' "What's Happnin!", which
reached #30 on the Hot 100, #7 on the Rhythmic Top 40, and #9 on the Hot Rap
Singles. "Let's Go" peaked on #7 on the Hot 100, #4 on the Rhythmic
Top 40, and #4 on Hot Rap Tracks. Back By Thug Demand followed in 2006, with
singles "Bet That" and "Tuck Ya Ice" charting on the Hot
R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. This album launched the career of
Trick Daddy's Group, Dunk Ryders with their record "Damn Right"
featuring Dray Skky, and Trick's Joint Venture Label Deal with Cash Money
Following Back By Thug Demand, Trick Daddy appeared on
several singles by DJ Khaled: "Born-N-Raised" in 2006 from
Listennn... the Album in 2006, "I'm So Hood" from We the Best, and
"Out Here Grindin'" from We Global in 2008, all among numerous other
rappers. "Born-N-Raised" peaked at #83 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop
Singles, and "I'm So Hood" peaked at #19 on the Hot 100 and #5 on the
Hot Rap Tracks. He appeared on Pitbull's 2007 album The Boatlift. Trick Daddy
left Slip-n-Slide in 2008 and released his 8th studio album Finally Famous:
Born a Thug Still a Thug on September 25, 2009, under his own Dunk Ryder
Records. In late 2010 Trick Daddy formed a new label Trick Daddy Music Group,
signing fellow rappers Kasino, A-Dot, Dutch Dirty and 2T to the roster. Trick
Daddy is currently working on a new album to be released in 2012 under his new
label. Recently he has released a single featuring Young Jeezy, called "I
Can't Leave These Streets Alone", and then was featured on the track
"This Is For You", from Jeezy's latest album, Thug Motivation 103:
Hustlerz Ambition, released in December 2011. In July 2012, Trick Daddy
released a mixtape entitled "D*ck & Dynamite" as a prequel to his
upcoming album release. He continues to tour the southern United States with
his artists, performing a mix of both his classic hits and his new releases.

9. Lil Flip ( Wesley Weston, Jr. , March 3, 1981 ) is an
American rapper born in Houston , Texas .The first studio album was Flip The
Leprechaun , released on July 18 of 2000 under an independent production, and
selling over 200,000 copies. The only single that was released was "I Can
Do Dat".

This was Flip album that would begin his musical career and
his rise in the music and in the world of rap coming out of his role as
freestyle rapper, but continued to make such recordings. To date over 41
attributed mixtapes , an album underground and about 100 appearances on songs
by various artists.
Those years had a major dispute with rapper Atlanta , TI .
The feud began when Flip went to Atlanta for a concert and allegedly said
something derogatory IT, echoed this quickly and underground radios of Hip-Hop
, TI (who by then was in prison) learned this and was not amused. Once I take
out Flip said that he was in jail for saying that IT and from there he
"gave" a series of songs that insulted and despised Flip. Flip in
turn did the same. Actually this confrontation occurred because Flip said IT
was not the "King Of South" (a title that had been allocated IT) but
that was the only "King Of South".And for a while they were disputing
that title (even came to light as mixtapes, TI vs. Lil Flip: Fight For The
Throne). The matter was reassured when J. Prince were "forced" to
talk and solve the feud.
Their second album was released on August 27 of 2002 and was
entitled, Undaground Legend and only in its first week sold more than 70,000
records, this Flip motive to launch shortly after that is a bonus songs
included seven more . The only single released was "The Way We Ball",
but only hit on the R & B. Flip IT accused (for anger is) of having copied
the title for his album Urban Legend .
U Gotta Feel Me is the name of their third album which was
released on March 30 of 2004 , is a two-disc edition with a total of 21 songs.
The album only sold 198,000 in its first week and more than two million copies
in total and reaching the # 4 position on the list of the United States ,
making it the most successful album to date, the album went double platinum .
This time came two singles for the occasion, the first was "Game Over"
(which I use as instrumental tone that had the Pac-Man) that reached the # 15
position in the main list and used in the film Blade : Trinity , and the second
single was "Sunshine" with Lea who reached the second position, thus
becoming his most successful song.
A year later took out a single called "What It Do"
in collaboration and produced by Mannie Fresh which promoted the upcoming album
called Flip I Need Mine . But the album did not reach record stores until March
27th of 2007 . Is unknown because both the disk to delay his departure. After
the album appeared on sale Flip took a second single called "Ghetto
Mindstate" with Lyfe Jennings. After this it is not known who is going to
do another album. Although rumored to kick fifth album soon.
After this record again his frestyle Flip now from your
account at YouTube , where call CloverG TV features videos of what best to do
and so won the respect in the world of rap, underground cancones freestyle.

10. Pastor Troy - Micah LeVar Troy (born November 18, 1977)
is an American rapper, actor, and record producer. He is also a member of the
hardcore rap group D.S.G.B. (Down South Georgia Boys).

After being featured on recordings by Lil Jon and Ludacris,
as well as being featured on the soundtrack to the movie xXx, Troy's 2002 album
Universal Soldier became popular throughout the United States.
He released his first album, We Ready (I Declare War), in
1999. Ludacris featured Troy on his album Back for the First Time in the song
"Get Off Me." In addition, Pastor Troy is the front man of the rap
group D.S.G.B. (Down South Georgia Boys). DSGB originated in Augusta, Georgia.
He was also featured on the collaborative album Kings of Crunk by Lil Jon in
the song "Throw it Up". Troy and then friend Lil' Jon reached the top
of the charts in the south with songs such as "Vice Versa" and
"Throw it Up". Since being in the music industry, Pastor Troy has
been in public conflict with Master P, Lil Scrappy and The BME Click, and Sno,
with whom he has since come to terms. In 2002, Troy's album Universal Soldier
became popular in the South, especially with the song "Are We
Cuttin'" featuring Ms. Jade, which was also featured on the soundtrack for
the action film xXx that year.  The album
debuted at #13 on the Billboard 200.In 2003, Troy appeared on Young Jeezy's
2003 album Come Shop wit' Me on the track titled "GA".
Troy later released one of his more commercial albums, By
Any Means Necessary, in 2004. This album included the hit "Ridin'
Big". Following this release, Pastor Troy was released from his Universal
contract because of creativity disputes. He then released Face Off, Part II,
which addressed some issues with Lil Scrappy and BME, adding new songs, and
even remade some of his hits. In 2005, he appeared with Killer Mike on
Chamillionaire's track "Southern Takeover" off of The Sound of
Pastor Troy released three albums in 2006, starting with
Stay Tru, then followed by By Choice Or By Force and Atlanta 2 Memphis, which
is a collaboration album with Memphis rapper Criminal Manne. Stay Tru debuted
at the Billboard 200 at #150, selling 6,000 copies its first week. Currently,
Pastor Troy is signed with two record labels. SMC (Stay Tru, Tool Muziq) and
Money and Power Records (Face Off Part 2, Atlanta 2 Memphis).
Pastor Troy released his 16th solo album, Ready For War, in
June 2009, and released seven more studio albums up to 2011.
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