Thursday, October 31, 2013

UnsungHipHop.Com Presents: ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIES

UnsungHipHop.Com ...Presents Attack Of The Zombies (Dysfunctional Brothers Episode 1)  The characters used are BASED ON REAL PEOPLE myself included.  For those who know me know that screenwriting is a passion of mines. I can't draw nor can I act, but everything you see and hear was done by yours truly.  It's just another sick way to make fun of my friends, myself and family members.  We've tolerated each other for over 20 years so this is they way I repay them.  This is my attempt at being funny so sit back and enjoy... and HAPPY HALLOWEEN MOTHERF$#@&!!!!

 Imagine if your friends were trapped in a Zombie Apocalypse.  Who would survive?  Who would punk out? 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don Anthony - "Don't Be Long" (Prod by Napoleon Suarz) - Audio Download
This is DMV Golden Wing Music Group artist Don Anthony he recently just released 4 Year Term EP which was filled with gems, critically acclaimed, with a signature sound of witty lyrics over 90’s inspired boom bap beats. Don Anthony is back today with Don’t Be Long(Prod. by Napoleon Suarez) which is a tale of an up and coming rapper trying to keep his real life relationships while chasing his dreams. Click on the link to checkout his new release.  I put one of my favorite joints from Don below called Track @ Calmer Dayz, check it out below.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Leeb Burton - "Dollar Sign" - Official Video

 Coming from the Bay via Philly, Leeb Burton brings you the visuals for his debut single "Dollar Sign" from his upcoming mixtape "Reality's Revenge", dropping late December. Follow Leeb on Instagram and twitter @RealLeebBurton and check out the video below and tell us what you think.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mr. Morbid & Melph - "Living 2 Die" - MP3 Download
 Mr. Morbid & Melph is a Hardcore HipHop duo from the Netherlands. The two met each in 2002, after years of grinding in the Underground circuit.
The duo released their first song in 2006, titled “Alone in the Dark” featuring Lord Lhus and Venom.
In 2011 they released their 7 tracks EP “Release The Demons”, featuring the underground classic “My Type of Shit”.
After playing numerous gigs in 2012 (domestic and international) the two felt the time was right to start working on a full length album.
Early 2013, Mr. Morbid & Melph announced their forthcoming album titled “Close To The End”, scheduled for release by the end of 2013.  I'm telling you these foreign Emcees are killing the states when it comes to originality and lyrics.  Check them out below and tell us what you think.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ERA - "Coltrane" - Audio Download
 He goes by the name ERA and he's one of the new dope Emcees emerging from Atlanta, GA. Last year, he released his debut project "The Dream Act" independently and it garnered the attention of many top internet sites, receiving over 25,000 downloads . Before he releases a sequel he plan on releasing an EP titled  The Breeze Card Chronicles. The single "Coltrane" is the first track to be release so far and this joint goes hard.  Next in the lineup is Potholes In My Blog and Stupid Dope which should be released soon.  This young kat is what HipHop is missing, checkout the single below and tell us what you think.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Flavourmag Presents: Google Top Black Talent
Join us in the studio audience for Google Top Black Talent 

The fifth in a series of Hangouts on Air from Google & Flavourmag, for black students, grads and early career professionals, with this months edition featuring talks on Creative and Networking skills. Join us monthly live in the studio or online as we build a community of successful black professionals.
We’re showcasing top role models across industries including technology, law, marketing, PR, music and fashion, to help you gain insight into career possibilities, learn key skills to get ahead and benefit from career wisdom from seasoned pros. To be apart of the studio audience you can apply Here

Speakers are as follows:

Bobby Nolla, Google
Gabrielle Smith, ITV News & Thenublk
Marcus Knight, Adidas
Azza Suliman, Design & Photography
Shurwin Beckford, Hey Buddy TV
Sotonye Deru, Author & Entrepreneur

Wednesday 30th October 2013
4.30pm if you are attending to be in the live studio audience. 5.30pm if you are watching it live online.   

Thursday, October 24, 2013

K. Michelle - "V.S.O.P." Remix (Ft. Ronnie Brown) - Audio Download
 HipHop's latest super collective The Nomads NYC's own Queens, N.Y. Emcee Ronnie Brown hops on the talented K. Michelle's hit single "V.S.O.P." in preparation for the November 8th release of his next project "After THE IRONY". Enjoy this remix as Ronnie Brown delivers across the board with some great lyrics and delivery.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ReQ Cartier - "Nosetalgia" - Audio Download

Inline image 1
ReQ Cartier grabs the instrumental to Pusha T's latest drop, "Nosetalgia" from his debut solo project, "My Name Is My Name." The Brooklyn emcee uses the dark instrumental to vent his true feelings about 3 things: The Music Industry, NYC Artists & Support Within NYC. ReQ Cartier is prepping to release his 2nd solo mixtape "New Jack City" on October 31st.
ReQ Cartier was born TreQuan Love on April 28, 1991 in Brooklyn, NY. Hailing from the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, ReQ is the oldest of his mother’s three children. From young, he was always interested in the music field. At the age of eleven, ReQ started songwriting, as a hobby to occupy free time after school. By the age of fourteen, he had moved onto recording his written work over instrumentals through a computer mic and a program, he mastered, known as Cool Edit Pro. In 2009, ReQ turned eighteen and decided to pursue a career in music. After years of studying the principles of being an artist and the music industry, he was ready to take a step into the entertainment world.
ReQ Cartier’s talents include rapping, singing, producing, directing, graphic designing and audio engineering, all self-taught. Through his music, it’s not hard to figure his influences; With a flow of artists such as Jay-Z and Fabolous; yet a creative mind like Tyler, The Creator and Kanye West. ReQ is a member of YPB, a HipHop collective, along with long-time best friend, Hollywood Rome. He also has started a movement, deemed his brand, "The Suite Life" which is also the title of his debut project.

With hundreds of songs recorded, hundreds of songs engineered, thousands of downloads and thousands of online friends, ReQ Cartier’s buzz is one that will be worth the build-up as he strives to put New hip-hop back on top in the entertainment industry.

Production Credits: Soulja Boy, YG, Meek Mill, Lil Snupe, IAMSU
Engineering Credits: Fabolous, Soulja Boy, Fat Trel

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

John Cash - "Silence" - Official Video

 John Cash is a New Jersey based Emcee who pretty much does it all, he's like the rapper version of Prince.  John produces, composes, directs, and he's also a This is dude is like Eddie Murphy on "The Nutty Professor".  Checkout his video below and tell us what you think.