Tuesday, October 17, 2017

C.Shreve - "Orbits" - {Official Video}

C.Shreve the Professor - Orbits (prod. by iLe Flottante)
C.Shreve  visuals for his full length project, Professing Vol. 2, which was shot in Nashville with director Trillbee the Hooligan.  This album features production from British sound engineer iLe Flottante
 C.Shreve the Professor is a North Carolina Emcee and the leader/founder of the HipHop collective Free the Optimus.  FTO has released 7 full projects since 2012, all with a heavy focus on lyricism and rhythm exploration which is very rare for any new artist nowadays. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Termanology - "100 More Jewelz" - {Audio}

Another 100 bar verse from Termanology, more bars than most Emcees entire album. Here is another candidate for those'King of NY'/'Best MC Out' debates in the barbershop. Make sure you check out Term's album 'GOYA (Guns Or Yay Available).

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Soul Khan - "Not Like That"(Feat. Akie Bermiss) - {Official Video}

 Soul Khan drops visuals to his track, "Not Like That," featuring Akie Bermiss and produced by DeeJay Element. It's from his Psyt?alm EP, which, aside from this bonus track, is entirely produced by Abnormal.  This is his fourth EP and final installment from his Love Supreme series. The EP is available on Soul Khan's site.  This is what "Real" HipHop sounds like, but don't you don't have to listen to me.  You can do whatever the F#@! you wanna do....!!! (said in me Hodge Twins voice)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

King K.O.N.G. - "Someone" EP - {Audio}

 K.O.N.G.  Kreator Of The New Generation is a self-proclaimed philosopher driven by the belief that true talent can be found anyplace in the world.  In this competitive industry there is a stampede of individuals that believe they can improve this industry, and strive within it. I believe that this industry has become over-saturated with low talented identical looking puppets.  It is the unique that will thrive in this industry, and it is the motivated that will change it for the better.  The K.O.N.G. EP is a mix of both old and new styles of HipHop.  Classic beats produced by Fallacy and mastered by JGramm.  This is a bold move by a very talented Emcee check out the single below.

Friday, October 13, 2017

DahLak - “Of No Consequence”LP - {Audi}

  Sacramento Emcee/Producer dahLak describes the cultural landscape he’s found himself in.  In rap, you can have far more drinks than hangovers.  You can f*ck with no strings attached and spend with no worries.  No health problems will ensue, the money grows on trees.  Fantasy is fun! Right?  

The problem is it’s not easy to leave; as dahLak articulates with his pre-album mixtape Of No Consequence.  It’s too fun, it sounds so good.  You can party to it, it’s sexy and seductive and it confirms what we all want to believe.   And for those good times, those great moments, those high-points, it has its purpose.  It obviously can’t last, but while it’s here, don’t think to hard about it.  After all, it is Of No Consequence.  This is a pretty interesting concept and worth checking out. If you want originality this is your guy.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - "Parkour" - {AUDIO}

 Motor City brothers Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson have wasted no time pounding the pavement for Dice Game. In the past Apollo has toured Australia and New Zealand while Guilty did a lean and mean west coast run that spanned Los Angeles to Seattle before hitting the NBC/Universal lot to be on Carson Daly's show.

The dynamic dunon-album, bonus track “Parkour" is from their limited edition wax (Ivory Vinyl w/ bonus 45 featuring two non-album cuts).  This first bonus, named after the military training Parkour where practitioners need to burst through an obstacle course using the terrain to gain advantage. 

In similar fashion, Guilty takes the terrain laid out by Apollo Brown and powers through it like a linebacker with a vengeance.  The sound has a bit of an electronic tinge, something not so present on the official LP.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Anterluz - "The Ritz" LP - {Audio}

California Emcee & Songwriter Anterluz, dropped "The Ritz" a couple of years ago.  I liked this album from the jump its made of all those good things we love from that 90's HipHop era. Artist like Anterluz make you say "Why isn't this on "The Radio", well because most of the radio stations are not owned by people who love and appreciate REal HipHop.  The radio Disc Jockey no longer has any power of they can play on the airwaves.  So ya'll make sure you go out and support local artist like Anterluz to help keep the culture alive. Remember HipHop is NOT dead it's Underground.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Homeboy Sandman - "Couple Bars" - {Video}

 After giving us visuals for “Whatchu Want From Me“, “Sputnik” and “Illuminati” from his long player First of a Living Breed, the truly underrated Lyrical Beast from Queens, New York Emcee Homeboy Sandman bust out visuals for his Romantic Comedy track “Couple Bars”.
Always keeping it real in his rhymes this joint reminds me of A Tribe Called Quest's Bonita Apple Bum, simple yet multi-layered lyrics.  This is a HipHop classic and Sand is artist in every sense of the word. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Josh Bliss - "Mind F**K" (Prod. By The Cratez) - {Video}

Inline image 1
They say that Southern Emcees lyrically can't compete with Emcees from the East Coast.  Most of the time we remember our favorite Southern Emcees from their dope beats and catchy hooks.  Well Josh Bliss is here to put a stop to all of that noise, originally from Louisiana Josh currently lives in Massachusetts where he is definitely making a name for himself in the Underground HipHop scene. 
Josh is one of the many Southern Emcees who is dope but never get credit because they are not making those "Whack" mainstream tracks.  These guys have been underground for years and its time we recognize them for the "Lyrical Beast" they are and Josh Bliss is on the forefront of this movement. Check him out below and you will see what I mean.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Ol' Days - "UUUGGHHH" - {Video}

 These days everyone seems to be going crazy over the Zombie genre movies and tv shows (myself included). The Ol' Days took it upon themselves to document their own zombie experiences with the nice body ugly face disease.  This joint is off their album"1979", Mr. Dibia$e supplied the beats. Reminds me of the Golden Era when songs were funny without being exploitative.  This has happen to me a few times back in my day.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Palermo Stone - "The 2nd Coming" (Prod By Advocate) - {Video}

The moral of this story is we all have angels; we all have demons. Where there is light, there resides darkness. Palermo Stone’s new video, “The 2nd Coming,” produced by Advocate and shot by David Newbury of Beyond Dreams Productions, uses stark light and dark imagery, including a demonic interpretation of The Last Supper, to illustrate the thin line we all walk between good and evil. His upcoming album, The 2nd Coming, is a balancing act of the angelic and devilish forces in life.  Now this is REal HipHop !

Monday, October 2, 2017

AWKWORD - "Heather Heyer (F**k Trump)" - {Audio}

After being on a 9 month hiatus AWKWORD is back with a vengeance.  His new song Heather Heyer, was named after the young lady who lost her life while protesting against white supremacist, was produced by Teck-Zilla featuring DJ Wayne Ski.  It's a heart felt track telling the truths that most people ignore and few acknowledge.   Remember the system wan't created for us, it was meant hold us back and keep the elite in control.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Substantial - "Umoja" - {Audio}

 Umoja is Swahili for “Unity” and is also the the first principle of Kwanzaa , December 26th. Each verse of the song touches on relationships Substantial has developed over the years. The message of the song is making the world around us better by simply working “Together”.  This is a great piece of HipHop too bad it won't get the same attention as "Bodak Yellow" unfortunately it shows mental most people are in today. Okay enough of the sermon, checkout some REal HipHop below.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Killer Mike - "Reagan" - {Official Video}

Another dope classic from Killer Mike, this joint Reagan is a classic in Underground HipHop.  Notice how the rappers who spit that REal game never get any mainstream airplay, the system is rigged to keep us dumb.  But I can't blame it all on the system especially with the internet we have access to all kinds of music and information.  More parents need to encourage critical thinking, that being said less people should have children.  Because stupid adults raise stupid children.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

ILLClinton - "Father, Forgive Me" - {Audio}

ILLClinton of Atlanta is one of my favorite HipHop groups and the most underrated. These brothers, Brennan (rapper) and Blake Belair (producer), have on the grind since 2013. Their debut mixtape, ILLANTA, is here on Sound Cloud and Datpiff.com. The classic track, "Father, Forgive Me" is controversial to say the least but it's one of the reasons which make ILL standout from the rest of the young generation in HipHop.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Rav.P - "IMMACULATE" - {Official Video}

One of my favorite joints from the #weeklyStamps series "Immaculate" produced by Trac-qaeda and directed by Pressure Grafix.  "Nowadays I talk to less friends and more business partners", Rav.P hooks up with his friends in Newark at Jones Beach  accompanied by some lovely ladies.  This is a oldie but classic track from Rav.P, make sure ya'll check'em out.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ab - "Prologue VoL. II" - Audio

Cleveland born singer/producer Ab drops the follow up to his Prologue Vol. 1 EP. This one features covers done on the works of artists like Debarge, Faith, Case , Joe and more. Black Milk mixes and engineers this project as well.. Checkout my man below and listen to a twist on your favorite R&B hits.

Courtesy Of OutDaBox Media

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Chris Turner - "Love Life" (Is A Challenge) - {Audio}

Talented Jazz/Soul Vocalist and former backup singer for BilalChris Turner released this masterpiece a few years ago, it was inspired by that emotional four letter word.  You can definitely hear the Bilal influence in his work but yet he still has his own very unique sound.  His debut LP is a dope piece of polished R&B/Soul music something we are missing today, make sure ya'll support your local artist.

Check Him Out Here

Saturday, September 23, 2017

7evenThirty - "Where It's At" (Lee Bannon Remix) - {Audio}

While some people spent 2012 were pondering over the end of the world, 7evenThirty was busy serving up his own apocalypse. Heaven’s Computer is a very unique album concept for this artist. Coming out of Jackson, Mississipi 7even spun the tale of Max Redrum’s quest to annihilate Earth with the style and attitude of a liquor store cypher.

After dropping the video for one of the more acerbic tracks on the LP, “Where It’s At”,  7even comes back around to hit you with the remix. He joins forces with Sacramento young gun Lee Bannon for the task of reworking some of the most aggressive bars on the album. Today this is one of underground classics, remember to support REal HipHip.

Friday, September 22, 2017

MED - "Candlelight" (Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow) - {Official Video}

Check out the visuals to this dope track from MED and the songstress Georgia Anne Muldrow. This was one of my favorite tracks off the Bang Ya Head III project. Also be on the look out for Bang Ya Head IV which will feature this new joint with Gangrene entitled Run It. Check my man out below he on some smooth HipHop/R&B tip...Big Daddy Kane style. No silk suits though...just razor shirt lyrics.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Felix Nobody & Notepad - "Paint" LP - {Audio}

 Felix Nobody and Notepad released a mixtape a couple years ago that flew under the mainstreams radar, but just let these 14 songs that speak for themselves. One of the songs Breaking A Sweat features Dayo Okeniyi, Hollywood actor from The Hunger Games.  I was really impressed with these young guys talent, it feels good to see Real Artist making their mark in HipHop. Emcees like these two who make me not be so bias against the young bucks coming up in the game.  Checkout the Mixtape, and don't to forget to support your local artist.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Divine Mindz - "This Is REal HipHop" (Ft. Jedi Mind Tricks) - {Audio}

Azazel the Fallen and Warz the Divine together are Divine Mindz. Hailing from Waldorf, Maryland, they have a unique east coast sound. Check out the samples from their album Underground4Lyfe.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Arsenal Hendrix - "Say Anything" - {Audio}

Rarely in life do you get "do overs", but with the 2.0 version of his Say Anything: The EP was released by Arsenal Hendrix. The Bridgeport, CT Emcee decided to upgrade his debut EP with a few remixes and a guest appearance from fellow Bridgeport artist Mr. Council on the Queen Latifah inspired 2nd single, Just Another Day. Hendrix is also one of the featured Emcees on C-Rayz Walz's "Almighty: The Solar Facts." Remember to support REal Emcees like your local artists.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Rahim Samad - "Strut" - {Audio}

Tampa, Florida Emcee, Rahim Samad, teams up with Joey Bada$$/Pro Era beatmaker, Chuck Strangers to deliver a hard hitting, dusty banger called "Strut". From the upcoming Rahim Samad EP  "Supreme 7", which features production from Ski Beatz, Phil Chronics, and Chuck Strangers.  Just when I think the younger generation of Emcees are letting us REal HipHop heads down, artist like Rahim gives us hope.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Knox Hill & John the Unlimited - "Four In" - {Official Video}

 It’s been a long time coming for Maryland (my home state) Emcees Knox Hill and John the Unlimited. Frequent collaborators since childhood, the two released these visuals for their fan favorite track “Four In”. After performing the song to rave reviews throughout the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area both artists agreed to officially release “Four In” on YouTube.

The song itself is a fresh spin on the timeless Nujabes track “Shiki No Uta,” and combines the influences of Eastern music with Western bounce and energy. The duo manage to keep the soulful essence of the original while creating a fun record perfect for life’s more light hearted moments. It's a unique blend that contributes to a new age HipHop. Now this is what I call originality, which is the key to longevity, unlike that garbage they play on the radio 24/7.

Friday, September 15, 2017

(Bishop Nehru & DOOM) - "NehruvianDOOM" LP - {Audio}

DOOM and Bishop Nehru Release New Track
DOOM and Bishop Nehru's collaborative album under the name NehruvianDOOM put together one of the dopest projects ever.  NehruvianDOOM, was released not too long ago in the UK and the U.S. via Lex/Noizy Cricket!!. The album cover up there, designed by Ghostshrimp.  After releasing the video for "Darkness", they've also shared another new track, "Om". It features rapping from DOOM in addition to Bishop Nehru.  Check Doom out below and tell us what you think.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Awon & Dephlow - "Step Up" (Prod. Phoniks) - {Audio}

Awon & Dephlow - Step Up (Prod. Phoniks)(Off New album AVAILABLE NOW!!! link in description)
What can I say about Awon & Dephlow they are what REal HipHop is all about, period.  They take you back during time when you had to qualify with your Bars in order to be a contender.  Without the smoke and mirrors most mainstream Emcees wouldn't have a career it's a shame how skinny jeans seem to be a requirement nowadays.  This LP takes us back to the Golden Years of HipHop when you could get your Azz whooped for being whack and a misrepresentation of our culture would be the end of your career (Vanilla Ice).  My have times changed...make sure support your REal artist. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Chelsea Reject - "Go" (Ft.CJ Fly & T'Nah Apex {of Pro Era}) - {Video}

Chelsea Reject is one of those dope female Emcees that comes around every 10 years or so.  That being said, she just got signed to Duck Down Music and if you know anything about Duck Down, they only put out the REal HipHop.  On this joint right here Chelsea links up with Pro Era members CJ Fly and T’Nah Apex for a poetic new track off her forthcoming album “CMPLX”.   This is a good look for all parties involved, I love to see our your artist coming together to do some REal music.  Check it out below and tell us what do you think.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Ruste Juxx, Smif N Wessun & Sadat X - "Canon" - {Official Video}

This is probably one of the best examples of HipHop collaborations, this joint featuring Voltron. Megadon, Ruste Juxx, Smif N Wessun & Sadat X do their thing on this track.  Underground HipHop is alive and throbbing with Real skill checkout the video below it's real dope.

Produced by Megadon | Directed by Donald Robinson Cole III

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Millennium Jazz Music - "Made In Germany OTR Vol. 2" LP - {Audio}

Back again with another ensemble of dope Jazz/HipHop instrumentals, Millennium Jazz Music never fail to impress me with the diversity of blended genres of music they come up with.  If I were a Emcee and I couldn't afford a producer or knew how to create my own beats this would be my first choice.  High quality music, all live instruments and sick background vocals.  Make sure ya'll checkout their entire catalog and don't forget to support REal HipHop

Friday, September 8, 2017

Dojo Seven - "Dead Presidents" (Nas Tribute) - {Audio}

 Jackson, Missouri Emcee, Dojo Seven is intelligent young rapper with a lot of charisma.  His music expresses the dichotomy of formal educational training and urban aka"The Hood” southern sensibilities. It’s concurrently young in spirit and old and wisdom. Some say he sounds like Big Sean, Mystikal, J. Cole with a twist of Wiz Khalifa...hmmm not sure about that.  I mean he's good but why do we try to place artist in box by comparing them to another?  Just let every artist be themselves, checkout the track below "Dead Presidents", over Nas's instrumental.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

JSWISS - "Awthenticity" (Ft.Tab-One, Devine Carama & K-Hill) - {Audio}

 I’m a little late on this, but the lil homie JSWISS his project Awthenticityfeaturing Tab-One, Devine Carama and K-Hill, takes me back to the simple days of HipHop.  I'm feeling this smoothed out jazz beat produced by U Nique Music.  Make sure you check the album out below and don't forget to support REal HipHop.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype “Stand Strong” (Ft. Sarah Miller) - {Video}

 Visuals from Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype’s 15-track 'V.I.C' album, of course another dope out of non other than the best independent label ever Duck Down Records.  This label is one of the major reasons why Real HipHop has a platform today.  Support your Indie labels if you want to continue to hear Real artist, in the meantime checkout the visuals to "Stand Strong" below and tell us what you think.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Adlib - “New Era” - {Official Video}

Though Bad Newz is Adlib’s debut-LP, he is a music industry veteran who has built his fan-base from the ground up on the road with HipHop greats; touring the world over many times with the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks, AOTP, La Coka Nostra and Madchild (Swollen Members) to name a few.

Bad Newz conjures up a nostalgic sense of Golden Era HipHop with a strong dose of aggressiveness that is characteristic of the La Coka Nostra and Battle Axe collective. Adlib’s Bad Newz contains features from Vinnie Paz, Slaine, Madchild, General Steele (Smif N Wessun), Reef The Lost Cauze Shabaam Sahdeeq and much more.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Diamond District (yU, Oddisee, Uptown XO) - "First Step" - {Video}

If you haven't heard of Diamond District then you are probably NOT REal HipHop fan.  We never get tired of posting any material released by yU, Oddisee, or Uptown XO as a group or solo artist. Unlike most Emcees theses individuals concentrate on quality over quantity.  Once you watch their video make sure you go support them, they are one of the few artist who remain underground on purpose.  Similar to the underground legend Tech N9ne they learned early in the game owning the rights to all your material is more beneficial in the long run.  That's why most artist go Broke after they are not so called "Hot" , even if their songs are in heavy rotation the corporations make 85% of the sales in most first record deal contracts better known as 360 Deals.  As a whole more money is made by the artist in underground HipHop he may not move as money units but earn the same as a major corporation.  So selling 100,000 units you can be a millionaire as a independent artist.  Boom....!!!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

CN5 - "The Introduction" - {Official Video}

 CN5 is a Underground HipHop group coming out of Ontario, Canada that consists of 5 members, Bonafyde, D Thought, Dame G, Jigga Jay and Reign. All of the members are originally hail from Shoal Lake #39 first nation, but have been brought up various cities including, Kenora, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Thunder Bay, Sarnia and Orlando.  I like this groups hardcore lyrics and street B-boy attitude, it's a refreshing feeling from what's on the radio nowadays with all that BS about feelings. "Let's Get Back To Rap"!!  But anyway make sure you checkout the visuals to their joint The Introduction, Real HipHop fans will appreciate this.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

iLL iNDiViDUALs - "Rest In Peace" - {Audio}

I really like iLL iNDiViDUALs, a underground group out of RaleighNorth Carolina.  They've had a Buz for awhile now, what I love about this group is they are not trying to follow any trends or cliches', which is rare for young artist nowadays.  Make sure you support this group so they will stay together and keep releasing dope music.  Support REal HipHop and it will support you.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Cool Nutz - "Mine" (Feat. The Grouch & Arjay) - {Audio}

 Cool Nutz is a Emcee from the Portland Ni%#A, with The Grouch(of The Living Legends) and Arjay on the feature. Portland  Ni%#A has some heavy hitting features like Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Messy Marv, and Mistah Fab. Produced by none other than Trox I, I was on the fence with this track at first because I wasn't feeling the vocals in the hook.  But the message is undeniable.  Check it out below and tell us what do you think.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

SoulBrotha - "The Hood Ain't Changed Much" (Ft. Craig G) - {Video}

12 Finger Dan & B-Base aka Soulbrotha have carved a niche for themselves as a dope production and turntablist duo from Hamburg, Germany. As close protégés of producer icon DJ Premier, the veteran beatsmiths drop the Boom Bap filled EP "The Golden Era Isn't Finished", exclusively using the classic SP1200 beat machine. The EP comes "Special Delivery" courtesy of Ill Adrenaline Records along with first class guest appearances from Beneficence, Kazi, QNC, Craig G, Afu-Ra, Big Shug, Blaq Poet, and an intro from legendary producer and Juice Crew founder Marley Marl

Produced, mixed, mastered, and arranged by the Soulbrotha duo, the 38-track strong 2CD-set entitled "2009-2015" features guest appearances from DJ Premier, Large Professor, Craig G, Kev Brown, Krumb Snatcha, Blaq Poet, Big Shug, Finsta, Afu-Ra, Marley Marl, Nutso, QNC, Kazi, Freestyle Professors, Beneficence, Sadat X, Reks, NYG'z, and many more. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jamila Woods - "HEAVN" LP - {Audio}

This sistas vocals is a much needed breath of fresh air, being old school myself I can hear a bit Erykah Badu influence, but hey that's me. Her long awaited solo LP entitled "HEAVN" is album you can just play without skipping tracks, so refreshing. Make sure you take advantage of this FREE download while it last and don't forget to support REal music and REal artist like Jamila.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Killa Kyleon - "Coco" - {Official Video}

One of Killa Kyleon's #30Days30Deaths freestyles "Coco", goes hard representing Houston with madd bars, produced by OT Genasis. Not only is Killa bodying rappers track after track, it's Purge Season and he's killin' their songs, this one was directed by David Stunts.  There are not too many street rappers I listen to unless their rhymes are as lyrical as Killa's.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Bad Daughter Kane - "Got The FREE" - {Official Video}

R&B songstress Erica Kane aka Bad Daughter Kane, has been on her grind for some years now.  Erica is taking us back to the 90's when so called Neo-Soul brought us artist like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill.  Like most REal artist Erica's notoriety is not where it should be but that hasn't slowed her down.  She continues to hone her craft with each LP release.  If you want to support REal music checkout my sista below she is the TRuth.  Make sure ya'll support artist like Erica and let's keep REal music alive.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Diamond District (Oddisee, XO, yU) - "A Part Of It All" - {Official Video}

One of the dopest groups on the east coast, but most of y'all never heard of them.  One of the great lyricist once said " Ni**as with knowledge is more dangerous than Ni**as with guns, they make the guns easier to get and try to keep Ni**as dumb" - Talib Kweli.  So now you no exactly why your may not have heard about this dynamic trio, their lyrics make you think.  Diamond District was once the last of a dying breed of woke HipHop Emcees, but thanks to rappers like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Joey Bada$$ REal HipHop has chance of overcoming our obvious low standards of today.  A lot of us say we want change but don't support our local HipHop artist who's raps are filled with inspirational lyrics that represents the community.  Okay enough of the soapbox rant, make sure you checkout the video below.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Arima Ederra - "Earth To Arima" - {Audio}

 Here’s a project from a sister who considers herself a poet who sings. Her name is Arima Ederra. Check out the jazzy/soulfuness of her new project which features artists like Blu, Sham, and Gibby. Visit Arima’s site here. I love to hear soulful singers you can hear the passion and her love for the art of music. No line dancing required or recommended, music for the soul. Check her out for yourself below.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Action Bronson - "Compliments To The Chef" - {Audio}

Action Bronson is always on the grind, this feature in Jared Even‘s new video for “Pro Create” goes H.A.M., “Compliments To The Chef” is now a cult classic.  He got Peter Rosenberg and Ecko Unlimited featured on The New York Renaissance mixtapeBronson does what he does best; name checks various foods with sexual innuendos sprinkled over the top of it Two in the pink/ Two in the stink.” Playing two different songs mixed in to one, the chorus on the Harry Fraud produced joint stands out as the track’s strongest point – Lauriana Mae drops some beautiful vocals.  This is an oldie (by today's standards) but still relevant in underground HipHop

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Horseshoe Gang - "Half A Meal" (Hopsin & Funk Volume Diss) - {Audio}

Not too long ago Funk Volume (HopsinDizzy Wright & Jarren Benton) took to the airwaves of Sway In The Morning to challenge ANY label to a $500,000 battle. During the interview segment, industry veteran Mike Trampe called in to the show. Once on the line, Sway asked him what he thought about the challenge and Mike immediately mentioned Horseshoe Gang and KXNG CROOKEDJarren Benton was quick to say "Horseshoe Gang Hella dope," but Hopsin felt differently and replied "They (FV) would demolish anybody", referring to Horseshoe Gang & KXNG CROOKED.  After hearing the radio segment, Horseshoe Gang swiftly recorded "Half A Meal," produced by Grammy Award winning producer, DJ Khalil.  I some folks don't like beef in HipHop, but I feel it's the competition that keeps the culture moving forward not all that holding hands Sh#%!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Freeway - “Jungle” - Official Video}

Fourth studio album, Diamond In The Ruff, former Roc-A-Fella signee and Philly native Freeway is still doing his thing. “Jungle" which was produced by Incredible Stro, Freeway firing his battle rap-refined flow over the frenzy of a street banger, whilst the Jimmy Giambrone-directed clip features Philly Freezer stunting with a couple Bentleys around the city. Which was released via Babygrande Records, features collaborations with Wale, Musiq Soulchild, Vivian Green, Marsha Ambrosius and production from Just Blaze and more. [Order]

Monday, August 21, 2017

Rest In Power Dick Gregory: A Tribute To A Black Legend - {Video}

We lost a great legend over the weekend, here is my tribute to late Dick Gregory.  Even though I've never met him in person, he was like my grandfather.  His ideologies were so close to mines I felt his blood running through my veins.  There isn't much I can say about Mr Gregory that hasn't already been said.  But what I can say is how he impacted my life back in 2007.  I wasn't too familiar with his past prior to then but once I did my research I was floored.  

He did the unthinkable by most people standards, he literally gave up a lucrative career in comedy to fight for the rights of black people.  And this was back in the 60's, yet nowadays you barely hear a peep out of any celebrities who are in fear of losing their "Butter Biscuits".  Now don't get me wrong I understand having to take care of your family, but if we stuck together it would soften the impact.  

Imagine all of the black NBA players and all of the NFL players just quit the league?  It would shut those industries down, we would  have the leverage to truly help black people.  I've learned a lot from Mr. Gregory and his weekly lessons and observations will be missed by myself and many others.  He can finally rest, he's been fighting the good fight for far too long.  Peace Baba..., I found a excellent preview into Mr Gregory's life below please watch.