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  Femi The DriFish & The Out Of Water eXperience

Baltimore, MD

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Friday March 1st at the Windup Space is the 7th Annual “Forever Shining” Event Raises Money for the J Dilla Foundation, Celebrates Musical Legacy of J Dilla You don't want to miss this fantastic line up of artists who will all be doing various covers from JDilla's exstensive disography. 
For me, this will be a great moment for me to actually do a favorite cover with the two people I love sharing a stage with as well as being creative with, Chuck the Madd Ox & David "NativeSon" Ross, get there early because our song sets the night off.
Friday March 1st at The Windup Space
12 W. North Ave, Baltimore MD
doors open at 8:30pm
admission is $10

My song White Noise off of the Mad as a Hatter album ft. Alexis Joyce is featured on Internationally Known Vol.3 Mixtape which featured Hip-Hop artists of various styles from all over the globe. Its avalible for your listening & FREE downloading pleasure at the link below.
Shout out to
 NomadicWax Magee, Dumi Right and all parties involved in making it happen.

Remember,  Measuring yourself by society's acceptable status quo is like playing limbo, you'll always stay below the bar. 
Till next time.
Femi The Drifish

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"'...and high energy alternative rock/hip hop band Femi The DriFish ("The Mad Hatter") and The Out of Water eXperience.""  Daniela Toleva,

"Femi has built a continual collaboration with other artists who love this sort of boundary-pushing play. The Out of Water eXperience is certainly included amongst them..."  Dharna Noor, What Weekly

"He is of a rare breed of musician who can put on a consistently high quality show whether on an arena stage or in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere."  Luis Mejia, LUCHOXXXART


JDILLA Tribute at The Windup space Baltimore, MD Fri Mar 01 13 08:00 PM  
Femi The Drifish & The Out Of Water eXperience @ Noise In The Basement Baltimore, MD Mon Apr 01 13 08:00 PM
THE 5th L @ Joe's Emporium Mount Rainer, MD Sat Apr 13 13 08:00 PM


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Radio B - "The Life " - Official Video Release

 Radio B just releasd visuals to his new single "The Life" prod by NameBrand and video directed by Monsee.  This is just a tease of what this man can do, I almost past this one by, until I heard the lyrics then I was sold.  The dilemmas he's facing in this track I'm sure most rappers go through but many will never admit it.  Checkout the video below it's on some Real conscious Sh#@!

MED, Blu, & Malib - "Burgundy Whip" - New Audio Release

 MED, Blu and Madlib have released a new collaboration project , entitled the Burgundy EP, its pretty dope"Burgundy Whip" is the 1st single release, you can get the full digital EP @ Fatbeats. All beats on the EP are produced by Madlib except one which is produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow.  Before Kendrick Lamar, Blu's buzz was on fire in the West CoastI can't wait until he gets the credit he deserves.  Checkout this sample of what to expect on the CD below.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bonobo - "Heaven For A Sinner" (Ft. Erykah Badu) - AUDIO

 U.K. producer Bonobo releases his latest single "Heaven For A Sinner" featuring one of the pioneers of Neo Soul and multi-talented singer/songwriter Erykah Badu. This track is off Bonobo’s forthcoming album entitled “The North Borders”. Checkout the track below these two make beautiful music together.

 Courtesy of PinBoard

DJ Jav Presents: Homeboy Sandman "Orphans" - New Mixtape Download

 New Homeboy Sandman teams up with DJ Jav for his new mixtape Orphans, which includes 30 of the dopest exclusives and remixes I heard in awhile now.  Sandman is truly a Jedi on the Mic and DJ Jav does his thing on the wheels of steel.  This is some push and just let it play type of joint no skipping is necessary, trust me.  Take a listen for yourself below.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Young Reese Dude - "Ventilation" - Official Video Release
 Raysean aka Young Reese Dude is an HipHop artist based out of Dayton, Ohio where he was also born and raised.  Rapping since he was 13 yrs of age, he actually reminds me of a young B.I.G. and I'm not refering to his physical stature.  His style is very metaphorical which is a skill rarely used by artist these days.  It appears this young cat reads a lot or is really good at retaining information if you listen closely you will hear his intelligence.  Checkout this up and coming Emcee below.

Dashius Clay Releases Visuals For "Inside Hurt...Outside Smile" - VIDEO
 Dashius Clay just released visuals for his "Inside Hurt...Outside Smile" single and it's pretty retro.  Not necessarily my style of choice on the video, but the lyrics are razor sharp which is what is all about right?  I'm Old School it's all about Originality and Dope Lyrics, Dashius has them both.  Check below and watch my man do his thing.

Ninety One - "Golden Years" - New Audio Release
 Ninety One just released their 2nd LP Golden Years, this dynamic duo from France pays homage to that oldschool Boom Bap HipHop that we all love and miss.
The album features underground Emcees Hydroponikz, The 49ers, Rashid Hadee, Trace Blam, and Internal Quest just to name a few.  It's sad to say that other countries seem to appreciate our Gold Age of HipHop more than we.  I can't believe in 2013 Emcees are still using autotones WTF...!!  Well I have to show love to the Real Emcees the ones we have left anyway.  Checkout Ninety One, they on that dope S#@!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Olu Releases His New Single "Lucid Dreams" - AUDIO
 Right after dropping his full-length project Ordinary People, Olu is back and this time with "Lucid Dreams" which is on some smooth hypnotic type beat from Juhkel featuring samples from Yuna, I Love It..!!  I really like this dudes style very mellow but lyrics are still on point without changing his tone.  I liked it so much I went and downloaded his Ordinary People LP as well I put a sample of that below as well.  I like artist who are not afraid to be themselves and show respect to this art form we call HipHop, we need more Emcees like OluI'm not saying go bite his style just be yourself in the booth and the fans will respect you.  Why do you think a lot of people laughed at Rick Ross when it appeared someone was trying to kill him? Anyway let me get off my soapbox. Go check my man Olu out below he's the real deal.

Cannibal Ox Art Contest (Deadline Is March 1st)
 Cannibal Ox is going to be releasing a new maxi single through there very own IGC Records imprint and wanted to give there true fans a chance to be apart of there musical revolution and artistic expression by having an international art contest for there forthcoming maxi-single due this spring! 

Rules & Conditions

1.      Must be 18 years of age to enter.
2.      All art must be original, completed with no text or words {Black & White is allowed}
3.      CONTESTANTS must draw up whatever comes to their mind when they hear our music and say our name CANNIBAL OX! We want a raw gritty pic based off of  our first cover The Cold Vein. Use your imagination don’t be sacred.
4.      Subject in email should read; Cannibal Ox Art Contest- Artist name
5.      Inside your email give a simple background story of where you are from, why you love art and how you got into CANNIBAL OX’S music.
6.      All contestants must submit one piece of artwork along with a $5 submission fee. Additional art shall be accepted as long as $5 fee is covered with each picture.
7.      Contest starts now and ends 3-1-2013 at 12 noon eastern time
8.      You will only be contacted if you become a finalist (there will only be four finalists)
9.      If you do not win your art will not be used. And your submission fee is non refundable!
There will be three runner up’s and one first place winner. The three run up’s will get free music and a shout out in credits with their websites. The first place winner’s art will be used as our single cover for our new maxi-single that will be released on Vinyl and Digital Format in the spring of 2013.
So get your artwork ready and send 5$ to this email {PAYPAL ONLY} and send your final artwork submission to (artwork only)

 All artwork will be reviewed by Cannibal Ox only!  Good luck!
Vast Aire & Vordul Mega

GLC - “Everything” (Ft. JNan & Really Doe) - Official Video

 GLC teams up with JNan and former fellow G.O.O.D. Music representer Really Doe on “Everything” which is off GLC's Silence Of The Lames mixtape.  It almost sounds like one of Kanye West tracks off of his first album College Dropout.
 GLC is currently working on a new mixtape called The Pulpit which should be surfacing around April and he's working on his sophomore LP Book Of Ism’s, which will be released later this spring.  My man is definitely staying busy which is great I'd like to see more great artist succeed in this business.  Checkout the video below.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Da Camp - "Venus Fly Trap" - Official Video Release
 Another love song for you Love, I like this too it's pretty cool.  I have to realize that people love to be in love.  Other than the obvious, Da Camp is band of dope Emcees this is just one of songs they have I choose this one because it was around Valentines.  Ya'll let me know how you feel about this joint I'll try not to get to mushy on you.

Ma$e Talks To Sway In The Morning About Working For Diddy
 My man Ma$e appeared on Sway In The Morning for a little bit of Truth Or Dare, well more truth than dare.  He breaks down his relationship with Diddy and how the death of Nototious B.I.G. affected his career.  I like Ma$e, I liked him even more when he was Murder Ma$e eating rappers alive in the Battle Arena.  I'm sure Diddy had something to do with his "Softer" approach to HipHop once he was signed.  This was a pretty good interview I learned a lot and I'm sure ya'll will to. Enjoy..!!

Sadat X - "This Is Our Thing" (Ft. Pharoahe Monch & Phil G) - VIDEO
  New visuals for the first single "This Is Our Thing" is off Sadat X’s latest album entitled “Love, Hell Or Right” which you can get right HereHow much can you really say about Sadat X if  your a real HipHop fan you already know.  His body of work is Legendary, I'm always happy to see him do this thing.  It always makes me wonder if him and his Brand Nubian brethren will ever get back in the studio to do another album.  But in the meantime he is in good company, Pharoahe Monch is a Legend in the making.  I'm not too familiar with Phil G. but if he's spittin' bars with these two that definitely says a lot.  Checkout the video below its short and sweet.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

J Dilla - "Anthem" (Ft. Frank N Dank) - New Audio Release

undefined Here’s an unreleased track by J Dilla set to be released on his upcoming album with vocal and production by himself as well as assistance from producers Madlib, Pete Rock, Houseshoes, Nottz and Karriem Riggins. This makes me wonder exactly how many artist out there have unfinished J Dilla material.  As long as it's coming from a good place I'm cool with it as long as J's family are benefiting as well.  This joint got me curious about what the rest of the album sound like because I wasn't too excited about "Anthem", but's J Dilla.  Ya'll let me know what you think.

Zo! x Tall Black Guy - "This Could Be The Night" (Ft. Phonte, Eric Roberson & Darien Brockington) - AUDIO

 This is too funny to me a lot of my favorite Rap Artist are getting their "LL" on this month, so now we have Zo! Tall Black Guy, Erro, Phonte and Darien releasing a fresh new remix which is set to be released on the upcoming Foreign Exchange Remix project entitled +FE Music: The Reworks, slated for a February 26th release. That project will be followed by “ManMade”, the next full-length album from Zo!  But before all of that they wanted to put out this teaser "This Could Be The Night" for all the HipHop dudes and gals in love ...nice  It actually ain't too bad...I really frown on some of the stuff they water down for LOVE, but this is pretty cool check it out below.

J. Cole - "Truly Yours " (FreEP) - AUDIO

J. Cole releases 5 new songs via his Dream Villain blog. I've heard this dude was talented but I wasn't a believer at first.  Now I can say if he keeps this up he will be the next Hova, no BS.  J. Cole can write most Emcees on the charts now into the ground with little effort.  We don't have many storytellers in the HipHop anymore but when J.Cole writes he's a very talented writer he could write books if he wanted to.  I'm sure he's probably ghost written for a few rappers by now.   I love the independent stuff he does, Truly Yours is definitely going to be Classic in about 10 years.  Checkout the Mixtape below.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Homeboy Sandman - "Not For Women" - AUDIO

 New Homeboy Sandman track produced by 6th Sense which was originally meant for his last album “First Of A Living Breed”. Sandman is getting prepared for his Europe tour in a few days I wish I could be there.  I love this new joint right here "Not For Women" which doesn't mean he don't like women.  He just simply saying he don't write rhymes for the soul purpose of getting Laid..Period..!!  And I definitely understand where he's comin' from, checkout the track below it has a Jazzy undertone very nice.

Marvwon, Noyz Denali & 11:23PM - "Dreamin" - (Prod. by SuperScrull) - AUDIO
 This is the first single off of the forthcoming production album by SuperScrull entitled "Castle Grey Scrull".  Marvwon of battle rap infamy; King of the Dot, Grind Time Now, URL Smack TV, WRC, and Jumpoff pretty much any league involving the Battle Rap World.  Joined by Marvwon for this song is Brain Kave Music Group's own Noyz Denali with that street flavor and 11:23PM of Brikaza Records.  This will be the first single of a compilation album produced by SuperScrull which will feature established artists in the industry along with new up and comings artist as well.  I love to see HipHop artist work together on projects like this, and it's great to see the Battle Rappers get some shine as well.  Some say Battle Rappers are one dimensional but look at Immortal Technique or KRS-One...exactly stop putting people in a box.  This song "Dreamin" is dope it definitely have some Lyrical Beast on this track, check it out below and tell us what you think.

DeeJay Irie - IrieRadio Episode 16" - New Audio Release
 DeeJay Irie just released another dope edition to his IrieRadio series this is Episode 16 and it goes H.A.M. You can expect breaks from DJ Shadow, Rza, and DJ Premier just to name a few.
It's a hour worth of HipHop history with some dope break beats and scratching.  You can literally push play and just go do you thing it feels like Deejay Irie is in your house mixing.  If your at the office, home, car, or wherever then this is for you!! WARNING...FOR REAL HIPHOP FANS ONLY...!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

"J'irai Rapper Chez Vous Ep.5" - With Andy Kayes, Mind Da Gap & DJ Slimcutz - (Official Video)
 After a short break, Andy Kayes is back on the road.  A new episode of J'irai Rapper Chez Vous just has been released and after London Jehst , Berlin Yarah Bravo  & Paris Dj Simsima, Andy Kayes is now in Porto with Mind da Gap & DJ SlimcutzUnsungHipHop is worldwide baby..!! More dope International Emcees!!!  Check them out  below..

Quelle Chris - "RatSh#!" - Official Video Release
Quelle Chris bringing the video version of Ratsh@! to life.  Directed by Mochilla's legendary lensman Eric Coleman.  Featuring DJ GroWeyez.  Produced by Quelle Chris.
Styling & Gold by ShadyLA, SWRV and Jamerson. Ok I really decided to post this because the lyrics were funny and true.  So once you look past the "Club" beat you will get what I'm saying.  Not to mention he kind of remind me of Shock G from Digital  Go check him out below.
 "Goin straight to the club after church.  Thinking looking for work is work."

Myke Charles - "Flight Plan" (Mixtape) - AUDIO

Flight Plan Cover
 Tha Alumni Music Group's DJ Tech teams up with Denver artist Myke Charles for his second Mixtape, "Flight Plan." This highly anticipated project features original music and remixes, with appearances from Emilio Rojas, The ReMINDers, Romeo Cash, FL of The Foodchain, and production from Kajmir Royale just to name a few.  I was on the fence with Myke, but the dude really can flow.  I just didn't want to hear another Drake copycat that's all.  Take a listen to his mixtape below and tell me what ya'll think.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kid Tsunami - “Bang Exclusive” (Ft. Sean Price) - Official Video

 Kid Tsunami links up with Sean Price for the first single from his forthcoming compilation LP, The Chase, which will be released in April 2013. The Chase features collaborations with Sean Price, Pharoahe Monch, Kool Keith, Masta Ace, Sadat X, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Buckshot just to name a few.  This joint is going to be off the chain, I just know it..!! Checkout the video below it goes H.A.M.

“Bang Exclusive” will be available on iTunes on 3-1-2013.

Tracklisting for Kid Tsunami’s The Chase LP:

1.) AR Toxic f/ Kool Keith w/ Chuck Chilla (guitar)
2.) Bang Exclusive f/ Sean Price w/ Chuck Chilla (guitar)
3.) Get It f/ Prince Po
4.) Catch Wreck f/ O.C.
5.) Twothousand40 f/ Masta Ace
6.) On Course f/ Thirstin' Howl the 3rd & Sadat X
7.) What It Was f/ J-Live
8.) No Guarantees f/ Yesh
9.) Worldwide Connex f/ Craig G
10.) Take It Back f/ El Da Sensei
11.) Down Pat f/ Percee P
12.) Authentic f/ Bahamadia
13.) The First Letter f/ AG
14.) Art Of War f/ Kool G Rap
15.) These Are The Facts f/ KRS-One
16.) The Chase f/ Buckshot, Chubb Rock, Pharoahe Monche & Jeru The Damaja

***All Tracks Produced By Kid Tsunam***