Shane Kid - "Revenge Of The Nerds" (Ft. Kareem Manurel & DJ Aslan) - AUDIO
 I discovered this young Emcee who goes by the name Shane Kid the other day and let me say this I was really quite impressed with his lyrical content, you don't get much of that nowadays. His new release Revenge of the Nerds featuring Kareem Manuel & DJ Aslan off the Learn To Live LP is a definite must have for any Real HipHop supporter.  I love to feature artist like these, this is what UnsungHipHop is all about.  The Dallas native is now living in Atlanta home of the "Crunk Rap" he definitely has his work cut out for him.  But never the less sometimes it only takes one to make a difference. You got my support young blood.  Check my man's track out below and tell us what you think.