Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Harvvv - "Blue Skies" (Ft. Sherelyn) - {Audio}

As we bring the weekend to a close, I just had to feature this artist coming out of Houston name Harvvv.  His single"Blue Skies" featuring songstress Sherelyn is a pretty dope little love song.  Now I must admit I'm not a big fan of the love songs but every now and then one comes along I can chill to like this one.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Veteran Assassins - "Lemme In" - {Official Video}

Los Angeles transplants (Greensboro, NC natives), Veteran Assassins, is a HipHop duo comprised of solo artists Veteran Eye and Ethemadassassin

Vet and E first broke ground together with their self titled album, Veteran Assassins, in 2010. Utilizing production from The Fakehunters (of Bordeaux, France) they wrote and recorded their first project in 6 days. 

In 2012, the duo vigilantes returned for a second go at it and released "Paint The Town Red".  This cinematic LP was produced entirely by UK’s own, Edinburgh, Scotland’s SciFi Stu. 

In 2014 went VA took another by winning the & HipHopDX Song Contest. Using beats provided by Havoc of Mobb Deep. Veteran Assassins along with R&B singer Nixon Payne then won the contest with “Watching You”.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Georgia Black - "Will I Be Waiting" - {Official Video}

The sexuality of women is a theme now openly addressed by the Music Industry. Female singers can divulge, in stimulating detail, their raunchy experiences and lustful desires, generally without being ostracised by a bigoted media. Yet what still remains a mere whisper, is the rife sexual exploitation that women working in the arts continue to endure.

Enter Georgia Black, whose new video ‘Will I Be Waiting’ confronts the hyper sexualisation of women in the media today, particularly within the music and fashion industries, head on. Using her own body as a tool for exploration, Black delves into this uncertain territory. 

Every woman has the right to express their sexuality, but often it can be manipulated to suit the demands of the industry and, in turn, female desire becomes neglected. With a hint of dark irony and the inclusion of the video’s very own director, Black teeters upon the thin line that separates her own sexuality from its objectification.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Breeze Embalm - "Los Muertos" (Ft. Amanda Maxine) - {Audio}

Every now and then you get an Emcee who comes out of nowhere with a sound so unique yet familiar, you can't ignore it.  Breeze is one of those Emcees, if you close your eyes you can hear the Jay-Z influence in his rhymes, but with his own flavor.  I'm cool with that it's HipHop, where the music was originally created spittin' over R&B classics.  James Brown's estate should be worth a billion dollars as much as his voice and music have been sampled.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Old Man Elephant - "Free Air" EP - {Audio}

Old Man Elephant is a duo out of Clayton, North Carolina, heir music consists of a unique mixture of trap, classic soul, and modern indie. Their EP entitled Free Air EP portrays a variety of influences ranging from Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Kanye West.  You will not find too many eclectic EP's like this one, OME are definitely creating their own lane in music.