Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Illjazztic One Releases "HipHop Jazzadelic" EP - {Audio Download}

The Illjazztic One is beat konducta, music producer and DJ. As a resident beat konducta for Dynamic Beats Abound and Soulful Child Records, he plays an integral part in providing musical direction for a number of recording artists including Killa Smooth, Exo Blunted, MC Rebel Led, Static Harmony, Neo Soul Acid Jazz Collective, First Movement, Groove Village, Zone Wielders, and Bop Negra.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rav.P x P.Dockz - "WHITE WASH" - {Audio Download}

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400 black males get killed by police every year in the United States of America.  We feel there should be challenge for all communities including the blacks to put an end to the perception that Black Men are not worthy of life.  THIS CHALLENGE is the most important right now.  

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"Red is for the fear, the blue for the crew, white to wash the history that we never is for the envy distracting me and you...but black is the original dont get it confused..." - Rav.P

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dedicated To The City Of Ferguson St.Louis Native Will Victory Releases "Extreme Attitude" - {FREE Audio Download}

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Growing up in St.Louis, MO where the crime and death rates are very
high, it’s easy for any kid to get caught up in that lifestyle. But
with so many things going on in the city, it still has its beautiful
side to it. When the music industry shinned its spotlight on the city
back in 2000/2001, it opened up another opportunity for young people
all over the city (black or white) to give them a chance to do
something positive with their life. While many artists such as the
St.Lunatics (Nelly) , Chingy, J-Kwon, Huey and etc were getting props
and selling records pushing St.Louis to the next level, it was like
this whole underground world of Emcees that were spittin' bar for bar
that people outside of the city never really knew. And one of the
Emcees that was at the forefront of this movement was Will Victory.
Growing up in both the city and the county, Will was exposed to the
streets at a young age. 
"Just like any kid that grew up running the
streets and living that lifestyle, we all make mistakes it’s just how
you learn from them and grow." Will stated. Just turning 25yrs old ...
Will's head is in the right place. Being featured in The Source
Magazine(2005)  and The HipHopWeekly Magazine(2008) as "Unsigned Hype"
Will knew he was destined to make his dreams turn into reality. Along
the journey Will has had some ups and downs, from being put on hold at
Sony Records all the way from sitting in Dr. Dre's studio 2007. It
was a blessing for me just to be invited to Dre's Studio, He is a
Legend in the game unfortunately at that time Dre was to busy working
on the Detox to even think about signing a new artist. 
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With all that
happening Will still kept his head high and kept pushing for his
dreams , early 2009 Will hooked up with California's hottest Dj -DJ
ILL WILL (who put out tapes w/ Drake, Tyga , Ya boy, Trey Songz , Bow
Wow, etc) and Canada's Hottest Dj- DJ ROCKSTAR for his newest project
Spit'N Envy Vol. 1. In September 2010 he dropped the highly
anticapated sequel to the series again with Ill Will and Rockstar
which recieved outstanding reviews on the internet as well as the
streets.Im just doing what I do best which is spittin' and not being
afraid to be myself and doing the music I love, I wanna bring that
balance back to the mainstream." Will stated. With his lyrical
ability, contagious flow and new mixtape under his belt Will is a true
example of HipHop's Next Generation.

Monday, August 25, 2014

C.Shreve the Professor (FTO) - "Summer Ransom" - {Official Video}

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Free The Optimus (FTO) just released their 10th full length project Summer Ransom done by C.Shreve the Professor.  This album release is the capstone to a summer where FTO has played 25+ shows at least 5 festivals and filmed a 3 part music video series.  It's always good to hear a dope flow, he reminds me of a HipHop version of Kurt Cobain. Check him out below and tell us what you think.
"The Summer Ransom concept is about taking your moment and your time and running with it as far as you can take it. It's also, for me personally, my best attempt at taking control of my own potential and offering a full summer of work to HipHop." - C.Shreve the Professor

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alpha Male Society Presents: Mallz - "That's How It Is" - {Audio Download}

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After a nearly two year hiatus, Mallz is back with a new album, titled "Hustler Of Culture" produced entirely by JMProductions out of Virgina. The anticipated first single, "That's How It Is" features the NC Emcee at his best over neck snapping production. Download this offering for free and get ready for "Hustler Of Culture", coming October 2014.

Alpha Male Society was formed in 2011, Alpha Male Society (AMSOC) is a North Carolina-based coalition of five wit-driven emcees who have come together to create a HipHop juggernaut. With each individual wordsmith having their own unique style, the group has been able to create an original sound that is as recognizable as it is versatile. 

Alpha Male Society is comprised of Big Hop (Newport News, VA), Don DiGiorgio (Greensboro, NC), H2okz (Greenville, NC), Diablo Archer (Rocky Mount, NC) and Mallz (Raleigh, NC). While each artist has their own following in their respective cities and surrounding areas, the group has began making noise throughout the Southeast region with their consistent work-ethic and camaraderie. 

Their debut compilation, Background Check, was well-received after its release in late 2011 and was comprised of top songs from the individual emcees along with one posse-cut title track that introduced the new coalition to the masses.  The next year, the group went on to team up with up-and-coming and well-known producers in the NC/VA areas to create a monthly EP series that helped unite the members and build up a larger internet following.

The collective most recently released Background Check 2, a 16 track mixtape of all their best work from the previous year. The project was re-mixed & mastered by famed Serbian engineer, JanZoo, and features surprise guest verses from the likes of Rapper Big Pooh, Thee Tom Hardy, KONSci of MindsOne, SkyBlew, Cordova & more.