Sunday, November 18, 2018

Homeboy Sandman - "Enough" - {Official Video}

Homeboy Sandman is one of the dopest Emcees  in HipHop, this dude can spit over any beat imagined...period.  To me that shows versatility, you'll have to possess man confidence in your skills in order to spit with such precision and grace.  It's a shame more Emcees do not respect the Art of Rap anymore.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Devine Carama - "A Vintage Love Supreme" - {Live Performance Video}

Devine Carama released his concept project with producer DJ Well Blended entitled, "A Vintage Love Supreme".  Below is a performance clip for album standout "1980-2019".  After taking a year off from his HipHop career to attend to his nonprofit organizations, Devine is back focusing on changing the negativity that has plagued HipHop.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Emɐnuǝl X - "The Mind Is A Weapon" - {Official Video}

I've always been a fan of Emɐnuǝl X the message in his lyrics always hits home with me.  He's been compared to the likes of Immortal Technique and Kendrick Lamar has made his journey for recognition in HipHop, not an easy one.  He's one of the few underground artist who never compromises his artistry for money.  That's why he will always have an outlet here @UnsungHipHop. Check out one of his classic singles below and tell us what you think.

"N*ggas with knowledge are more dangerous than n*ggas with guns. "They" make the guns easy to get and try to keep n*ggas dumb...." - Talib Kweli

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sean Price & Illa Ghee - "Good Lobster" (Ft. Royal Flush) - {Animated Video}

I swear it seems like Sean Price has material for days locked away somewhere in a vault.  Well, at least I hope it's that way especially for his wife and kids that were left behind.  His passing personally made me really think about exercise and diet.  

It's a shame it took the death of one of the greatest Emcees to ever hold the Mic for me to really get serious about my diet.  Shoutout too Styles P for going vegan, opening a juice bar, and teaching inner-city youths & adults the proper way to live healthily.  That being said I digress, if you are a fan all of his music on iTunes  please go support, his family still needs to eat. Peace !

Sunday, September 30, 2018

R.A. the Rugged Man - "Sam Peckinpah" (Ft. Vinnie Paz & Sadat X) - {Official Video}

We decided to feature the guy I thought would publicly snatch the Mic from Slim Shady.  Shoutout to MGK for doing an excellent clap-back to Eminem's rant.  If you don't know R.A. the Rugged Man threw shots at Em many years ago while his popularity was just on the rise.  In the mainstream it pretty much went unnoticed but underground HipHop enthusiasts knew what was up. 

 Not to take away from Eminem but R.A. the Rugged Man was set to breakout before anyone knew who Eminem was, this caused a major setback in R.A.'s career.  For some reason (just like female rappers) "they" seem to think we can only have one white rapper at a time.  Nevertheless R.A. the Rugged Man found success and a home in the underground market thanks to the internet.  This is just one of his master pieces featuring two of the dopest Emcees in our era Vinnie Paz and the legend Sadat X.