Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Arsenal Hendrix - "Say Anything" - {Audio}

Rarely in life do you get "do overs", but with the 2.0 version of his Say Anything: The EP was released by Arsenal Hendrix. The Bridgeport, CT Emcee decided to upgrade his debut EP with a few remixes and a guest appearance from fellow Bridgeport artist Mr. Council on the Queen Latifah inspired 2nd single, Just Another Day. Hendrix is also one of the featured Emcees on C-Rayz Walz's "Almighty: The Solar Facts." Remember to support REal Emcees like your local artists.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Rahim Samad - "Strut" - {Audio}

Tampa, Florida Emcee, Rahim Samad, teams up with Joey Bada$$/Pro Era beatmaker, Chuck Strangers to deliver a hard hitting, dusty banger called "Strut". From the upcoming Rahim Samad EP  "Supreme 7", which features production from Ski Beatz, Phil Chronics, and Chuck Strangers.  Just when I think the younger generation of Emcees are letting us REal HipHop heads down, artist like Rahim gives us hope.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Knox Hill & John the Unlimited - "Four In" - {Official Video}

 It’s been a long time coming for Maryland (my home state) Emcees Knox Hill and John the Unlimited. Frequent collaborators since childhood, the two released these visuals for their fan favorite track “Four In”. After performing the song to rave reviews throughout the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area both artists agreed to officially release “Four In” on YouTube.

The song itself is a fresh spin on the timeless Nujabes track “Shiki No Uta,” and combines the influences of Eastern music with Western bounce and energy. The duo manage to keep the soulful essence of the original while creating a fun record perfect for life’s more light hearted moments. It's a unique blend that contributes to a new age HipHop. Now this is what I call originality, which is the key to longevity, unlike that garbage they play on the radio 24/7.

Friday, September 15, 2017

(Bishop Nehru & DOOM) - "NehruvianDOOM" LP - {Audio}

DOOM and Bishop Nehru Release New Track
DOOM and Bishop Nehru's collaborative album under the name NehruvianDOOM put together one of the dopest projects ever.  NehruvianDOOM, was released not too long ago in the UK and the U.S. via Lex/Noizy Cricket!!. The album cover up there, designed by Ghostshrimp.  After releasing the video for "Darkness", they've also shared another new track, "Om". It features rapping from DOOM in addition to Bishop Nehru.  Check Doom out below and tell us what you think.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Awon & Dephlow - "Step Up" (Prod. Phoniks) - {Audio}

Awon & Dephlow - Step Up (Prod. Phoniks)(Off New album AVAILABLE NOW!!! link in description)
What can I say about Awon & Dephlow they are what REal HipHop is all about, period.  They take you back during time when you had to qualify with your Bars in order to be a contender.  Without the smoke and mirrors most mainstream Emcees wouldn't have a career it's a shame how skinny jeans seem to be a requirement nowadays.  This LP takes us back to the Golden Years of HipHop when you could get your Azz whooped for being whack and a misrepresentation of our culture would be the end of your career (Vanilla Ice).  My have times changed...make sure support your REal artist.