Tuesday, October 17, 2017

C.Shreve - "Orbits" - {Official Video}

C.Shreve the Professor - Orbits (prod. by iLe Flottante)
C.Shreve  visuals for his full length project, Professing Vol. 2, which was shot in Nashville with director Trillbee the Hooligan.  This album features production from British sound engineer iLe Flottante
 C.Shreve the Professor is a North Carolina Emcee and the leader/founder of the HipHop collective Free the Optimus.  FTO has released 7 full projects since 2012, all with a heavy focus on lyricism and rhythm exploration which is very rare for any new artist nowadays. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Termanology - "100 More Jewelz" - {Audio}

Another 100 bar verse from Termanology, more bars than most Emcees entire album. Here is another candidate for those'King of NY'/'Best MC Out' debates in the barbershop. Make sure you check out Term's album 'GOYA (Guns Or Yay Available).

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Soul Khan - "Not Like That"(Feat. Akie Bermiss) - {Official Video}

 Soul Khan drops visuals to his track, "Not Like That," featuring Akie Bermiss and produced by DeeJay Element. It's from his Psyt?alm EP, which, aside from this bonus track, is entirely produced by Abnormal.  This is his fourth EP and final installment from his Love Supreme series. The EP is available on Soul Khan's site.  This is what "Real" HipHop sounds like, but don't you don't have to listen to me.  You can do whatever the F#@! you wanna do....!!! (said in me Hodge Twins voice)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

King K.O.N.G. - "Someone" EP - {Audio}

 K.O.N.G.  Kreator Of The New Generation is a self-proclaimed philosopher driven by the belief that true talent can be found anyplace in the world.  In this competitive industry there is a stampede of individuals that believe they can improve this industry, and strive within it. I believe that this industry has become over-saturated with low talented identical looking puppets.  It is the unique that will thrive in this industry, and it is the motivated that will change it for the better.  The K.O.N.G. EP is a mix of both old and new styles of HipHop.  Classic beats produced by Fallacy and mastered by JGramm.  This is a bold move by a very talented Emcee check out the single below.

Friday, October 13, 2017

DahLak - “Of No Consequence”LP - {Audi}

  Sacramento Emcee/Producer dahLak describes the cultural landscape he’s found himself in.  In rap, you can have far more drinks than hangovers.  You can f*ck with no strings attached and spend with no worries.  No health problems will ensue, the money grows on trees.  Fantasy is fun! Right?  

The problem is it’s not easy to leave; as dahLak articulates with his pre-album mixtape Of No Consequence.  It’s too fun, it sounds so good.  You can party to it, it’s sexy and seductive and it confirms what we all want to believe.   And for those good times, those great moments, those high-points, it has its purpose.  It obviously can’t last, but while it’s here, don’t think to hard about it.  After all, it is Of No Consequence.  This is a pretty interesting concept and worth checking out. If you want originality this is your guy.