Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ILLClinton - "Never Change Up" - {Official Video}

The Northside duo proves their skills on the visuals for their ILLClinton Era project, entitled "Never Change Up". 
The single has been circulating around the internet for over a year, originally premiered via All HipHop. This new black and white visual gets up close and personal with the group's artist, Brennan
Between the lyrical verses, singing the infectious hook, and the bounce of Blake Belair's triumphant, gospel-influenced instrumental, the song starts to feel like a joyous anthem of sorts. Directed by Donny Slater.

Monday, July 17, 2017

9th Wonder & Buckshot - “Crazy” - {Audio}

 Yet another dope single from 9th Wonder & Buckshot's album, 'The Solution,' out now at major retailers on Jamla/Duck Down Music. Be sure to go cop this album and keep support REal Underground HipHop classic.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Artist Noir - "Old Dirty Bastard" - {Official Video}

Artist Noir is a Detroit native currently living in Los Angeles, his album "Eternal Passages" is more proof REal Rap exist underground.  With a strong emphasis on full artistic creativity from the album covers, to music videos and music concepts he is a bringing a fresh new sound to the game that has already gained industry praise in his short year as an Emcee.  Here we have a up and coming Lyrical Beast make sure you checkout the video below, and support REal HipHop.

Friday, July 14, 2017

D.Focis - "Open Letter To Mr West" - {Official Video}

Detroit native D.Focis takes a moment to pen an open letter to his favorite artist Kanye West.  As a Kanye fan myself I'm feelin' what D is saying, it appears the "Evil Corporation Syndicate" has got a hold of one of HipHop's most influential Emcees. With DF Visuals directing and Tim Smith on photography this video was set for greatness. The end of the video showcases a portion of D's next single "Honor" which really highlights his lyrical skills.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Passport Gift - "The Cook Up" - {Audio}

Time and time again I the most unknown dope artist like Passport Gift, because REal talent deserve the limelight too.  Thanks to the internet HipHop Heads like myself can shine shine some light on the REal artist in HipHop, the ones who are in it not just for the notoriety but the love of the art form.  We'll be celebrating UnsungHipHop 6 year anniversary with an all new website, to show thanks to all the fans who has supported us over the years.