Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big Lean - "Everything's Alright" - {Official Music Video}

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Big Lean is a 25 yr old Emcee from Toronto, Ca, fortunately for him he doesn't have that "Drake" sound or he wouldn't be featured okay my bad back to Big Lean.  I must admit I was on the fence with this guy at first but he won us over with his passion and deep lyrics.  There are tons of Emcees rapping about the hood telling there perspective on "Hood Life", but it was a refreshing sound produced by Pro logic.  Make sure you checkout the video below and tell us what you think.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

J Live - "Not Listening" - {Official Video}

J-LIve is back with yet another "How To Be A Emcee" joint giving these mainstream rap clowns a lesson in the art form.  His latest joint "Not Listening" off of his new "Around The Sun" goes hard, as a matter of fact the entire album is dope.  Please if you are a true fan of HipHop go out and support your local artist.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Al-Fatir x JigzTheFlyer - "GODLY" - {Official Music Video}

Displaying Jigz-The-Flyer-Al-Fatir-Godly1.jpgTribeWorldwideTV delivers a music video for "GODLY".  Performed by Al-Fatir & JigzTheFlyer Directed by Mike Rhodes, this video shows parts of a day in the life of TribeWorldwideThe instrumental was produced by TribeWorldwide producer Aviles. GODLY was a well received single that caught coverage from higher profile writers including JackThriller's "Unsigned Thriller" section and now we showing some love to.  It must be a ego thing but I'm feelin' this joint right here, shout out to the Gods and the Earths. 


- Pete Tamaro
Publicist, Hat City Records

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jesse Boykins III - "Doing It Wrong" {Drake Cover} - Audio

Jesse Boykins III Doing It Wrong Drake Cover
Many people are looking for real Soul music, well look the further the album Love Apparatus, by Jesse Boykins III is off the chain.

The certified dope nomadic soul singer's EP titled P.O.P [purpose or people] has this unique rendition of Drake‘s Take Care cut “Doing It Wrong”.  We try to stay focused on HipHop here been when great music comes along I just have to share it. Enjoy

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Junclassic - "New York Won't Stop" - {Official Video}

For his 8th solo LP, Queens Emcee Junclassic teams up NY DJ/producer Bazooka Joe for BLVD Backdrop. Produced entirely by Bazooka Joe, BLVD Backdrop is a heavy East Coast Boom Bap HipHop album made for the streets, avenues and boulevards worldwide.
BLVD Backdrop is straight raw, unadulterated New York HipHop. Comprised of 13 tracks, the album includes features from CeezKing CesarEvolve and C-Rayz Walz; with cuts by 2 Kool Tony and DJ 717. Standout tracks include the album leak "Rugged N' Hard", lead single "NY Won't Stop" and the LL Cool J inspired track "Rep Queens".  You can just hear the old school in his voice...but it's still dope to