Soulogik - Self Doubt (Official Video)

Artist: Soulogik (@Soulogik) Song Title: Self Doubt Album: Cabin Fever (Summer 2012) Label: InVERSE TangENT (Management - @Philasophikal) Beat Producer: San, The Instru-Monumentalist (@iamSANhedrin) Video Shot/Edited/Directed By: Josh Bart (@ClassicLP)

Mr. Muthafuckin' - Freestyle

Exquire stopped by the Toca Tuesdays last week to introduce himself to the Shade 45 audience. Tony threw a 50 Cent beat on and let Exquire rock. Tune in to Toca Tuesdays each and every Tuesday from 8p till Midnight EST on Shade 45.

Kardinal Offishall- Kill Shot (Official Video)

The visuals for the Kardinal song that's burning up the web "Kill Shot", Produced by Nottz Raw off the A.M.T.R.I.M. (Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself) Album. Directed by John P. Wheatley and Benny-Demus.


Homeboy Sandman - Strange Planet (Official Video)

World Premier of Homeboy Sandman's groundbreaking video for the song "Strange Planet," of of his album THE GOOD SUN. Produced by KO Beatz.

Saukrates - Say I (feat. OB O'Brien)

Music video by Saukrates performing Say I. 2012 FrostByte Media Inc.

M-Phazes - What It's All About

In promotion for M-Phaze's remix producer compilation 'Phazed Out', the ARIA Award winning beat smith bands together with New York's Brown Bag AllStars for the MonStar Films directed visuals for the album cut "What It's All About". Phazed Out is now available both digitally and on CD through Coalmine Records. Refer to the either of the iTune's links above for either the 'mixed' version, courtesy of DJ Rhettmatic, or the 'Untagged/No DJ' version, which features the 'album only' bonus track "Holdin' It Down" featuring both Emilio Rojas & the burgeoning R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, Rich Rivera.


Freeway - Interview

In this Interview with Montreality, Freeway speaks about: - His story - The type of student he was at school - Jobs he's had as a teenager growing up - What he spent his 1st big paycheck on - The key to success - What he would call his book, if he were to write one - His collaboration with Nate Dogg, 'All My Life' - Artists he'd like to collaborate with - His upcoming project, 'Freedom of Speech' - His relationship with JAY-Z - His 1st paid show, in Queens during the Rocafella feud with The LOX, DMX & Nas - A fan getting his autograph tattooed on her stomach - What he has in his pockets - Islam in his music - What keeps him motivated

!Mayday! - Take Me To Your Leader CD Release

For one of the first events of Green Room(Ft. Lauderdale)'s "Brown Bag Wednesdays", Bernz and Wrekonize of Strange Music's ¡Mayday! took some time to perform a dope MC set and talk about various topics including the new album "Take Me To Your Leader", touring, features, and working with Del The Funky Homosapien. Check it out!

Immortal Technique - The Trayvon Martin Issue

This dude is the truth I really don't know Emcee Alive that can fuck with him okay maybe a handful but that's it. But seriously how many rappers you know get involved in their community and outside their community, not for political gain or Cd sales? Off hand I can't name any. Can you?


Mystikal - Signs with (YMCMB)

In this teaser the Next 48 Hours With Mystikal @ SXSW we discover while Mystikal was in prison, he received several offers from major labels and at one time, G-Unit South was one of his most attractive offers. After finally deciding on YMCMB, the Young Money members welcome Mystikal with open arms backstage at the YMCMB Show at SXSW.


E The Poet-Emcee - Unsung Poets

Kendrick Lamar - Cut You Off (Official Video)

Game - The City feat. Kendrick Lamar (Official Video)

Lately I have been really feeling Games new vibe, man he is really making some serious conscience HipHop and I love it. He's featuring a lot of new artist from California too Big Ups to Game helping them to get exposure. I like when a Emcee can grow beyond his roots into something bigger then him/her self. Game is no longer writing rhymes for himself but for other people. He's delivering a strong message and I'm sure he is reaching millions of fans from all walks of life with lyrics.

Jakk Frost - Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Remix)


Action Bronson - Interview (Nardwuar)

Nardwuar interviews Action Bronson at SXSW 2012 in Austin, Texas!


Dela Soul - Perform Live BBC

De La Soul and First Serve performing a live session at Maida Vale for Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music March 2012

Dres(Black Sheep) & Jarobi(Tribe Called Quest) Form a New Group

True Wine Connoissuer's Sadat X and Will Tell are joined by Dres (BlackSheep) and Jarobi (A Tribe called Quest) to enjoy some Regaleali Nero D'avola 2007 on the set of their new video "3 Kings". Special Shout out to Miles Esposito born March 18th 2012! I can't wait until this joint come out...its been awhile since I've heard any thing new from Dres. And Jarobi most of you guess probably won't remember but The Tribe Called Quest used to be 4 members instead of 3 if you look back at their first video you will see him.

Evidence - Same Folks feat. Fashawn (Official Video)

Just when I thought the next generation of HipHop Emcees suck, I discovering Emcees like Kendrick Lamar and these guys and finally I can relax a little bit. It's good to know "Real" HipHop will survive the test of time. We survived through the "Bling Bling" era we can survive the "Auto tunes" era too. Big up to Real Emcess of the Underground doing what they feel in their hearts and staying away from the corporate machine.

Brother Ali - Shine On feat. Nikki Jean (Official Video)

Another HipHop conscience Emcee not being given his proper respect for the skill and the knowledge he brings to the genre. When will we ever learn? Twenty years from now we will see which genre of HipHop stands the test of time.


Machine Gun Kelly - Chip Off The Block (Official Video)

Machine Gun Kelly's OFFICIAL 'Chip Off The Block' Video!!!Here the video to MGK's "Chip Off The Block" from his upcoming project, Lace Up! Check out cameo's by Travis Porter, B.o.B, and multi-platinum producer L.T. Moe, along with other crazy footage from the trip to ATL. Cleveland stand up!

Raekwon - Shaolin vs Wu-Tang

Jack Thriller recently sat down with Raekwon and talks about being in the game for 20 years, a mistake that he has made in career, Wu-Tang, being a legend, the meaning behind "Shaolin vs Wu-Tang", wanting to work with 50 Cent, working with Justin Bieber, doing movies & much more!

Wu-Tang Clan - 20 Years In The Game

Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Wu Tang for an exclusive interview. RZA talks about acting, motivation and having a lot of white fans. Inspectah Deck speaks on the start of Wu Tang, the whole movement and advice from LL Cool J. Masta Killa talks about the difference between himself now and 20 years ago, staying humble U-God talks past 50 Cent beef, being successful in the rap game, doing time in prison and if he knew if Wu Tang was going to pop off in the beginning.


9th Wonder - Interview

he HardKnock.TV team caught up with 9th Wonder at Rock The Bells to talk about Drake and 9th's twitter conversation, how they linked up 5 years ago on a record called "Think Good Thoughts" and more. 9th continues by saying that Alchemist, DJ Khalil, others push him to be better but that Nottz is the best pound for pound beat maker right now. He ends this part of the interview by saying that he never met J Dilla but that his music lives forever. Check out for more from 9th Wonder. This interview was conducted by April Bombai, Mark Anthony Jenkins and Nick Huff Barili.

Rakim - Interview

Rakim talks to HardKnock.Tv's Nick Huff Barili about the reaction he received from putting out his last album "The Seventh Seal" and he addresses the media exaggerated beef with Nas. Ra goes on to let out the secret that he has been working with Stephen Marley (the generators of his trailer shut down and we lost all the light as soon as he makes announcement, definitely felt like their was a higher energy in the room). When asked if him and Nas could work together in the future, Rakim responds that through the Marley camp maybe him and Nas will do a song together. Lastly he says that if he were to do a song about one person like Nas did of him, Rakim would do it on Muhammad Ali.


Trayvon Martin (17yrs old) - Killed By George Zimmerman

It is clear from all those who said they either HEARD or WITNESSED PARTS of what happened and from the 911 tapes that 17year old Trayvon Martin was being stalked/followed by an overweight male in his late 20's named George Zimmerman. Everyone can clearly hear Trayvon's final screams for help while he struggles on the ground with Zimmerman. It seems he did whatever he could to release himself from Zimmerman's overbearing grasp but Zimmerman was obviously angry & frustrated that Trayvon resisted, so he shot him dead. The SANFORD, Fla. police simply asked Zimmerman what happened and Zimmerman said he killed Trayvon in self-defense and the police let him go back inside his home without charging him with anything. Zimmerman killed because he wanted to. Zimmerman stalked, attacked and then he killed Trayvon. We can hear him admit to the stalking and chasing Trayvon on one of the 911 calls he made moments before he KILLED a young man that didn't deserve to die. Racism will never end in this world if the LAW continues to let EVIL RACIST PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH CRIMES LIKE THIS. What's even more sad is the Racist Police Officers that tried for weeks to just close this case under the "self-defense" excuse. Why do you think they held the 911 tapes for a few weeks & dismissed what all the witnesses told him. The 911 Tapes and all the witnesses proved this was pure Racism, unresolved anger issues, murder and an attempt to COVER IT ALL UP by the Florida Police.

George's FATHER Robert Zimmerman wrote a one page letter to the Orlando Sentinel and in the letter he states that his son is HISPANIC but he grew up in a multi-racial home.

Pharoahe Monch - Interview

While out in NYC, Montreality sat down with Pharoahe Monch, topics discussed:
- His story
- The type of student he was at school
- Jobs he's had as a teenager growing up
- What he spent his 1st big paycheck on (
- The key to success
- What he has in his pockets
- The concept behind his latest video, 'Still Standing'
- His upcoming rock album, 'Rock VS. Disco'
- His tattoos
- Artists he'd like to collaborate with
- His live shows
- His 1st paid show
- Singing karaoke with M.O.P.
- Staying motivated & living a healthy life

Mayday - Badlands (feat. Tech N9ne) - Official Video

Get your copy of ¡MAYDAY! "Take Me To Your Leader" Album in stores 3/26!


Murs - Gods Gone Crazy (Official Video)

Murs presents "Gods Gone Crazy", the first exclusive track from Yumiko: Curse Of The Merch Girl, his album and graphic novel collaboration with Josh Blaylock, dropping Wednesday 3/22 and available only until then on Murs' Kickstarter page. The album and novel unite to tell the story of Yumi Morales, a girl living the fabled tour life working the merchandise table for her boyfriend Dominick's band Murder Acts. The 124-page graphic novel is illustrated by Jose Garcia, written by Josh Blaylock and the ten-song album - whose lyrics are printed in their entirety throughout the novel - is produced entirely by DJ Foundation. Yumiko is available only via the project's Kickstarter page, where a range of different pledge options will get you everything from the novel and CD to exclusive apparel, custom download cards illustrated by David Mack and Jim Mahfood, and a personal thank-you note and Twitter follow from Murs. Followed by the release of the album and book, an animated music video will officially be unveiled at Murs' party during the Comic-Con convention in San Diego. "Yumiko is hip hop and comics done correctly," says Murs of the project. "Comics have always been a huge inspiration to me. And having the chance to publish my own comic is truly an honor. Working with my partners to create this book was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to making our dream a reality with the help of the fans."

K'Naan - Nothing To Lose (feat. Nas)


Raekwon - Soildiers Story (Official Video)

Download "unexpected Victory" Mixtape at

Joyner Lucas - Word With Friends (Official Video)

From the project #LFOs dropping this summer. Shot by D'Animal. Edited by Maxx Forman. Shout out to Gully Steez Clothing and Red Lounge Studio.


Ice Cube - Interview

Rakim - Speaks on Beef With Big Daddy Kane

If these two Icons would have battled it would have been phenomenal. Who would you like to see battle?

Erick Sermon - Speaks about the break up of E.P.M.D.

In this Erick Sermon talks about his baby momma Hurricane G, the fall of EPMD, how LL Cool J wanted Hurrican G first and much more! Log onto for more!!!

Cormega - Journey (Officail Video)

Off of the new album, Born & Raised, in stores now

Cormega - Speaks on Mega Philosophy

Mega and Large Pro Speak On mega's Upcoming Album Titled "Mega Philosophy" Which is Produced entirely by Large Professor


The Jump Off - Hoes Vs. Sluts

To many people a hoe and a slut are the same thing, but @MrMecc sheds some light on the difference between the two. The Friday Hip Hop Report debate lounge breakdown the differences between hoes, sluts, strippers, groupies and prostitutes.

AllHipHop - 30th Anniversary of S.O.B.'s

The legendary SOB's night club has been a staple for the Hip-Hop community over the ears in New York City. Everyone from Kanye West to Drake has performed at SOB's and interviewed the owner and artist such as Common, KRS-ONE and others on the importance of the SOB's nightclub for Hip-Hop.

LockSmith - Little Bunny Rabbit (Official Video)

"Little Bunny Rabbit" is the latest track from LABYRINTH available Thursday March 29, 2012 for FREE download @ Music prod. by @easki Dir. by Brandon Hopp and @dalocksmith

The Beatnuts - Interview

The Beatnuts interview and performance footage from Trilateral Entertainment's show in St. Catharines, Canada October '11.



While out in NYC, Montreality caught up with Immortal Technique for an extensive 40 minute long interview, here are the main topics that were discussed:

- His story, growing up in Harlem, NYC during the golden era of Hip-Hop (0:16)
- The type of student he was at school, his thoughts on learning institutions (2:17)
- Jobs he's had as a teenager growing up, trials & tribulations of the youth (4:47)
- The key to success, sacrifices he's made, independence (7:33)
- His critically acclaimed project, 'The Martyr' (10:22)
- If he thinks that his music puts his life at risk (13:19)
- The status on the orphanage / school that he built in Afghanistan (14:52)
- His thoughts on the aftermath of the Occupy Movement (15:31)
- The release date for his upcoming project, 'The Middle Passage' (17:32)
- What he would call his book if he were to write one (17:40)
- What he has in his pockets during the interview (17:58)
- His favorite airports across the globe (18:04)
- The reason why he doesn't have any tattoos (19:33)
- The legalization / decriminalization of Marijuana (19:51)
- Artists he'd like to collaborate with (23:26)
- Producers he'd like to collaborate with (26:28)
- The inspiration behind 'Dance With The Devil' (30:00)
- The inspiration behind 'You Never Know' (32:07)
- His many run-ins with the Police (35:07)
- What he thinks happens after death (37:42)

Omar Aura (feat. Planet Asia) - Too Coo - Official Video

T'yanna Wallace (Notorious B.I.G. daughter) - First Ever Interview

For the first time in history a interview with B.I.G.'s daughter T'yanna Wallace. Wow...she was just 3 years old when Biggie was killed what ashame it had to be that way. I'm just glad she was able to benefit from Biggie's success, she seems to be a well rounded young woman. Even if Biggie didn't make sure his children were going to be financially set, P.Diddy should have covered the bill because his career wouldn't have gone anywhere with out The Notorious B.I.G....R.I.P. In fact P.Diddy should make sure that Biggie's grand children are straight Just my opinion...

The Notorious B.I.G. - 15 Year Tribute

Thisis50 invaded Club Rebel for the 15th Year Memorial Celebration of Notorious B.I.G.
Black Rob, Fred The Godson & DJ Ted Smooth all pay their respect to Biggie Smalls. Honestly if BIG was still alive a lot of rappers would not have been able to get in the game. It would have been different Jay-Z might not have had the success he has now he wouldn't have been as relevant. Think about it...


Hieroglyphics (Pep Love) - Interview

During a tour with The Grouch(of Living Legends), I met backstage with one of the original legendary Hieroglypgics members, Pep Love. He has an album entitled "Rigmarole" coming out soon.


50 Cent - Puts The CEO of World Star Hip Hop in Check

I'm not really a fan of 50 Cent music but I respect him as a business man. But I loved when he did this because World Star Hip Hop is the BET of the internet with all of its garbage it promotes to our people...!!!

Killer Mike - Bigger Than R.A.P. Music

After dinner and a listening session of Killer Mike's upcoming project, "R.A.P. Music at Treesound Studio, Killer Mike speaks on the love he had for his grandmother who recently passed. He says that Rap music is the only thing he has left. He also speaks on himself and other artists like Big Krit & David Banner repping their hometown.

BIG K.R.I.T. - Speaks On His Next Mixtape Release

Big K.R.I.T. on the release day of his incredible new mixtape 4eva N a Day. He broke down the concept behind the album and its cover, how the project came about and what it felt like to release it. He also talked about the first single, Boobie Miles, and some of his favorite songs on the project. Check out the video below and listen to and download the mixtape here.


Russell Simmons Chops It Up With Jack Thriller

Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Russell Simmons for an exclusive interview! He gives his overall view on Occupy Wall Street and why he supports it, new book "Super Rich", Starting Def Jam 25 Years ago, 50 Cent's initiative to feed a billion people with SK, drug use, people thinking he is selfish, his website "GlobalGrind", Diggy Simmons, And DMX.


Ice-T - The Key To His Success

The legendary rapper breaks down how he adapted his hustling mentality to his success during his come up and how he still uses those skills today. Money without intelligence will always leave you broke. This is why most successful Emcees are not able to maintain their lifestyle because of mismanagement of money. If you can't handle 1000 how are suppose to handle 100,000?


Keith Murray - Talks about squaring up with Tupac

Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Keith Murray for an exclusive interview. He talks about the clip online which was titled that he fought Tupac, beating up Def Jam employer, where he was in the past couple of years, and drug usage. I'm just glad to see him back in the studio again HipHop is missing Real Lyricism.


To Have Sex Or Not To Have Sex ?

I know it's ridiculous to disassociate sex between a man and a woman, it's part of our human nature to be carnal and lustful. The reality is when a foundation has not been established sex becomes just an act of temporal pleasures leaving the soul in an emptier state it was before the act. To those looking for a good time and care for the act alone will go unphased, and will disagree but after many encounters and after time the realization of being alone catches up to an empty state of loneliness. To those looking for love and the idealism of love and those who give in to the act without knowing the person just because the idea of, "He/She could be the one" is formed in the mind. The trip back home after all has been said and done is a lonely trip back, because it now has hit the stage of awkward. I mean who want's to call someone back when they know your body composition better than the inner composition? To those married looking for the sexual act to fulfill what lacks at home, the truth is that no matter how you slice it, there is an emptiness missing you try to fulfill which still remains in emptiness. As when the pleasures are fulfilled and you go back, you return to the same emptiness. There are gazillions reasons why men and woman do the do, but sex with out meaning is just lonely sex in the end. It may fulfill a temporal need or desire, but the most important need goes unfazed and that is fulfillment of the soul. Humanity will continue to have random sexual encounters, spreading illnesses, deceases, unplanned children, unwanted children, and after it's all been done and said. Sex with out a foundation it's just an empty state of loneliness. Think about this before you open your legs or push it in, because the sad truth is that no matter how you slice it someone has taken advantage of you to fulfill an empty desire of their lonely state. Experience is that best teacher and I've learned the hard way ...peace Fam..


Cassidy - Homeless Dude shows off his Skills

This guy has some skills imagine how many other people out there with potential that never get a chance to benefit from their natural given talent. This is why family is very important in our communities. Individuals like this never usually find their way because of dysfunctional families growing up without a father living in poor conditions. I hope this guy turns his life around big up to Cassidy for giving him the opportunity to be heard. Do you have a family member with unused potential?

BIG K.R.I.T. - Hometown Hero (Video)

Had to show some love for this kat man he breaks all the stereotypes for rappers/producers from the south. I'm definitely sold on BIG K.R.I.T., besides him and K-Rino there are not too many conscience rappers that I know from the south. Mainly because the media and the corporations don't sponsor them because we don't support conscience HipHop as a whole. Do you know of any other conscience rapper?

Action Bronson - Blue Chips Live

Blue Chips is an off the cuff, spontaneous project that started as a vibe session one winter afternoon and spiraled into a 17 song dusted journey through the warped comedic minds of Action Bronson and the prodigy producer/artist known simply as Party Supplies.

This journey includes appearances by Roc Marci, Meyhem Lauren and Das Racist and was recorded in the confines of Party Supplies Williamsburg chalet. It's a project as opposed to a mixtape or an album and sits in a nether world somewhere between the two.

Most of all it's a moment in time made in a 3 week period of hanging out at Party Supplies house. In between cheese plates, snaps and spliffs the 2 artists came up with this testament of creativity and spontaneity. This is HipHop man its true real artist always get paid less and have less notoriety. But the respect they get in the streets last for years to come.