Trayvon Martin (17yrs old) - Killed By George Zimmerman

It is clear from all those who said they either HEARD or WITNESSED PARTS of what happened and from the 911 tapes that 17year old Trayvon Martin was being stalked/followed by an overweight male in his late 20's named George Zimmerman. Everyone can clearly hear Trayvon's final screams for help while he struggles on the ground with Zimmerman. It seems he did whatever he could to release himself from Zimmerman's overbearing grasp but Zimmerman was obviously angry & frustrated that Trayvon resisted, so he shot him dead. The SANFORD, Fla. police simply asked Zimmerman what happened and Zimmerman said he killed Trayvon in self-defense and the police let him go back inside his home without charging him with anything. Zimmerman killed because he wanted to. Zimmerman stalked, attacked and then he killed Trayvon. We can hear him admit to the stalking and chasing Trayvon on one of the 911 calls he made moments before he KILLED a young man that didn't deserve to die. Racism will never end in this world if the LAW continues to let EVIL RACIST PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH CRIMES LIKE THIS. What's even more sad is the Racist Police Officers that tried for weeks to just close this case under the "self-defense" excuse. Why do you think they held the 911 tapes for a few weeks & dismissed what all the witnesses told him. The 911 Tapes and all the witnesses proved this was pure Racism, unresolved anger issues, murder and an attempt to COVER IT ALL UP by the Florida Police.

George's FATHER Robert Zimmerman wrote a one page letter to the Orlando Sentinel and in the letter he states that his son is HISPANIC but he grew up in a multi-racial home.

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