MaddGifted (Pragmaddix/Gifted Musik) - "The Lemon" EP - {Audio}

Long-time friends and collaborators, Pragmaddix (Qwyk Cardino and Artemis Diesel) and Gifted Musik (Day Brown, Walt B. III, FKA Denim) join forces to create a solidified conglomerate of unique creativity, with their debut: The Lemon EP.

Consisting of 2 tracks, their EP arrives just in time for your summer playlist. "Lemonade and Gin" is the first on the list, with heavy percussion jamband-esque backdrop (supported with Harrison Green on guitar and Paul Castanet on bass), laced with a melodic hook and smooth, entrancing vocals by Walt B. III and Day Brown. The tone is set with beach vibes and a calming sense of relaxation. Cut to track 2, "Lemon Drop", where we transition into the HipHop feel that both groups have molded into their irresistible sound. 

With Pragmaddix's recent releases: "Solar Panels", 'A La Carte' and visual debut "Airtight" along with Gifted Musik's "New Language", as well as both groups slated to release projects through the end of the year, MaddGifted is sure to provide a variety of sounds and moods for any of your needs.


DESTRO M.A.R.S. - "Start It All Over (Destro Mars Remix)" (Ft. Skyzoo, Median & Emilio Rojas) - {Audio}

01 Start It All Over (Destro Mars Remix) Skyzoo, Median & Emilio Rojas
My man Destro M.A.R.S., has another dope remixed off his Destro's Return EP featuring Skyzoo, Median, and Emilio Rojas. You can't create this kind of skill you have to be born with it and he's got it.  Make sure you continue to support REal HipHop artist like DESTRO M.A.R.S. in order to keep the culture alive.


Dimepeace - "Maybe It's Us" - {Official Video}

These guys are notorious in the Montreal’s underground HipHop scene for their exciting beat instrumentals, beatmakers Beatlicka and Fivepee are making a name for themselves in HipHop.  But collaboratively they are known as Dimepeace and they released their first project "Maybe It’s Us " last year.  After topping the charts and crafting hits for many of Montreal's up and coming  Emcees, Dimepeace thought it would be a great idea release a full LP just for the Real HipHop heads. Their beatmaking roots travels back to the simpler's more authentic times of the great Madvillain (Madlib & MF Doom) and J Dilla, to whom they pay homage to with a couple dedicated tracks.  Beatlicka and Fivepee are taking us back to the classic Golden Era, with those Boom Bap flavored instrumentals, those big bass head bobbing beats with a twist of soulful jazz jams.  It's time for more American people to start embracing Historical HipHop before everyone else start doing it better than us.  


T-Pain - "Intro 'Stoicville" - {Video}

Let be the first to say I was not a T-Pain fan until recently, I'm really loving the REal T-Pain, I know separating himself from what made him famous and rich was hard.  I'm just glad T-Pain was able to find his voice, most artist are not able to recover once they detach themselves from the "Machine". This is the type of HipHop we need to be supporting, this goes to show you it's never too late to make a change for the better.


ILL BILL - "Severed Heads Of State"(Feat.EL-P) - {Video}

One of the Warlords of Hardcore Underground HipHop, ILL BILL is put together a Legion Of Doom type squad for this CD.  Rightfully named "The Grimy Awards", is one of the dopest collective CD I've heard in a long time. 

Checkout this list of Underground Legends & Allstars starting with HR of Bad Brains, A-Trak, El-P, Jedi Mind Tricks, OC, Cormega, Meyhem Lauren, Q-Unique, Shabazz The Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P., with production from DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Psycho Les, El-P, Ayatollah, MoSS, C-Lance and of course  ILL BILL himself.  I can't wait for this joint to drop...."Real" HipHop fans I know can appreciate my enthusiasm those who can't can go listen to Gucci.


Young Kizer - "Knock The Hustle" (Reprod. by Ed Manu) - {Audio}

Young Kizer is a part of the phenomenal underground HipHop group ILL Individuals coming out of Raleigh, NC. Unlike most young HipHop wannbes these guys are the real deal, paying their dues by showing their lyrical skills instead of using some industry gimmick.  New rappers fail to realize that writing dope lyrics is the secret to longevity in The Game.


MF DOOM & Clams Casino - "Bookfiend" Audio Download

 Wow I never thought I would see this pair up, one of my favorite Emcees MF DOOM and A$AP Rocky producer Clams Casino. Check it out below and tell us what you think.


Ill-iteracy - "Kingdom" - {Official Video}

Every now and then you have a group of Emcees to band together not for fame and glory but for knowledge.  ILL-iteracy is one of those kind of groups. This is the first single off their LP “SYMPHOSIUM”, produced by Chris Prythm.


Rome Clientel - "Guts & Glory" (Ft Scott Mayo) - {Audio}

Golden Era recording artist Rome Clientel has taken a bit of a sabbatical following the release of The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds EP.  As he continues to work on The Empire 3: The Coronation EP, the third one of the series, Rome is embarking on #TheConquest, a campaign of singles to demonstrate what he has in store moving forward. 

The first release from #TheConquest is "Guts And Glory," a mellow offering produced by Damien Cornwell. Adding to the smooth beat is the live saxophone playing of Scott Mayo, known for being a member of the band for American Idol. Mayo has worked with other legendary artists including Sergio Mendes and Earth Wind and Fire.

Expect more music from Rome Clientel in the coming weeks. For now just press play and enjoy. #TheConquest has begun..


Hollywood Mickey - "I Just Wanna Know" - {Audio}

As he prepares to release his "Blame the Feds" project, Hollywood Mickey decided drop this dope track "I Just Wanna Know.'" The Bad Newz, Virginia Emcee is telling the story of how REal artist hardly ever get credit for their talents.  

While suckas (I will not name) with no talent get fame and fortune out the gate.  Make sure you listen carefully, Mickey is deceptively lyrical. "Blame the Feds" will feature production from Zaytoven, Metro Boomin, Will A Fool, 808 Mafia, Timmy the Hitman, & more.


THEO3 - “That’s Why I Came” (Prod by Psycho Les) - Audio

One of my favorite joints from Toronto native THEO3 off his forth LP #Enticement FreEP. “Clouds,” saw him rocking over a hypnotic head-nodder from Audible Doctor, today THEO3 connects with Psycho Les as Theo3 mixes punchlines with politics and non-stop energy, while The Beatnuts legend provides a bass heavy assault, with turntable wizard DJ Grouch getting busy on the decks.


Rahimic - "Bigger Picture" - {Official Video}

Sanna Rahimic is a 19 year old Emcee coming out of Sweden. She normally rap/sing in Swedish but while experimenting with English she wrote this piece.
While telling several different scenarios of destructive relationships, she was able to hit a cord with a new fan base.