Rome Clientel - "Guts & Glory" (Ft Scott Mayo) - {Audio}

Golden Era recording artist Rome Clientel has taken a bit of a sabbatical following the release of The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds EP.  As he continues to work on The Empire 3: The Coronation EP, the third one of the series, Rome is embarking on #TheConquest, a campaign of singles to demonstrate what he has in store moving forward. 

The first release from #TheConquest is "Guts And Glory," a mellow offering produced by Damien Cornwell. Adding to the smooth beat is the live saxophone playing of Scott Mayo, known for being a member of the band for American Idol. Mayo has worked with other legendary artists including Sergio Mendes and Earth Wind and Fire.

Expect more music from Rome Clientel in the coming weeks. For now just press play and enjoy. #TheConquest has begun..

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