MaddGifted (Pragmaddix/Gifted Musik) - "The Lemon" EP - {Audio}

Long-time friends and collaborators, Pragmaddix (Qwyk Cardino and Artemis Diesel) and Gifted Musik (Day Brown, Walt B. III, FKA Denim) join forces to create a solidified conglomerate of unique creativity, with their debut: The Lemon EP.

Consisting of 2 tracks, their EP arrives just in time for your summer playlist. "Lemonade and Gin" is the first on the list, with heavy percussion jamband-esque backdrop (supported with Harrison Green on guitar and Paul Castanet on bass), laced with a melodic hook and smooth, entrancing vocals by Walt B. III and Day Brown. The tone is set with beach vibes and a calming sense of relaxation. Cut to track 2, "Lemon Drop", where we transition into the HipHop feel that both groups have molded into their irresistible sound. 

With Pragmaddix's recent releases: "Solar Panels", 'A La Carte' and visual debut "Airtight" along with Gifted Musik's "New Language", as well as both groups slated to release projects through the end of the year, MaddGifted is sure to provide a variety of sounds and moods for any of your needs.

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