Tuesday, January 31, 2012

President Obama - Reviews an out of work engineer resume

Its ashame to have 10 years engineering experience not to mention a college degree and still can't get a job. Com'on that means that companies don't want to pay him the high salary so they out source for a much cheaper solution. What can I say it's the American way and they are in business to make money. The number one reason a lot of Americans are out of work is Greed...

Mordern Warfare 3 - Top 5 plays of the week

I like to put this on for my son Tyre who is a beast at this game. When I have time I get my kill on too except I play on HARDCORE a man's level. My son doesn't know anything about that...LOL

Spike Lee - Calls Tyler Perry's work Buffoonery

This will forever be a discussed topic on one half people say that Tyler Perry is providing jobs for black actors and on the other hand he is contributing to the negative stereotypes of black people. Does a black man have to dress in drag to be successful in Hollywood? Hmmm...all the a lot of greats have done it Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Wesly Snipes, Ving Rhames, and lets not forget Flip Wilson. Before Tyler was making movies he was making plays which were highly supported on the Chitling Circuit down south by us. But when movies like Rosewood, Panther, or even Crooklyn hits the big screen we don't show enough support. So the Buffoonery like comedies end up having a much bigger budgets because they are in high demand. Statics show that we amongst other cultures sure like laughing at Black Stupidity. This is why I will be supporting Red Tails even though I know the story of the Tuskegee Airmen. I want to show Hollywood we are more than just a race to be laughed at. But I must give Tyler is credit he did attempt to do serious black dramas which were very good. But as expected we don't support black dramas. The bottom line is if For Color Girls made over 100 million dollars Hollywood would be in the black drama movie making business. The only color that rules to them...is Green.

Dirty South Rapper - Freestyle

I know I don't feature many Down South Rappers and its only because I was born and raised on the east coast. But over the years I discovered The Ghetto Boys, Goodie Mob,Nappy Roots, and Outkast. I'm still in search of more Dirty South Rappers with that raw talent like this guy. He definitely have some skills that I couldn't help but recognize. Since I've been in Houston I have met a lot of dope Emcees who are in heavy rotation on my radio station. I'm still waiting for the return of Goodie Mob...

Washita Moor Descendant - Confronts Police

I have to admit I just knew he was going to be arrested but this brother have done his homework. If you see the look on their faces wow....I need to brush up on my rights as a citizen..lol. I didn't know that they had to show proper I.D.everytime I mean it makes sense but where I'm from you see the blue uniform and the blue lights that's it assume the position. We didn't want to give the police any reason to search our vehicles so we cooperated. Do you know you Rights?

Dick Gregory - Black People Need to Wake Up!!! (Part 1-3)


DNA PROVES - Are Black people really connected to Native Americans?

The thing is, the Europeans may find out they were Africans in their DNA, The Native Americans May find They had Asian, European, and who knows even African origins. I have a theory. Look at Polynesia on Google earth. Then see how all across the pacific to South america the sea is lined with Islands , Easter Island for one. In A nutshell, we are all Earthlings, humans and we all are related one way or another. Brothers and sisters of a mother from many thousands of years ago. Maybe more than 100,000. Think bout it at one time the continents were connected you literally could walk to China from the United States.

Styles P - Your Health is your Wealth

All the money in the world will not protect you from the way you treat you body. One day I hope to be rich but for me to be around when that day come I need to be healthy to enjoy it. But not just for myself for my kids and family who depend on me for monetary and emotional support. REMEMBER SOUL FOOD IS NOT FOOD FOR THE SOUL, ITS THE LEFT OVER SCRAPS OUR ANCESTORS HAD TO USE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

DMX - Def Poetry Jam

This is one of my all time favorite poems by one of my favorite Emcees of all time. I wished this would have gotten more airplay. The way he breaks down the industry of music is so deep. Check this out....!!!

MOS DEF - New cast member on Dexter

If HipHop ever had a face Mos Def would be it. There is not much I can say about this Lyrical Beast but he is HipHop. I will be checking out the show Dexter now since I know Mos will be in it. What other rappers do you think make good actors?

Chuck D - Anti-Semitic Remarks

This is the man the myth the legend that took mainstream HipHop by storm back in the 80's. He was and still is one of my idols for standing up for what you believe in no matter what. Now there are groups like this all over the world but they don't get the much needed publicity. The government rather have you listening to Lollipop then Fight The Power, in fear it might uplift the people. What do you think about the Dumbing Down of our education system?


This is HANDS DOWN my favorite Female Emcee by far not just for her serious flow but her lyrical content. All original fans of the art form knows that HipHop started as a voice from the street. Telling stories of all kinds spreading the message of unity. That's what SA-ROC's lyrics are like it takes you back to the old X-Clan KRS-One Edutainment type of HipHop similar to Public Enemy days. Please go check this sista out she is the truth.

Common - Hell On Wheels

Common has come a long ways from HipHop to the big screen pretty much following in the footsteps of talented Emcees like Ice Cube or Queen Latifah. It's amazing how many rappers have a natural gift for acting. It makes sense now, all the rappers who pretend to be people they are not in order to promote Unit sales. You know like pretending to be a big drug dealer and having all the cash before you were rapping blah..blah...blah. Unfortunately that sort of thing still exist today. You probably know them.......those famous mainstream rappers most people love to dick ride.

Flying People in New York City

This is crazy....wow, who would think to do this? I wonder how many accidents did they caused that day? Do you thing this is a waste of resources? It is quite entertaining, I wonder if they are trying to market these humanoid planes for profit.


God Hop the movement is a amazing thing for HipHop and the urban community. Let's support the many aspects HipHop culture and rebuild families. Without strong families we will never have strong communities or strong neighborhoods.

Lebron James - Jumps over Johns Lucas (literally dunking on his head)

Ok...now I'm normally don't add sports highlights but the is fuckin' amazing...WTF? It's a shame he doesn't play like this in the fourth quarter of the playoffs....LOL

Sunday, January 29, 2012

LadyBug - Do Betta (Official Video)

I just wanted to show love to my girl LadyBug this is a dope song please check it out and listen to the lyrics. Music is very powerful it can be used to send all sorts of messages unfortunately we only hear one kind on the radio. No body sings about love anymore just sex. What kind of legacy are we leaving for our grandchildren. Bottom line support Underground Neo-Soul/R&B or it will be gone forever!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Q-Tip - African Ancestry - Documentary

Have you ever wondered about who your ancestors were? I know I have and I've always said when I get my money up I would definitely look into it. I find it surprising that Q-Tip have never been to Africa. Especially since back in the 80's he wore a lot of African style outfits and hairstyles. Well it was the style back then to do but A Tribe Called Quest was one of the first to sport it. He must have read a lot of books like me on African history. If you have the means you need to find out your ancestry and/or visit the Motherland.

Jadakiss - Travels to Africa

Visiting the Motherland has always been a dream of mines since I was 19. I've always wondered if my ancestors weren't enslaved where would be as a race. It always bothered me that there was a disconnect between black Africans and black Americans. Why do we dislike each other so much since we don't even know each other. I'm glad over time black Americans are slowly by surely reconnecting to our ancestry. Unfortunately most of our visits to African are because turmoil or inhumane conditions. With the rapid spreading of A.I.D.S.there we are losing what's left of out history. Jadakiss is one of many HipHop Emcees trying to use his fame and status to make a difference. The strong is suppose to help the weak its the way our society survives. But more than often celebrities are caught up in self loathing and greed. All I'm saying you don't need 10 million dollars a year to survive but most of us when we make more we spend more. This is part of our selfish culture state of mind and if we don't stop this kind of mindset we will eventually be extinct. When there is no government,laws, or police to call your money will not make a difference because it really has no value anyway. When those same people you could have helped rob you for your food and water its' going to be too late for redemption. Survival of the fittest will be the only law left...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

President Obama Vs Governor Jan Brewer

I really need to give my opinion on the whole pointing of the finger situation. Honestly I really don't think she actually stopped and pointed at President Obama the way the picture portrays. If so you would have saw the video of this incident immediately, but no video. Even though President Obama was filmed getting off the plane and greeting her why wasn't their conversation recorded? Or was it? You see it's obvious that President Obama has been THE most disrespected President who EVER taken office. But I believe the media is just hyping this up to get a story. I believe that Gov.Brewer was talking with her hands(and we know how fast those high speed cameras are)and while gesturing the camera caught it. If we seen the video of this meeting you probably wouldn't even notice it. But that's the media The 4th Branch of the government at it's best. What do you think?

Lola Monroe - Oh Gee La (Mixtape)

Now I must say I am not a Wiz Khalifa fan but he kills it on this track featuring Lola Monroe. Lola has been on her grind for about 3 years with four mixtape releases already she is a force to be reckoned with.

Femi THEDRIFISH - The Out Of Water Experience Tour - Baltimore Sound Stage

These are my homeboys from B-more Femi "The Drifish" and my main man on BeatBox Chuck "The Madd" Ox. Chuck and I was in a group called The Zen Collective where he and I produced several tracks together. He was the Emcee and I was more of the DJ/Hype Man...lol those were the days. It's good to see Chuck still doing his thing. I've never had the pleasure of working with Femi but I was always a fan of us poetry and music. He also is apart of the Baltimore based group called The 5th L along with David"Native Son"Ross. David also has a solo project is working on soon to be released this year.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Capone - Wackest Rappers in HipHop

Ok...I'm gonna drop some names of wackest rappers ever: MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Soujah Boy, Father MC, Waka Flocka, Wiz Khalifa, Freedom (C&C Music Factory), Chris Brown, All Of Cash Money except for Juvenile, All of No Limit Records except for C-Murder, Easy-E, MC Ren, Too Short, Luke Campbell, Joe(JoJo)Simmons, Bow Wow, etc...I can go on for days. People think just because you sell units makes you a skilled rapper.....WRONG. Just because you go Platinum it has nothing to do with luck it just means that 1 million people are stupid as Fuck...(Immortal Technique)

SOL MESSIAH - HipHop Taking The Music Back

Super Producer Sol Messiah talks about the state of HipHop. Remember when we had all types of HipHop artist to choose from Public Enemy, De La Soul, 2 Live Crew, Digital Underground, and NWA. You see I'm not against variety but nowadays its only one kind EVERYDAY ALL DAY. And I myself am just tired of it, which is what lead to the creation of UnsungHipHop.Com website/internet radio station. WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION...

Team Rockit - Dont Fu[$]k Up Our Beats Contest Submission

I was a little hesitant about adding this video but I kind of like the Big Guys flow it's new to me. The other guy sounds like one of the Bestie Boys so I wasn't too impressed with him. But the Big Guy has some potential with that unique sound he has. Never imagine that voice coming out of that mouth but that's the beauty of HipHop it knows NO COLOR. If he keep working on his craft a little bit more he will eventually become a solo act. Just my opinion what do you think?

Teknition - "Don't Fu$k Up Our Beats" Contest Submission

Teknition of rap group Epidemic spits for the Funk Volume "Don't Fu$k Up Our Beats" contest. The production was courtesy of Funk Volume. A label founded by HipHop phenom Hopsin known for calling out top commercial rappers like Lil Wayne. No doubt here Teknition is the truth lets hope he choose wisely if one of the major labels want to sign him.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5th Element - The Sequel (LP)

Our fans know we only feature that REal HipHop on here this week we have a cut released late last year by 5th Element lyrically one of the best tracks they ever made. Real HipHop will never die, because the Underground HipHop will continue to hold the torch!!! WITH OUT US THERE WOULDN'T BE THE MAINSTREAM HIPHOP!!!

HipHop - Helping Youth Stay Out Of Trouble

There are stories like this all across the globe but most mainstream media (Fox News) always like to paint us in a bad light.

Spike Lee & George Lucas discuss Red Tails NYC Premier Red Carpet

Spike Lee amongst other stars give their input of the historic epic movie based on the true story of the Tuskegee Airmen. I've seen it, it's freakin' awesome it's a action movie with purpose and all the heroes are real. PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

UnsungHipHop.Com - Doing my first Radio interview

Yes yes its me I'm being interviewed on The Ellen Gee Show one of the top internet talk shows on Blogtalkradio.com. We are going to be talking about pretty much ME, ME and Then more Me. I will be giving the short version of my humble beginnings and constant struggle to make it and stay out of the Ghetto. SO COME CHECK ME OUT ASK QUESTIONS I'M GIVING MY TWISTED SENSE OF REALITY OPINIONS TO ALL WHO DARE TO CONVERSE WITH ME....HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE

8:00 pm Est

NBA - Monster Blocks

I put this oldie but goodie on here for my homeboy/best friend Ron Dolley or should I say special forces, top flight security, a.k.a Captain Hook Dolley. It's defensive highlights that gets his blood flowing. Oh yeah you were wrong about Kobe he is probably gonna play for another 20 years to make back all the money he lost in his divorce...LOL. And one more thing David Robinson is a BUM!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Red Tails - The Story of The Legendary Tuskegee Airman

It has been a long time coming, but the story of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen during World War II is finally being told in a major, Hollywood motion picture, on the big screen. Roland Martin had a chance to talk with two of the stars of "Red Tails," Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard, about what it meant to be a part of this production. It's about dam time...lol George Lucas did to Red Tails what Steven Spielberg did to The Color Purple put his money where is mouth was. This is the kind of Black Cinema we need to support to help insure we get quality authentic black movies. You don't always need a man dressed in "Drag" to have a great movie production.

Mom Arrested for Letting Young Son Get Tattoo

We sure do like to waste tax payers money!! Now I'm not saying it was right or smart but really arrest the woman for something so petty. And if my child asked me something like that at 10 I was just say no. Tell me what you think...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tyler The Creator - Interview

I must admit as much as an asshole Tyler betrays to be I really like this dude. This guy is one of the few Next Gen Emcees that I actually like. His skills are off the chain his content is ridiculous what more can you ask for. He definitely will be and underground HipHop legend if he keeps this up. Unless he goes soft and signs with a major label and tone down his style, I hope not! What do you think about the new HipHop generation? Just think about it 50cent amongst other so called Gangsta Rappers are not moving too many nowadays units because of the new backpack wearing skinny jeans Emcees. Kanye West was the first and he help pushed this movement...think about! When was the last time you saw Emcee wearing a football or basketball jersey listed on any top ten?

Hopsin - Sag My Pants (Video)

Now I know this is UnsungHipHop.Com and its rare that I shine the light on some new Kat trying to make a name for himself at the expense veteran Emcees. Never the less I recognize real talent and this new kid Hopsin definitely has skills. He's not rhyming about cars, money, and rims, he is straight calling out mainstream HipHop artist like Lil Wayne & Drake. Now this tactic is not new but you have to admit it take balls to go after the Young Money Crew. Besides he does bring a different element to HipHop crossing a line most Emcees stay away from. Now I must admit I'm not feeling the contacts but I guess it's apart of his marketing scheme. He seem to glorify "The Dark Side" and because of this some critics call him"The Black Eminem" which is funny I think this is the first time I've heard a black rapper compared to a famous white rapper and it not be an insult. Tell me what you think?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA - Congress Trying to Censor Everything On The Internet!!

SOPA is powered by the capital of 'old media'. These are folk who want to maintain an old, outmoded and redundant status quo to the detriment of all of us. Napoleonic justice (guilty till proven innocent) was flawed in its day, and there can be no reason to bring it back today for the pipedream of the 'old media' tycoons that the genie can be put back in the bottle. This TED talk about SOPA is creative commons, unaltered non-profit media. You are free to copy and mirror it as much as you want, as long as its non profit and unaltered. They want to stop the sharing of information and censor everything we do. Wow....are we becoming the next China? Time Warner is one of the major sponsors of this Bill pouring millions of dollars into lobbyist pockets. Big business already owns Wall Street now they are trying to own the way most of us communicate.

Why Black Men Don't like Natural Hair On Black Women?

This guy is pretty funny the way he describes the Miseducation Of The Negro, but it's ol'so true. What is your take on this issue?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Malcom X - The Residual Damage Of Slavery

Now I know somebody is going to look at this video and say we make our own decisions blah, blah, blah. This is my take on the residual damage of slavery. We have been conditioned in so many ways most of us don't even recognized our on beauty. Let's not forget that once we were brought here we were robbed of our name, robbed of our language, we lost our religion, our culture, our God and many of us by the way we act we even lost our minds. Now that we are so called free most of us still haven't figured out that the glass ceiling has been removed. Everything from the way our sistas wear there hair and clothes is a result of the slave mentality. I'm not putting down Europeans or any other race all I am saying beauty comes in multiple colors. Despite how far black people have come we are still light years from where we originated our people did build the Pyramids let's not forget that..!!

SA-ROC - Live "Supernova"

I want put SA-ROC against any female Emcee today you name it she gets the UnsungHipHop Lyrical Beast Award. "You won't catch me reading Holy scriptures I be penning them" Wow....that's classic. She is the most conscience lyrical female Emcee since Lauryn Hill. Who is your favorite female Emcee?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Battle Of The Sexes - Who has it better Men or Women ?

Now I don't mean to offend women at all but I believe in America if a woman is beautiful, intelligent, can act like woman and think like man, SHE GOT IT MADE!! Period hands down...95% of what a man do is to attract women.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dick Gregory - "What's Wrong With The Kids"

If there is anybody you should take health tips from is Dick Gregory, a 79 year old comedian turned social activist. Its because of him why I drink so much water nowadays. But if you need more info about where your food come from watch the documentary Food Inc. very informative piece of work. And for those people who prefer chicken over pork and beef. They practically live in the same non humane living conditions as the pigs and the cows. Do your research...


I know I talked about this topic all day but this guy killed it I just had to shout him out WoW....This is some good stuff !!!! Check it out..

V-Nasty - White Rapper Who's Proud of Saying Nigga

Frankly speaking I don't think she is old enough to even curse let alone say the word Nigga! For one I have a problem with the over exaggerated black slang and mannerisms. I mean com'on is she really that "Hood" and the clown next to her with the Banana Hat is Ashton Kutcher about to jump out and say you've been Punked!!! This is a joke it reminds me of a skit from In Livin'Color or White Chicks. I will follow up on this story because I can't believe this to be true they make Vanilla Ice look like Public Enemy.

Yelawolf - Should White Rappers Use "N" Word ?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Eminem uses it either. But I say it depends on the content in which its being used. I know some white rappers that do use it but how they are using it doesn't offend me. Would you be offended if you heard a white rapper use the "N" word?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Breakin' - Turbo Broom Dance

Only true Break Dancin' fans will remember this movie. I remember after seeing this movie I wanted to be Turbo and tried this routine a thousand times. Forget about what the critics say this was one of the best HipHop movies ever. In fact the break dancin' scenes in this movie was better the ones in Beat Street in my opinion. Beat Street was good but there weren't enough dance battles for me. What is your favorite HipHop/Break Dancin' movie? And please don't say Stop The Yard, that's not break dancin'.

Hakum - You Be The Judge!

The first single off Hakum's "The Nu Dawn" LP, "YOU BE THE JUDGE!" puts the plight of political prisoners in America before the eyes of the general public. The song addresses the short and long-term goals of the FBI's Counter-Intelligence Program, a program that identified Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Stokely Carmichael, and Elijah Mohammed as messiah-type figures capable of unifying the people, and therefore, of "threat" to national security. "You Be The Judge!" presents the case of an innocent man, also victim of the Counter-Intelligence Program, who was sentenced to 135 years in prison for sharing the same unifying, messiah-like qualities of his predecessors. HipHop would not be HipHop without powerful conscience Emcees like Hakum. Support your local conscience Emcee. Let's not forget about "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five what if they were never discovered?

Komplex - Spoken Word Artist, Emcee, & Musician

This is a close friend of mine Emcee/Poet and musician born in Brooklyn, Ny live in Baltimore. Formerly of the group The 5th Element from Baltimore Komplex have toured around the world for over 10 years now. We need to support artist like him they are a dying breed. Do you know of any talented area in your area?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This cartoon reminds me of my friends and I playing games back in the day. Ok I can't lie we just played online last weekend...lol. I used to be a hardcore gamer until I had to get a job but I still get it in every now and then? There is nothing like cursing out your friends while playing video games....good times good times...!!!What's the name of your favorite video game?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

David Spates - Take Off The Towel

David Spates is one of my favorite YouTube comedian very funny guy I just have to shout him out. Very talented guy trying to get discovered check him out on his YouTube page. In this skit he plays a character who owes money and his wife plays the girlfriend of the guy he owes money too. Very funny skit check it out...!!!


Dr. Cornell West one of our great black leaders of today, talks about American HipHop. He actually calls out 50cent and Tiger Woods two highly paid individuals who stay in line when it comes to political matters because they don't want "Massa" to be upset and affect their cash flow. The love of money is suppose to be the root of all evil and its everywhere not just HipHop, but corporate America, The White House etc... I wise man once said if you know the food is poison why would you feed it to your own people? The salesman said ...because they are willing to pay for it...

Indigenous Black People - Before Christopher Columbus

Who are the "real" Native Americans? Find out the oldest prehistoric city in America. The mound builders, Aboriginals, and other names these people were called.
Part of a 2-part documentary and visual presentation: The Ancient Ones Revisited - The First Americans Washutaw Muurs. I guarantee you never heard of this in school. The lecture part includes PLENTY of slides and takes you back to when the all the continents were one. How do you discover a country that has been occupied for hundreds of years?

Boonaa Mohammed - Green Card

Whatever happen to the spoken word artist? It is definitely a dying art form I mean poetry is still being written, but you can only find it in a book. I remember when poets were a dime a dozen participating on every open mic opportunity. I guess nowadays most poets are trying to become "rapper" the two are related but they are not the same. Poetry doesn't need a beat nor do it need to rhyme. Whatever happen to Def Poetry on HBO, man there was a lot of talent on that stage every night. If we don't support artistic expression it will soon go away...remember that.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tyler Perry - Speaks about Spike Lee & Critics

Tyler Perry made the news when he opened his movie Madea Big Happy Family, his 6th movie featuring the popular character Madea. Although Madea has fans worldwide, Spike Lee is not one of them and he has been very vocal about his distaste for the cross-dressing character. Tyler Perry lashed out at Spike Lee and other critics on the red carpet. First and foremost I think Spike Lee has a point, but Tyler has being doing better with movies like FOR COLOR GIRLS & WHY DID I GET MARRIED. So he is evolving, venturing out into different genres. So you have to give him credit for that. What do you think?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Paul Mooney - Too Black For Hollywood

Check out this exclusive interview with comedian Paul Mooney. This stand-up comedy legend has written for Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle and In Living Color. His memoir, BLACK IS THE NEW WHITE is in stores now. If I didn't know any better but I thought Paul Mooney was my father....lol. He really never made it super big because he is too opinionated and unfiltered. He is definitely one of my idols. Who do you idolize?

KHARI - The Beast

The Beast is a track off of Khari's top-selling spoken word album "Victory." The Beast is a powerful indictment of the popular media and it's negative portrayal of Black men as well as police brutality. This poem seeks to educate Black men about the history of white supremacy and how the glorification of black on black violence only leads to our own destruction! Not many poets can speak over music without it sounding like their rapping. But Khari pulls it of with ease he is definitely one of my favorite spoken word artist. Do you have a favorite?

South Africa Celebrates - 100 years of the ANC

Tens of thousands of people are gathering in South Africa to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the African National Congress - the continent's oldest liberation movement. The party has been in power since 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected the country's first black president. The ANC played a pivotal role in the struggle to end apartheid, and it still holds a strong majority of public support. But with in-fighting, allegations of corruption, and criticism from many sectors, there are concerns that the current party leadership is failing to live up to the titans of old. It seems they are going through a similar situation all people of color are going through around the world.

John Sportin - Occupy Wall Street Anthem

Even though his debut album got mixed reviews some saying it lacked focused. I really love this latest track he released it highlights his lyricism and the fact that he is a force to be reckoned with. What do you think?

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Miseducation Of The Negro

Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers talks about the deliberate effort to silence positive HipHop and the subsequent effect on the Black Community. I've been saying this for years they want to keep is ignorant and misinformed. It's easier to buy a gun and buy liquor than it is to get and education. Some of us who are able to attend those institutions of so called "Higher Learning" still in up jobless and/or going back to school for more so called training. Like I've said numerous of times, "We Were Scholars Before They Invented Colleges". Having a degree doesn't ensure intelligence if the whats being taught is toxic. Think about it, most millionaires didn't go or graduate from college. (Message!!!)

Dedicated To People Starting Over - Rebuilding Your Lives

To everyone going through a rebuilding stage in their life you are not alone. This song helped me through my tough times of divorce and transition in my life. Reinventing yourself is not an easy task but it's possible. Remain positive and concentrate your efforts into making your dreams a reality. Just something I wanted to share hope it gives you a spark the way he did me...

R.A. THE RUGGED MAN - Speaks about Eminem

R.A. gets the "Lyrical Beast Award",...man don't get me wrong Eminem is good I give credit where credit is due. But R.A. is off the chain and he is right how many rappers besides L.L. are able to live just off of HipHop alone? Not many, MC Hammer might have made a lot of money but he will never be remembered for having skills. M.C.Hammer like many other artist today are 1 dimensional and will not last the test of time.


They are a pure and clean society designed to be safe for girls age 7 and over.
They have a rites and entrepreneur passage society built by girls for girls. Our philosophy is As Above So Below.Teaching young girls about exploring ourselves like never before and discovering our potential is limitless. They are virtually and organically interactive and free to join. What Oprah is doing in Africa they are doing here across the United States. I have two daughters myself and I am encouraging them to get involved in programs like this one.

The Jump Off - UK 01-09-2012

Now this is HipHop UK style back with a vengeance these are some the most talented Emcees alive. Most of us will never get a chance to experience due to corporate tampering. You know when every major label wants an artist that sound like Lil Wayne or Jay-Z you know copycats. This is why we need to support Underground HipHop to promote artistic writing and skill. Not everyone pop bottles, smoke weed, or sell drugs. And I'm not knocking those topics just saying, tell "Your Story" don't allow the industry to make you pretend to be someone your not. Support the Commons, The Mos Defs, and The Immortal Techniques of the world. What kind of Emcee do admire?

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm not going to lie I have consented to searches in the pass since I knew I wasn't guilty of anything. But after seeing that video with the cop placing cocaine in the passenger seat. I will NEVER consent to searches again. What would you do if they asked to search your vehicle?

1 Marine Vs 30 NYC Policemen

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the #OWS movement.

Sgt.Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II). Just imagine if we had more courageous people like Sgt.Thomas the world would be a different place. But since most of us shut up and get in line like "Massa" tells us to do nothing ever changes. What kind of person are you? Are you a spectator or a participant?

To contact Sgt. Thomas directly: sgtshamarthomasusmc@yahoo.com

Talib Kweli - "The spirit of revolution is here"

Hip-hop artist and poet Talib Kweli caught up with RT's Lucy Kafanov and Anastasia Churkina late Thursday evening while stopping by the Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan. Now in its third week, Kweli calls the movement revolutionary and questions the merits of politicians that he says don't understand freedom. IF more artist would use their status for positive movements like this we would be able to get a lot done. But hey I guess the desire for money, cars, clothes, and don't forget the "Hoes" take priority over when really matters. You be the judge...what do you think?

IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE - Dance With The Devil (Based on a true story!!)

This is the animated version of Immortal Technique's song "Dance with the Devil" from the album Revolutionary Volume 1. When I first heard this song it reminded of all the young boys who grew up with no father. Fathers and dying breed in The Hood and until we can stop this extinction of our fathers this cycle will never end.

Mac Miller - Interview

Mac Miller hit the School of Rock in Hackensack, NJ while on the "KIDS" tour. Good*Fella Media had a chance to have a sit down with Mac after the show. In Part 2, Mr. Miller spoke about; The PA area is becoming a bubbling region for new hip-hop acts, the Major differences between Highlife & Kids, what stands out the most to him when listening to "KIDS", playing the piano, guitar & not being afraid to even sing on a track, responds to skeptics who think he doesn't have much to rap about except "being young & smoking weed" and what we should be expecting from Mac Miller this year.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pharoahe Monch & Jean Grae - Stolen Records Interview

Underground artist are the best if you ask me. You may not have heard of these two artist but they are doing quite well for themselves on the underground scene. These are two of my favorite Lyrical Beast. Do you have a favorite Underground artist?

J57 - The Art of Making Beats

This takes me back to 2002 when I was making beats on my Playstation 2 with my MTV Music Generator 2 featuring Funkmaster Flex on the cover. Nobody knew I was using my PS2 when I was selling my tracks for 60.00 a piece. I was a rookie producer in a group called The Zen Collective which was started by my right hand man Chuck "The Madd OX" one of Baltimore's super Emcees and Beat Box master. SMH...those were the days...

2011 Best Crew, Label or Squad

Really sales doesn't equal skill in no shape form or fashion but its still entertaining to see what Massa's groups oops sorry,I mean the Corporations slaves, damn my bad the commercial HipHop artist are up to nowadays.

Tony Rock - Interview

Did Bush knock down the towers? Did the C.I.A. have Malcom X killed? Who really killed J.F.K. Why do most HipHop murders go unsolved? Who framed Mumia Abu Jamal? What conspiracy bothers you the most?

Caught On Tape: Utica,NY Cops Plants Cocaine On Innocent Man!?

Just another day living in the hood. This has been going on for hundreds of years now nothing new. I just thinks is funny how this idiot got caught on his own camera while doing his dirt. I'd like to do a follow up on this situation and see what kind of punishment the officer gets.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The REAL Rick Ross

"Freeway" Ricky Ross, a former US street legend, who as a drug dealer was once responsible for flooding California's streets with most of its hard drugs, spoke with RT about his activism against drugs. After making up to US$2 million a day and then spending 20 years in prison, Ross started from scratch and is now trying to make a difference by keeping kids from following into his footsteps.

Natural Hair or a Weave?

This is a major discussion in my neck of the woods. "To Weave or Not To Weave That is the Question?" Is this really a deal breaker with guys?

Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3

I personally like MW3 best since I don't have all day to wait around for the perfect team to play with in order to get stuff done. I do play Battlefield 3 with my son and best friend just to drive the vehicles which can me fun at times. Which one do you prefer?