President Obama Vs Governor Jan Brewer

I really need to give my opinion on the whole pointing of the finger situation. Honestly I really don't think she actually stopped and pointed at President Obama the way the picture portrays. If so you would have saw the video of this incident immediately, but no video. Even though President Obama was filmed getting off the plane and greeting her why wasn't their conversation recorded? Or was it? You see it's obvious that President Obama has been THE most disrespected President who EVER taken office. But I believe the media is just hyping this up to get a story. I believe that Gov.Brewer was talking with her hands(and we know how fast those high speed cameras are)and while gesturing the camera caught it. If we seen the video of this meeting you probably wouldn't even notice it. But that's the media The 4th Branch of the government at it's best. What do you think?

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