Spike Lee - Calls Tyler Perry's work Buffoonery

This will forever be a discussed topic on one half people say that Tyler Perry is providing jobs for black actors and on the other hand he is contributing to the negative stereotypes of black people. Does a black man have to dress in drag to be successful in Hollywood? Hmmm...all the a lot of greats have done it Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Wesly Snipes, Ving Rhames, and lets not forget Flip Wilson. Before Tyler was making movies he was making plays which were highly supported on the Chitling Circuit down south by us. But when movies like Rosewood, Panther, or even Crooklyn hits the big screen we don't show enough support. So the Buffoonery like comedies end up having a much bigger budgets because they are in high demand. Statics show that we amongst other cultures sure like laughing at Black Stupidity. This is why I will be supporting Red Tails even though I know the story of the Tuskegee Airmen. I want to show Hollywood we are more than just a race to be laughed at. But I must give Tyler is credit he did attempt to do serious black dramas which were very good. But as expected we don't support black dramas. The bottom line is if For Color Girls made over 100 million dollars Hollywood would be in the black drama movie making business. The only color that rules to them...is Green.

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