Thursday, February 27, 2014

KD Assassin Is Putting St. Louis On The Map With That REAL HipHop - {Audio}

The artist known as KD Assassin was born Darrick Clark in St. Louis, Mo. He was raised in the Walnut Park area of the city, the Northside. KD survived the allure of the streets by choosing to use his voice to promote consciousness and inspiration instead of exploiting the struggle that has made him the man he is. That doesn't mean you can F#@! with him, he's also known as a Emcee Battle Killer which earned him the "Assassin" a title that was given to him by his peers. His flow is poetic yet still obnoxiously hard and in your face as he explores a range of realities with his brand of Street Hop. KD(Koup De Ville named by his grandfather), is a poet, conscious, a rebel, a writer, and is a true fan and student of HipHop as well as a leader and trendsetter. Whether solo or collabo, (you can usually catch him trading bars with partner in krhyme, MC923), KD has consistently had a song in rotation since fall 2009 on Deep Krate Radio w/DJ Fly DX, one of St. Louis's only true underground HipHop mix shows on KDHX 88.1, as well as a featured KDHX Spotlite artist. Locally, KD has collaborated with the likes of Prince Ea, Tef Poe, Black Spade, Legend Camp, Ras Tree, Karly Roots, Luqman, and a host of others. He is inspired by his city and the likes of Jay-Z, Scarface, 2-Pac, The LOX, and DMX. KD has toured with Cappadonna, King Magnetic, and Block McCloud(AOTP) and has opened for the likes of Rakim and DMX to up and comers like Caskey.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Velly Marsh - "#FeelMe" EP - {Audio}

Displaying cover.jpg

Anthony Marshall aka Velly Marsh is a 21 yr old underground Emcee from Sacramento, CA, and a current student at American River College. By day he is Anthony Marshall an Audio Engineering student who is taking classes for his Associates of Art degree. By night he's Velly Marsh, an underground Emcee who spits that REal HipHop which talks about his political views, life lessons, and the events around him that affected his life. 

Unlike most young rappers Velly can be described as more of a introspective and socially aware Emcee, which contributes heavily to his sound.His body of work is titled "#FeelMe(EP)" is Velly's first release to the public. With that being said, this short album is an introduction to who he is, and what we can expect from him.  If you want change in our music we need to support artist like Velly they are future of REal HipHop's survival.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Brand Nubian's Own Lord Jamar Talks About The Ignorance Of Soulja Boy - {Video}

Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar discusses Soulja Boy's gun charges, stemming from several previous arrests, including felony gun and drug charges in 2011. Jamar believes that Soulja Boy never needed a gun in the first place, because if he's rich enough to walk around with a million dollars in jewelry, he can pay for security. 

When asked about a comment tweeted by the "Zan With Dat Lean" rapper where he said, "Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa. We wouldn't be here to get this ice and tattoos," Jamar equates it to being "a sign of the times." He adds that he "feels sorry" for someone that makes comments like that, because they have no idea about real history and the depth of slavery.  Unfortunately this ignorance stems for the lack of a father in our youth lives and if we don't break the cycle, this sort of ignorance will abolish the black race.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

iLL inDividuals - "Life Complete" (Young Kizer Ft. Ostyles, $howtimeAj) - {Audio}

Young Kizer ft. Ostyles - Life Complete (Prod. $howtimeAj)
HipHop underground group iLL inDividuals just release a new single "Life Complete" performed by Young Kizer featuring Ostyles.  Not to mention the dope beat prodced by $howtimeAj, they are truly putting Raleigh, NC back on the map.  Make sure you check them out below these guys represent that REal HipHop when lyrics were just as important as the beat.  Definitely one of my top 5 best new groups out today.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thisis50's Young Jack Thriller Sits Down With Charlie Murphy & Earth Quake - {Video}

Thisis50 recently caught up with Charlie Murphy, Earth Quake, Brandon T Jackson & Young Jack Thriller at Stand-Up NY Comedy Club for an interview. They discuss their comedy careers, Detroit, New York, Atlanta, joke on current topics such as Obama dropping bombs on Syria, Zoo experiences, Stand Up, people who get high off weed, and the illuminati.  This probably should be a weekly thing if you ask me this was a very good episode check it out below.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Aja Monet - "Glitch" - Video

Aja MonetStart your Wednesday off on the right note with something new from Brooklyn hailing wordsmith Aja Monet.

The Cuban-Jamaican poet joins forces with Sleepin Giant to create the hypnotic “Glitch”, a beautifully thought-provoking marriage of Monet soul piercing words and the almost tranquil soundbed.  We don't here music like this anymore on the radio, it seems all people want to do is get high and get laid.  What ever happen to four-play? Aja is surely one of the few artist keeping real soulful music alive check her out below.

Wrap your eyeballs around the creative visual accompaniment created by Li Ven below, and let us know what you think of “Glitch” in the C-Section.  
Courtesy Of SoulCulture

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dr. Samori Swygert: Unsung African American Politicians of the 1800′s Revealed

Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback
By: Dr. Dorothy Swygert & Dr. Samori Swygert

It’s refreshing to learn about great accomplishments in our rich African American legacy.  The more stories that we unearth and recover re-instills confidence, pride, and motivation.
The importance in debuting our heritage is because the current school curricula are not incorporating African American contributions into the history of America with the same emphasis as whites.
Our children need positive historical figures to identify and relate to.  White children can identify with  Columbus, Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, and a plethora of other names.  However, we should not have our history reduced to just a few.
My mother who is a graduate of Tuskegee University, and New York University had composed a list of African American politicians that don’t usually get the fanfare and recognition they should in history, and during Black History Month.  I would like to share this list with you.
The list is extensive, and I will break them down into a few parts.  Some of you may be familiar with these names, and some of us may be unfamiliar with these names.  This can serves as a guide for you to conduct your own in-depth research if you’re curious.
Okay let’s go…
By 1867, the Radical Republican’s Plan of Reconstruction divided the South into five military districts to protest the rights of the ex-slaves.  Under this law the federal commanders had power superseding authority granted to State governments.  The federal troops were stationed in the South to prevent many ex-confederates from participating fully in Reconstruction.  This plan of reconstruction enabled blacks the right to exercise the rights afforded them by the Constitution.  There were three groups that participated in Radical Reconstruction, the Freedmen, the Scalawags and the Carpetbaggers.
Blacks had not participated in the political process before, but they were eager to learn how to exercise their newly acquired rights.  The Slave Codes had prevented most slaves from acquiring an education, but now they were eager to get an education, as well as to participate in government. A few blacks had learned to read and write through secret means.
This period of black participation in politics was often defined as a chaotic time where ignorant, dumb and incapable men sat in high political offices.  Contrary to this view, many blacks who participated in Radical Reconstruction were intelligent men.  They were eager to rebuild the South for the benefit of all citizens.  Blacks in political offices appropriated money for some of the first public schools, buildings and roads.
With the aid of federal troops, blacks were elected to serve as Congressmen and other high offices of trust.  Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback, was elected to serve as Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana after the impeachment of Republican Governor, Henry Clay Warmoth. His occupancy of the gubernatorial chair for forty-two days was the most impetuous times he had experienced, yet he was able to execute the duties of this office.
Pinchback was born a slave in 1837 on a plantation in Mississippi.  He was later manumitted with his mother, where they migrated to Ohio.  From the age of twelve, Pinchback was alone and making his own living.  He quickly gave up his boat life when he heard about the firing on FortSumter.  Eager to aid the North, he enlisted in the Union Army.
After the war, Pinchback took up residence in Louisiana.  In 1867, he organized the Fourth Ward Republican Club of Northern Louisiana.  Later, this club elected him to the State Republican caucus.  From that point on, Pinchback was a major figure in politics.  As a delegate to the State Constitutional Convention he introduced the 13th Amendment which warranted civil rights to all people of the state.
He served as a State Senator.  In 1868, Pinchback served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Chicago. He served as Director of the New Orleans School Board.  In the peak of his political career, Pinchback was elected U. S. Senator of Louisiana from a contested race held in 1873. He was finally denied this seat and was paid $16,666 for payment as salary until the denial was official.  Later he was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, but again he was denied his seat.
There were other outstanding blacks who pursued political careers during the Reconstruction era.  Robert Smalls, who was famous for securing the “Planter,” a transport vessel, from the Confederacy served as a State Senator and a U. S. Congressman from South Carolina.
Blanche Bruce (Blanche Kelso Bruce) was elected U. S. Senator from Mississippi on March 4, 1875.  Prior to this office, he served as Sergeant-at-arms in the Senate of Mississippi.  After completing his term as U. S. Senator, Bruce was appointed Registrar of the treasury and was twice appointed Recorder of Deeds in Washington, D. C.

Hiram Rhoades Revels was elected U. S. Senator form Mississippi.  He completed Jefferson Davis term of office from February 25, 1879 to March 3, 1881.  He served as a State Senator of Mississippi before his election as U. S. Senator.  A native of North Carolina born in 1822, Revels left this state in later life to seek education in Ohio.  He studied at a Quaker Seminary.  Finally, he achieved his goal when he graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.
James T. Rapier was a U. S. Congressman from Alabama.  Rapier had been successful in convoking a colloquy with men of labor in that state.  He organized the first Republican Party in Alabama with a platform calling for free press, free speech and establishment of a public school system.  He carried these ideas in his paper, “The Sentinel.”  Rapier received his education at MontrealCollege and the University of Glasgow, Scotland.
John Mercer Langston served as U. S. Congressman from Virginia from 1889 to1891.  A son of a slave master, John Mercer Langston was educated as a lawyer.  He served in many public offices: minister-resident to Haiti, school inspector general of the Freedman’s Bureau and President of the Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute.
Robert Brown Elliott was elected U. S. Congressman from South Carolina.  He is remembered as one of the most brilliant Congressmen to have served in the 42nd and 43rd Congresses.  Elliott was a free born black of Boston.  He was educated in the private schools of Boston and the British West Indies, and graduated with high rank at Eton in 1853.  As a Congressman, he fought arduously and courageously to enforce the 14th Amendment concerning the rights of blacks as citizens.  After serving as a U. S. Congressman, Elliott moved to New Orleans where he practiced law until the end of his life.
Richard Cain, a free born black, served two terms as a U. S. Congressman from South Carolina.  He attended Wilberforce College for two years.  Cain was a devout Methodist minister who left New York in 1865 to minister to the newly freed slaves throughout South Carolina.  He served as State Senator from South Carolina for four years.  Later he was elected U. S. Congressman from that state.  Cain was an active politician who took pride in participating in events which would enhance the opportunities of blacks.  He organized, “The Missionary Record,” a newspaper which became one of the most popular papers in South Carolina.
John Roy Lynch was U. S. Congressman who was elected three times during the Reconstruction Period from the state of Mississippi (43rd, 44th and 47th Congress).  John Lynch was elected to the 43rd and 44th Congresses where he served two full terms.  However, his election to the 47th Congress was contested and he was denied his seat.  His denial of seat was believed to have been caused by acts of chicanery on the part of the state.  Born a slave, and freed after the Civil War, Lynch had successfully educated himself.  This self-education placed him in the spotlight of some politicians who appointed him as Justice of the Peace in Natchez   County, Mississippi.
His political career was soon evident in 1869 when he was elected to the Mississippi State House of Representatives.  Later, Lynch was elected as U.S. Congressman.  After serving as a member of the U. S. Congress, Lynch was appointed fourth auditor for the Treasury in the Navy.
This concludes part 1 of Unsung African American politicians
Courtesy Of Kulture Kritic

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eric Roberson Releases HIs "B-Sides, Features, & Heartaches" LP - {Audio/Video}

Eric Roberson B-Sides... album cover

Sit back and close your eyes to the calming, funky vibes of “Far Away Girl,” from Eric Roberson‘s brand new project B-Sides, Features & Heartaches, as he joins forces with mentee Aaron Camper to reflect on an out-of-grasp lady with a grip on his heart.  Released a few days ago, B-Sides, Features, & Heartaches is a 13-track compilation built largely of Erro’s collaborations, including past gems from the New Jersey R&B stalwart like “Butterfly Girl” with DJ Spinna and “She Was Fly” with Full Crate & Mar, plus a couple of new tracks thrown in for good measure [check out "Anymore"].  Following the album’s release, Roberson headed over to the UK for a series of shows in London, Manchester and Birmingham respectively, while Salisbury, Maryland hailing singer Camper has a New York show lined up at drom on February 18th. Take a listen to their collaboration below and scoop a copy of B-Sides, Features & Heartaches on iTunes.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

J. DaVon Harris - "Don't Love Me" (Ft. Lydia Caesar) - {Audio}

Displaying jdh-dlmcover 1600.jpg

J. DaVon Harris recently collaborated with R&B Songstress Lydia Caesar for his next single release"Who Is J DaVon Harris The LP" project. He's a New York native who is curently living in the DMV you can hear the influence of both places in his rhymes.  It's very refreshing to hear a East Coast Emcee sound like he from the East Coast. You feel me?  Checkout Mr Harris below and tell us what you think.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mr Bigz - "The Ride Continues" (Ft. Giggs & J Warner) - {Audio}

Mr. Bigz has enlisted fellow UK rap royalty in Giggs for the smooth collaboration 'The Ride Continues'. The FREE download sees Giggs aka 'Mr Kool' add his own verse for the official version of 'The Ride', a track taken from Mr Bigz's recent critically-acclaimed mixtape My Funked Up Soul. 'The Ride Continues' also features the vocal talents of J.Warner, who interpolates the hip-hop classic 'Gin & Juice' on the hook, with production from Turkish. The song has already began to attract spins on the likes of BBC Radio 1XtraKiss FM  and Capital Xtra, and with a music video soon on its way the infectious release will be staying in your speakers for the foreseeable future!

Released in December, My Funked Up Soul was the first project from rapper Bigz in his new Mr. Bigzguise. An inspirational 9st weight loss last year saw the artist with a new-found swagger and outlook on life, which then saw a transformation in his music to a more Classic Soul-inspired sample set that has so far proved a great success. A new project from Mr. Bigz is scheduled for early May, and with 'The Ride Continues' offering a taste of some old school with some new school flare.  This is a very refreshing piece of work here make sure you check it out below and tell us what you think.

Follow Mr. Bigz at: 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

AWKWORD - "World View" LP (Ft. Joell Ortiz, Slug, Sean Price, Harry Fraud & Many More) - {Audio}

Cover Art: AWKWORD - World View (Album) - By Good Idea [Italy]

NYC Rapper, Activist and Sociologist AWKWORD has come together with DJBooth and The Morgan Stanley Foundation to bring listeners his long-awaited studio album, World View.

Five years in the making, the 19-track LP has been described by the artist as “the first-ever 100% for-charity global Hip Hop project.” All proceeds are being donated to Guns 4 Cameras, a 501c3 nonprofit working to stop gun violence. Eight countries -- and five continents -- are represented on the album, already being called "a home run".

[In addition to being sold on DJBooth.netWorld View will also be available via Swiss label Variation Music, digitally through and all popular online retailers (e.g., iTunes), on CD through Amazon, and in the store as part of a rare, limited edition package including signed CD, T-shirt and sticker. Stay tuned.]

The World View Bonus Disc features contributions from another 11 countries (and one more continent) and will be available March 4, 2014, also via The DJ Booth.

World View Tracklist:

01. “Gas Land (Frack Off)” ft. Chaundon [prod. by Numonics]
02. “Throw Away The Key” [prod. by L.Ment (Canada)]
03. “Bars & Hooks” ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare [prod. by Harry Fraud]
04. “Penny” [prod. by Dismas (Romania)]
05. “The People’s Champions” ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Punchline & Beretta 9 (of Killarmy) [prod. by Harry Fraud]
06. “Got Class?” [prod. by Fresh Nerd]
07. “Notorious” ft. Wordsmith, Jasiri X, Jus Daze & Capital X (Norway) [prod. by Amin PaYnE (Australia)]
08. “Doctor Doctor” ft. GuessWho? [prod. by MajoR R.E. (Malaysia)]
09. “Requiem” ft. SoulStice, Ess Vee & CuzOH! Black (add. vox by Jay Daniels [Australia] & Mark Deez) [prod. by ATG]
10. “Melting Pot (Made In America)” ft. Chaundon [prod. by Numonics]
11. “Rape” [prod. by Fafu]
12. “Rap Genius” ft. Chino XL & Perseverance [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
13. “It’s Not Possible” [prod. by Recluse Crew (Finland)]
14. “#AaronSwartz” ft. L*A*W [prod. by Steel Tipped Dove]
15. “The World Is Yours” ft. Sha Stimuli & Viro the Virus [prod. by Dominant1 (Malawi)]
16. “Imperialism” ft. C-Rayz Walz & REKS [prod. by Jonny Lupo (Moldova)]
17. “Radio 2.0″ ft. KRS-One, Dug Infinite, Brimstone127 & Mista Lawnge (of Black Sheep) [prod. by Vice Souletric]
18. “Metal Music” ft. El Gant, ILL BILL, Tenacity & Blame One [prod. by Tranzformer]
19. “Go!” ft. Joell Ortiz, Slug (of Atmosphere) & Maya Azucena [prod. by Domingo]

Monday, February 10, 2014

Stones Throw Away Presents "Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton" Documentary - {Video}


“A vividly emotional documentary”
– Los Angeles Times

“A perfect cinematic distillation of the storied underground label’s ethos”
– Variety

“You don’t have to be much of a music fan to be entranced”
– Los Angeles Magazine

“A heartfelt tribute…made with skill and a lot of affection”
– The Hollywood Reporter

Los Angeles, CA--February 6, 2014--Stones Throw Records announced a multi-city North American tour with theatrical sneak previews of the critically acclaimed documentary OUR VINYL WEIGHS A TON: This Is Stones Throw Records and post-screening Stones Throw performances in partnership with audio design company AiAiAi. Special Q&A’s with label head Peanut Butter Wolf and/or director Jeff Broadway will follow each screening, as well as after-party performances by Peanut Butter Wolf along with Stones Throw label artists J.Rocc, Jonwayne,and Knx.
Starting February 26, 2014, the sneak screenings and concert tour will kick-off and make stops in major markets such as New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.  Music and film fans in those select markets will have the once-in-lifetime experience to see the documentary film on the big screen before its soon-to-be announced national and international releases, ask founder Peanut Butter Wolf questions, and then go see him perform live that same night with other artists from the Stones Throw Family.
The North American Tour makes its final stop at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX where the doc will screen several times as part of the 24 Beats Per Second lineup “showcasing the sounds, culture and influence of music and musicians” through the documentary medium. Following the film’s final screening on March 15th, Stones Throw will host the label‘s showcase at the North Door. 
The theatrical film tour is being distributed by LA based indie film marketing and distribution outfit, Syndctd Entertainment ( Movie tickets to the sneak previews and Q&A’s are now available to fans on the film’s official website at
“We’re very excited to be bringing the film to festival audiences and the general public alike, with a screening and show tour,” says Broadway.  “We didn’t want to do anything orthodox with the rollout of the film. Rather, we wanted its release to mirror the eccentric ethos of Stones Throw Records – a label that has specialized in getting the best left-of-center music to the people for two decades. This tour will provide audiences with the opportunity to see the documentary and experience the culture depicted in it through performances and discussions.”
About the Film:

For the last 20 years, the groundbreaking label has earned its inspiring reputation of being one of the most original and influential labels in the world. OUR VINYL WEIGHS A TON weaves together rare concert footage, never-before-seen archival material, inner-circle home video and photographs and in-depth interviews with the artists who put Stones Throw Records on the map. OUR VINYL WEIGHS A TON gives an exclusive look into the label's left-of-center artists, history, culture and global following.
OUR VINYL WEIGHS A TON features original music by Madlib and exclusive interviews with Peanut Butter Wolf, Kanye West, Common, Mike D, ?uestlove, Talib Kweli, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Ariel Pink, Flying Lotus, Geoff Barrow, A-Trak, J Rocc, Dam-Funk, Mayer Hawthorne, and other members of the Stones Throw Family.
OUR VINYL WEIGHS A TON is produced and directed by Jeff Broadway, who also produced CURE FOR PAIN: THE MARK SANDMAN STORY, which tells the tragic tale of Morphine front man Mark Sandman.

(Date / City / Party / Screening)
Wed 2/26 - San Francisco - Noise Pop HQ
Fri 2/28 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune / The Vogue Theatre
Sun 3/2 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg / Indie Screen
Mon 3/3 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle / Performance only; no screening
Tue 3/4 - Boston, MA - Middle East Downstairs / The Brattle Theatre
Wed 3/5 - Montreal, QC - SAT / The Rialto Theatre
Thu 3/6 - Toronto, ON - Coda / The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
Fri 3/7 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick / Emagine Royal Oak Theatre
Sun 3/9 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle / The Logan Theatre

March 7 @ 9:30pm SXSatellite: Alamo Village
March 13 @ 9:30pm Vimeo Theater
March 15 4:00pm Stateside Theater

502 Brushy St, Austin, TX 78702
TIME: 8:00pm – 2:00am


Henry Eshelman & Mark Rabinowitz

For Stones Throw Records:
Jodi Burian

Sunday, February 9, 2014

AWKWORD - "Gas Land" (Frack Off) - {Audio}

AWKWORD ft. Chaundon - Gas Land (Frack Off) [prod. by Numonics] - ART
Gas Land (Frack Off)" which is the first of 19 songs on AWKWORD's 'World View', the first-ever 100% for-charity global HipHop album, dropped last week featuring DJBoo.  Ever since I've heard this guy I became an  instant fan,  AWKWORD skills are getting better by the Bar. Now this is what I call a true HipHop artist make sure you check hime out below.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Eminem Talks About Working with Kendrick Lamar In His Zane Lowe Interview - {Video}


Following the release of the first half of his hour long sit down with Zane Lowe, moments ago the third part of the BBC interview with Eminem was let loose for our viewing pleasure.
In this segment the Detroit hailing rap superstar discusses his love for rap, not feeling constrained by traditional song structure, recording “Love Game” with Kendrick Lamar in 
Detroit and much more.

Courtesy Of SoulCulture

Friday, February 7, 2014

Rebel Minority - "Sequoia Roots" - {Video}

Sequoia Roots- Rebel Minority
Isaiah Kelley aka Rebel Minority is a Denver native, pursuing to passions Acting & Emceeing.  Hey I'm not mad at  you Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) made it as an actor before he made it as a Emcee.  Rebel is preparing for the release of his next project ColorfulAbyss "Sequoia Roots" is just one of them his dope tracks. Let's not allow another talented artist go to waste go and support Real HipHop.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

KiD TeF - "Murd3r Burger" (Ft.A-Minus) - {Audio}

KiD TeF Murd3r Burger ft. A-Minus
The second single from KiD TeF's debut album "T-O-Y-S" on Chavis Chandler's Verbal Vomit Enterprise. This recording is an ode to the streets and the youth that control our inner cities featuring A-Minus with artwork by @ryanamcshane.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sir J - "Moesha" - {Video}

Sir J is a West Palm Beach Florida is producer/artist, he just released visuals "Moesha" single off his upcoming sophomore project "B.A.P.S. LEGENDS".  I like this brotha he appears to real down to earth and a true to his craft.  Checkout the video below and go follow Sir on twitter.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Arthur Rays SW Spotlight - {Video}

Displaying DSC_0731.JPG
Arthur Rays is a rapper who has recently branched off as a solo artist in pursuit of stardom. It all started with a box of tapes passed down from his uncle when he was 11 years old. He began writing his own music at just 13 years old. By the time he was 17, he could see his hardwork was paying off as he began killing his competition in local rap battles. He joined 4 very close friends and became the youngest member of the group “Recless”. Recless opened up for several mainstream artists such as DMX, Pitbull, Baby Bash and The Ying Yang Twins, Arthur Rays has continued to perfect his craft and chase his life long dream. He has found a seamless balance of lyricism and enjoyable music to satisfy all music listeners. He will be dropped his debut project “Forever Me” in the summer of 2012 and will releasing the follow up project in early 2014. “All my hard work will be rewarded when I reach masses. When people around the world nod their head and feel my music I will know I made it!” - Arthur Rays

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ash Riser - "Roses" (Ft. Waxxie) - {Video}

Ash Riser just released a new music video "Roses" featuring Waxxie which is a dope display of the kind of skills Asher brings to HipHop.  We need more individuals in HipHop like this checkout his video below and tell us what you think.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

C.M.J. - "Tie-Dye Sky" - {Video}

Displaying Christopher Michael Jensen photo 1.jpg

His name is Christopher Michael Jensen who also goes by his stage name C.M.J., a 27-year-old HipHop artist from Minneapolis.  C.M.J. has been gracing the Mic for 14 years now so when he sent me his video"Tie-Dye Sky" from The Chris Tape, Volume Two, I was like HELL NO..!!! The title threw me off so I was about to erase the email but my staff seem to like this kid so I decided to give it second look.  Ok I must say this is not the typical song I would gravitate to but I must admit I love the message and the hook is kind of catchy.  Which brings me to my point, HipHop was not meant to be kept in a box, it has truly evolved into many sub-genres over the years.  I'm a firm believer that there is a Genre of HipHp for everyone, besides I love originality which is what C.M.J. represents. This song was produced by Megan Hamilton, with cuts and scratches from Epistêmê. The video is directed by Elliot Malcolm for dharmaHYPE.  Okay enough name dropping go check this kid out he has something positive to say.