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If you would like to have your music posted on our site, send an e-mail to All inquiries that are sent to this e-mail address go to all members of and will be read by multiple people. However, before submitting your music, please read the article below for tips on how to get your music posted on the site.

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If you are interested in writing for, please send a bio highlighting your past writing experiences, your top three underground emcees and group, and at least three clippings to

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 How to Get Your Music Posted - ARTICLE 

We get asked this question all the time but there is no true definitive answer. There are various people (Knowledge aka (Ritch Blackman), Jackie Brown, Big Percee, Queen Udiya, DJ Kuma and Kay Boogie who go through the hundreds of requests that we receive on a weekly basis but it is simply impossible for every request to get posted.
However, we understand your frustration so we have put together a list of tips that will help you in getting your music posted on our site. In addition, we have also included a how NOT to get your music posted list. Please keep in mind that none of these tips will guarantee anything, but it will serve as a guide to the process of having your music posted on our site.
Tips to get your music heard and/or posted on
  1. Please submit your music to Do not send your music to a UnsungHipHop staff member directly.
  2. In your e-mail, please include a few sentences about yourself (or the artist you represent), as well as a few sentences about the music you are submitting. This gives us an idea of who the artist is, music style, and where/when to place the content.
  3. If you are submitting a single song, upload it to, or,  . These are the file sharing services that we prefer as it is fast, efficient, and allows us to preview the song before downloading.
  4. If you are submitting an album or mixtape, please consider using Bandcamp. It is a great tool and easy to use. It also allows us to preview your album or mixtape before downloading.
  5. Please ensure that you attach the cover of the album or mixtape to your e-mail in JPG format and make sure it is at least 550 pixels wide. If there is a back cover, attach that as well. If you do not have a cover to your music, attach two photos of the artist. These must also be at least 550 pixels wide.
  6. If you are submitting a video, send us a YOUTUBE link. No need to send the embed code, as we use a plug-in on our site that does all the embedding for us. You can send other links, such as Vimeo, but YouTube is preferred.
  7. In addition to everything above, we encourage you to include links to your MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter pages and any other web sites you have.
  8. Remember, presentation is key so please ensure that your e-mail is professional and include as much detail about you and your project, but keep it short, concise, and thorough.
Tips on how to NOT get your music heard and/or posted on
  1. Do not send your music to us via Twitter or Facebook. We rarely respond to people that we don’t know on social media sites. And even if we know you and you send a message, it will probably get lost. Also, do not tag us in a video, posting, add us to a group, etc. on Facebook. This is a sure way for us to remember you in a BAD WAY.
  2. Please do not send your music to our personal e-mail addresses. Our personal e-mail addresses aren’t hidden, but your e-mail will more than likely get deleted if we don’t know you. DO NOT subscribe our e-mail addresses to your newsletters without our consent or include our e-mail address in the TO field along with 100 other email addresses.
  3. Do not spam our inbox with multiple requests weekly. We receive all emails sent to so sending duplicates does not catapult your chances for placement. It clutters our in boxes making the process of sifting through potential postings even longer. If you’re releasing music more than 2-3 times a week, please send all the songs together. Also keep in mind that, if we haven’t posted your music within a few weeks, chances are, we have no plans on posting it. You don’t have to send us reminders. You can be persistent without being pushy. We are constantly on the hunt for new music to promote and write about, so if we are interested, we will post it.
  4. Please ensure that you are sending your submission to the CORRECT site. We understand the need to recycle e-mails to save on time but double check your email before you hit send.
  5. Please don’t post links and drops in the comment section on our site. It is unprofessional and it just as bad as spam and will only make us ignore you.
Thank you for your support and interest in receiving placement on our site. If you follow these guidelines, your chances of receiving placement increase significantly but understand that following this list is not a guarantee. We understand that it is frustrating, which is why we provided these do’s and don’ts, but respect and be mindful that there is a protocol that must be followed. Thanks!