Dope D.O.D. - "Rocket" - {Official Video}
 With almost 10 million views on their debut single ‘What Happened’ and a debut album released worldwide featuring the Legend himself Sean Price, the band toured Europe with Limb Bizkit and the U.S.A. with KorN.  Their new release Rocket is surely on its way to break some records as well.  Never have I seen the Rock/Rap combination done with such precision.  For a genre of HipHop I don't favor as much, this group really caught my attention with their flare and lyrical skills.  The visuals below are a must see, if you've never experience this kind of HipHop before you are definitely in for a treat.  Dope D.O.D. has sold out multiple venues as headliner throughout the EU, followed by a tour of major festivals in Europe as Eurockeennes, Printemps de Bourges, Jardin du Michel, Vieilles Charrues and Rock en Seine in France

BADBADNOTGOOD x Tyler, The Creator - "Seven" - {Live Performance}

Please forgive me for this, even though I feel Tyler, The Creator is a dope Emcee I can't explain the last minute of this video though.  Nah...but seriously Tyler has the the voice and the bars to really make a huge impact in the game.  But now he's just having fun with his craft, I feel a 35 year old Tyler will look back and say WTF was I doing.  But when it's all said and done I like the "Balls" (No Homo) on Tyler for not being afraid to be himself by any means necessary. 


Marco Polo - “What’s Wrong” (Ft. Rakim) -{Audio}
 “What’s Wrong,” was initially produced and recorded for Rakim’s “Seventh Seal” (2009) LP, but due to clearance issues was nixed from the retail release of the project.  It has since sat dormant until Rakim gave the track back to Marco and he decided to use it for his forthcoming free-LP “Newport Authority 2” as Marco states “I’ve recorded so much quality material over the last few years and I really want to share it all. It couldn't all possibly fit on “Port Authority 2; hence Newport Authority 2 came to be.”

Newport Authority 2” will feature appearances from Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Artifacts, Das Efx, Lil Fame (M.O.P.), Torae & Ruste Juxx all rocking over Marco’s production.

Yet, the project everyone should really be excited for is Marco’s “Port Authority 2” LP which will be released this spring on Soulspazm Records.  “Port Authority 2” features appearances from Organized Konfusion (yes, a new Oragnized Konfusion track!!), Gangrene, Talib Kweli, DJ Premier, Masta Ace, Posdnuos (De La Soul), Kardinal Offishal, Styles P, Nature, Rah Digga, Slaine, Celph Titled, Ill Bill, Large Professor, Inspectah Deck, O.C. just to name a  Now that is more then a feature list that's a Old school HipHop Concert Tour very nice.  Checkout the joint below it goes H.A.M.


Ka - "Our Father" - {Official Video}

 My man Ka is back at it with another raw, thoughtful track. Gotta love how Ka evokes emotion in his music. Check out the visuals and music directed by Ka himself.  I'm not big on religion myself but I am a spiritual man it take true heart and character to admit your beliefs out loud especially in HipHop. Much respect Ka.!!


Wu-Tang Clan - "Family Reunion" (Prod. by RZA) - {Audio}

 After recent talk about celebrating 20 years since their first album “Enter 36 Chambers” we finally get to hear new music from HipHop’s world renowned “Wu-Tang Clan”. This track could possibly be off their anticipated “Family Reunion” album. Check out the CDQ version below and check back to keep up with any updates regarding that project. I'm glad to see another Legendary group get back together for more dope HipHop hits we really need it nowadays.


Action Figures - "Jumanji" (Ft. T3 of Slum Village) - {Official Video}
 Action Figures came through with a funky Boom-Bap anthem produced by the Grammy nominated Detroit phenom Young RJ.  These Michigan Emcee's are bearing the torch for the true HipHop audience, armed with an assist from T3 of the legendary Slum Village. The street single "Jumanji" is poised to set the underground on fire leading a trail to their LP "Courage or Currency".


Wyclef Freestyles On Shade 45 With DJ KaySlay - {Video}

Probably one of the most underestimated Emcees in the game but Wyclef Jean is one of the best lyricist in HipHop.  His unique style sets him apart from any other Emcee, he was doing the singing/rapping thing before Drake.  I can only think of one Emcee that has a similar flow and that is K-Os but he's from Canada.  Just watch Clef as he do his thing showing everyone that he still can hold it down.  


Joell Ortiz - "Feels So Good" (J57 Remix) - "Audio"

 The fellas over at Deep Concepts Media gave Joell Ortiz assisted record the remix treatment. The big homies J57 (Brown Bag Allstars) and Joe Milly (Jadakiss, Wu Block) both remix Feels So Good for you listening pleasure. Damn...this sh#@! goes hard Joell Ortiz is so underrated he's one of the last real Emcees.


Chris Waters (F.K.A. Baby Pun) - "Dragon Born" Freestyle - {Official Audio}

If you don't know already, Chris Rivers (Big Pun's son) has been on his grind for the past two years now.  Let me be the first to say "Goodbye" to Whack Rappers this guy right here is one of the final pieces we need to take back HipHop.  This young blood is everything his dad was plus more and he's only 21.  I mean I cried REal tears, listening to his flow gave me goose bumps.  "Don't believe me just watch"....below.


Rapsody - "Godzilla" (Prod. by 9th Wonder) - {Official Video}

What can I say about Rapsody that hasn't already been said? Nothing much besides that fact she has been one of the dopest Emcees for the past 5 years.  If you haven't heard of her before it's probably because you still have the radio on or you're NOT a REal HipHop Head.  What more can I say, I'm just glad to see Rapsody finally getting her recognition for being one of the illest Emcees to ever hold the Mic. Big up to 9th Wonder for seeing her talent and teaching her the game.


ill Clinton Presents: Moses West "All A Dream" (Ft. Cearrow Muri) - {Official Video}

 "All A Dream" is the lead single from ill Clinton and Moses West's upcoming collaborative album "You're Gonna Love Me". They teamed up with the beautiful and talented songstress Cearrow Muri and the rest is history!

ill Clinton, is a producer, milt-instrumentalist, and song-writer. As one of the premier soul and hip hop producers in northeast Florida, ill has produced music for many talented artists in Florida's underground soul and hip hop scene. “ill” is also a team member at The Cypher Open Mic Poetry & soul, a bi-weekly spoken word open mic and soul music event.

Moses West is one of the Southeast's most in demand lyricist and spoken word artist. He is the host of "Cometry" and "The Poetry Spot", two staples of NE Florida's entertainment scene.  Let us know what you think about the video.


J. Rosevelt - "I'm Gone/Good Sh*T" - {Official Video}

Inline image 1
Breakthrough indie artist, J Rosevelt fuses HipHop, Rock, Country and Soul in a way that never has been heard before. Having opened up live shows for Jim Jones, Ludacris, Loyd Banks, Loyd, T-Pain, Method Man, Sheek Louch and worked with artists like DJ Don Cannon, currently collaborating with DJ Khaled on a new mixtape, J Rosevelt stands out as a promising up and coming rising star in music, calling himself, "Just one drunk, black, redneck with a sick flow and mean pipes.

With a blend of rapid-fire flows, articulated punchlines and strong singing harmonies over cross-genre music, J Rosevelt demonstrates a unique style and brings something new to the game of HipHop.  This is what UnsungHipHop.Com is all about showcasing artist like J. Rosevelt, check him out below I bet you've never seen anyone like him.


The Renaissance Of Salkis Re - {Official Article}

If you want to know what a modern renaissance woman looks like, well allow me to introduce to you Salkis Re.  What is a renaissance person? I'm sure there are many definitions of this word but quite frankly it's the ability to "Master many skills" (said in my karate movie  Salkis Re is the kind of artist that comes around every 50 years.  

Her artwork and personality have touched many individuals around the world, in some cases it has saved lives.  In her short life she has mastered the art of Hairstylist, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Life Coach and Painter. But this is only the short list of her repertoire she has many others.  This is what REal HipHop is all about, it's being able to inspire people through your art of expression and Salkis Re has mastered this skill effortlessly.  Let's support REal talent you can learn more about her artwork at