Jukstapose - "Rap Like" (Ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Blaq Poet) - {Audio}

DJ Priority did his thang on this Remix featuring artist Jukstapose, Tragedy Khadafi, and Blaq Poet.  When we stop supporting the BS on the airwaves will we see more dope Emcees emerge in HipHop.  Let's face it, most rappers today based their entire career trying to be someone that "The Industry" claims to be "Hot".  REal artist last the test of time hands down.


DJ Priority Presents Tom Chase - "Shut Up & Rap" EP - {Audio}

DJ Priority joins forces with Tommie Chase for this dope azz Boom Bap album, which most HipHop heads would love.  You will never hear anything this raw on mainstream radio.


Dead Prez Performs At Dave Chappelle's Block Party - {Video}

One of my favorite underground groups of all time Dead Prez was definitely before their time. Several years later this song is still relevant to this day.  And to clear up some of the lyrics when they say "We won't stop until we get those Crackers off our block". 

That is not a jab at my Caucasian brothers it just so happens that the large corporations are owned by Caucasians. In fact HipHop provide more jobs and business opportunities for people white people who don't even like or take part in the culture.


S.T.R.A.P - "eyeWonder" (Prod by Jay X Jay) - {Video}

S.T.R.A.P is a Ugandan rapper based out of Kansas. A member of creative group known as LoneWolfJupitor.   "EyeWonder", is the first off his album, "The Oblivion". I just discovered him a few weeks ago and I must say this young dude is bringing back that REal HipHop with a vengeance. Bars for days....


KiD TeF - "I.T.O.Y.S (I TOOK OVER YO S#!T)" LP - "Audio"

KiD TeF has finally released his heavily anticipated album I.T.O.Y.S> I TOOK OVER YO S#!T featuring some of Detroit's finest artists and producers including Nolan the Ninja , Chavis Chandler
Prada Leary and many more.


Velly Marsh - "Thinking Out Loud" LP - {Audio}

 Velly Marsh, born was in 1992 the a Sacramento valley native and a American River college graduate with an Associates Degree in audio engineering. Although he learned behind the glass, Velly spent majority of his time crafting his writing skills, vocab, and rhyme schemes. Now how many Emcees do you know have those type of credentials? 

 "Thinking Out Loud", was created because he wasn't satisfied with the initial project "Life's A Drug", so he decided to released them both the same day.  Now that's creativity for your azz....which is a true dying art-form.


A-F-R-O - "Code #829" - {Official Video}

A-F-R-O is probably one of the most lyrical up and coming artist in underground HipHop.  The fact that he is R.A. The Rugged Man's protege speaks a lot about his verbal skills on the Mic. He's just one of those artist that don't come around much, just think of a nerdier version of Big Pun.  Exactly, this kid is dope, and soon the rest of the world will know that.


Samuel L. Jackson - "I Can't Breathe" (Ft. KRS-One, Sticky Fingaz, Mad Lion, Talib Kwelie, Brother J) - {Audio

Everyone seems to be in a uproar about all the senseless murders done by police of black men and women.  I'm not, this has been going on for hundreds of years, it's just now being televised.  I'd like to say violence is not the answer, but it seems to be the only way REal change is made.  History tells us whomever has the the power rules....period.  It's sad that it took the recent incidents to inspire a dope track like this one.  I hope we all get the message.....peace.


Musiq Soulchild & Syleena Johnson - "Feel The Fire" - (Official Video)

 R&B Legend Musiq Soulchild and Syleena Johnson (R&B Divas) dropped this Reggae inspired single a few years ago but never got its proper promotion. So that's what we so feature those lost gems in R&B, Soul and HipHop.  This single is featured on the LP entitled “9INE”.


SNYD - "Hey Now" (Prod By Harry Fraud) - {Audio}

This is the 1st single from SNYD's "80z Soul" project, set to drop next month and orchestrated by Rick Rubin.  For this day in #SNYDSeason the Milwaukee duo teams up with producer Harry Fraud to put this single together.

"Jay-Z Was Right !", According To Postman - {Video}

We feature a lot of unknown dope artist here but there has been a bunch of request for more educational content for upcoming artist or producers who trying to get into the game.  So by popular demand we will be posting more videos with valuable lessons.  My man Postman is a veteran in HipHop he drops some REal knowledge on how to get you money in today's market as a producer. 


S.T.R.A.P - "Listen" - (Ft. Samuel David Prod. Jay X Jay & Bigg Kid) - {Video}

S.T.R.A.P (Sound That Roars African Pride) released his latest single "Listen" on July 1st featuring Samuel David (Wichita, Kansas). S.T.R.A.P is a Ugandan artist based out of Wichita, Kansas. "Listen"was produced by Jay X Jay (Detroit, MI) and Bigg Kid (London, England).
The video was shot at Spektrum Muzik, a vinyl store in in the Wichita area. "Listen" is the 1st single off  his upcoming project "Drinks and Convo."  We will keep you posted, in the mean time check this dude out he's crushin' the underground game right now.


KR - "Complicated" - {Official Video}

KR releases a dope new single "Complicated", which takes us into his personal life showing us a glimpse of his conflicting decision to stay with his girlfriend he loves or take full advantage of being Young Black and Famous.  I must admit this almost didn't make the cut, but this is actually a great song and most importantly, NO AUTO-TUNE