DirtySouthHipHop Introduction: Mail-Man Is Here!!!!

  • DirtySouthHipHop.com - From The MailRoom: September 9th 1991, Stephan "Mailman" lee Smith was conceived at St. Vincent Hospital Jacksonville, FL. 
    Just the average troublesome child raised on the north side of town, mailman lee became an extremely fast learning due to his environment but not so much as a product...At the age of ten Mailman grew up on Detallie drive off of Cleveland road, a ruff side of town only to move to another rural part of town, Pellafox and Flagstreet area where mailman found himself becoming a superstar rap artist ....since a young age mailman was fatherless, but with many inspirations of music running through his family. Mailmans Uncle Hollywood, Uncle Maul, Uncle Milk and his newly found manager Uncle Rome became very influential, but the making of a boy to a young man was more important than the music. at a young age mailman matured rapidly fast on the business side of the music as well as recording as early as 12 years old with Uncle Maul. (fonder of Get Money Mafia A.k.a Black MOB) 
        Music seems to be the common genetic in the family, even Grandma can get you caught up in a lyrical feud that you might falter to. see Grandma got something to say as well as Mailmans Mother can radio disk jockey...the it factor was already instilled before Mailman proclaimed himself the freestyle king of North Florida. Artist like Biggie smalls and the down south movement took its toll on mailman so his rap style developed into a new era down south style. more of a lyric-sis with a down bounce. family members like mailman cousin Chase from flight music was an artist already on his own mission encouraged mailman to succeed
    within the life-style and the image of a legit rap artist...(submitted by label)

Chris Tucker “Guess Who’s Back” Tour [Video]

WorldSwagg.com - Video After The Jump Chris Tucker is officially back out on the road doing what he does best, and that is making people laugh. The comedian just released a video showing fan reactions from his shows in San Antonio and Birmingham.

Check out the dates for some of his upcoming shows. More Dates to follow including: UK, Atlanta, Australia, NYC, Boston, and DC.

Aug 4 Columbia, SC
Aug 10 Hollywood, Fl
Aug 11 Baltimore, MD
Aug 17 Dallas, TX
Aug 24 Pittsburg, PA
Aug 25 Cleveland, OH

The Mugshots of Love & Hip Hop!

From the ladies to the gents, New York to Atlanta, the cast members of the Love and Hip-hop series have had their run-ins with the law. In the hip-hop culture it’s not a surprise that some have records. What is surprising is the fact that majority of the cast are women and they have the records! Wow! On another note the Jones’ (Jim, Chrissy, and Nancy) have somehow found a way to hide their mug shots from the world. This being said, we know for a fact that Jim has had run-ins with the law and been arrested in public and Chrissy’s ghetto princesses story runs deep with drug lords and rappers. With the changing of cast members the mug shots will only continue to come!
Pictures and Video:

 Jim Jones was involved in a crazy brawl last night in Connecticut which resulted in him getting arrested, but not before it took five cops and a little bit of mace to subdue him ... TMZ has learned.

@RAPHEADRADIO: Interview JAG of WiseGuy Entertainment

Listen to internet radio with RapHeadRadio on Blog Talk Radio
JAG is a Hip Hop artists out of Steubenville, OH. He is currently signed to WiseGuy Entertainment and has done collabs with legendary artists like Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan and Jim Jones.
We wanted to check in with him to get the drop on his latest projects, shows, and thoughts on the negative attention that his camp has recieved from the press in Steubenville, OH. JAG clears up all the misconceptions and airs out the BEEF he has with certain individuals in and outside of the rap game!
Sourced from: Raphead.com


Knocka Interview 2012 – Part 1 & 2 – One of the realest Interviews [Skibblr Exclusive

Skibblr.com - In this interview we ask Knocka about his mixtape still black flaggin
Downlaod it here:
We also ask him about his Clothing line YNTO (Young Nation Taking Over)
We also get to know a little bit about his past and what he’s doing now.
Follow knocka on Twitter: @BasquiatKnocka
Like him on FaceBook: Facebook.com/KnockaYNTO


Elzhi - Blue Widow (Official Video)

Elzhi "Blue Widow" Official Music Video
Directed by Donavan Glover
Production Company Shot Selection Films (Shot-Selection.com)

The JAE.B Group 2012

A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way (@TreyPeezy.com J. Dilla Orchestra Remix) (@QtipTheAbstract @iamthephifer @AliShaheed @JDilla_Fndn)

SheSoBad.com - So I heard this version on one of DJ Jazzy Jeff “Summer” Mixtapes with Mick Boogie, and I couldn’t find it on the internet to download anywhere. So I said screw it and made my own! Enjoy! Dilla Forever! -@TreyPeezy.com of @SheIsSoBad.com

R3venge Of The Nerds “Just Wanna Live” [Video]

Here is a new Visual titled “Just wanna live” from the California based writing/production collective Revenge Of The Nerds off of their upcoming project titled “R.O.T.N. Republic”
Directed by Corporate Hippie Films and filmed by FFTV1 this is the first visual from their upcoming project titled R.O.T.N. Republic follow @R3vengeofnerds, hit Corporatehippiefilms@gmail.com for videos, and go to Corporatehippielife.bigcartel.com for merch.

Femi The DriFish Back From NYC Competion

For those who don't know Femi The Drifish and The Out Of Water Experience went to compete in the Battle of the Bands for Afro Punk FEST in New York City but they didn't bring home the gold, but they ammed and rocked out real good and some things are possibly in the works (can't speak on it till its solid). Here are a few words from Femi,
"I'd want to thank the band for just being down for going into a battle of the bands in another city where we were the visitors. I have to thank the ladies that came down with us, y'all hold a dude down lovely and made us look good. Gotta thank the New York crew that originated from bmore/DC who came to support us, I'm straight honored y'all good folk came out and brought a few folks with y'all. I don't want to forget the folks that made donations to our trip, every penny worth millions to us. Whether we win or not we can't dwell on then when we have now to work and prepare for the next jam coming up. Just want to let y'all Kat know that I appreciate y'all."

Potography from Monday night in NYC can be found by clicking this link;  www.facebook.com/thedrifish/photos 

Media coverage has been great since the album release, please read and share the the interview from What Weekly & review from LUCHOXXXART

Its been a lovely folks, hope to see you in Femi The DriFish & The Out Of Water eXperience future shows.

Talk to you later


 "Femi has built a continual collaboration with other artists who love this sort of boundary-pushing play. The Out of Water eXperience is certainly included amongst them..." — Dharna Noor, What Weekly

"He is of a rare breed of musician who can put on a consistently high quality show whether on an arena stage or in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere." — Luis Mejia, LUCHOXXXART

"If OLD DIRTY BASTARD, FREDDY MERCURY & FELA KUTI all had an orgy with the chick from THE RING, the left over pool of spluge would take on life as a liquid-form symbiotic creature like CARNAGE (Spider-man) that would give birth to who we now know as FEMI THE DRI FISH!" — Luis Mejia, LUCHOXXXART


NEW MUSIC Red Bandit - On Smash @REDBANDIT1

NEW MUSIC Red Bandit - On Smash 
PromoteWho.com - Epic new music video from artist Red Bandit opens Pandora's box once again. Bringing
viewers into a twisted fantasy world that is sure to mezmerize the masses. Emerging out
of uncharted waters "On Smash" delivers a Beauty and the Beast tale of poisonous desire,
WAKE UP! it was all a dream, or was it.

Money Weed - IN3R CIRCLE

 Posted by Microfiend.com
Ron'Yeezy & Bob Swags Of IN3R CIRCLE Produced By TrackSlammerz ( TrackSlammerz.Com ). Directed By Edwin Escobar Of Escobar Films ( Youtube.com/ESCODAGREAT ). Contact/Booking: In3rcircle@yahoo.com Management: RoughHouse Ent. Facebook.com/Ronyeez

PurplePick New Artist: Kirby Tha Hottest

DirtySouthHipHop.com - After talking to super producer DJ Montay from the famed Ooomp Camp and the maker of hits from DJ Unk's "Walk It Out" to Flo-Rida's "Low", you get the feeling something big is about to go down in the ATL. The mixtape they are about to drop this coming 4th quarter will set the tone for 2013 and beyond. Only the best kept secrets and the big dogs come out during the last quarter and from what I'm hearing, Kirby Tha Hottest will be a 1st quarter draft pick for every label in the game when they hear what the kid got coming. Paid attention!

Marlon Kirby was born in Detroit, MI. He moved to Decatur, GA with his family at the age of 14. Marlon discovered his love of music after graduating from high school and jumped right into it, performing all around his new city and winning numerous freestyle battles he was given his stage name by his fans who always say "Kirby is Tha Hottest".
Kirby Tha Hottest has a large female fan base and a very strong male following. Kirby Tha Hottest became known nationally for his hit single "I Got White Friend" produced by Marco B., he followed that up with another hit single "True Love" ft. Jim Lavigne produced by DA, "Super Bad" produced by Slim C. the latest single was released late October and has been burning up the clubs.
The movement that Kirby has is official and he's going strong around the country spreading his music and his hotness. So we want everybody to follow him on Twitter at @KirbyThaHottest and go check out his YouTube channel  and prepare yourself for another great talent in the making..........DON'T LET ME SAY I TOLD YOU SO!!!!


Karniege - Dat's Word/La Familia (Video)

The9Elements.com - The homie Karniege drops visuals for 2 songs. WORLD PREMIERE!!!!

Kobe Bryant Spotted Shirtless While Partying With Some Ladies

Post image for Kobe Bryant Spotted Shirtless While Partying With Some Ladies

GumBumper.com - Looks like Kobe Bryant is having a little bit of fun in Europe, hanging with 2 white chicks, and shirtless.  According to TMZ, Kobe was FORCED to strip down because “someone spilled an entire drink on him, and his shirt was soaking wet.”
According to our sources, both women in the photo had their significant other with them at the after party (one husband, one boyfriend).
Kobe Bryant shirtless 1 Kobe Bryant Spotted Shirtless While Partying With Some Ladies

I wonder what his wife Vanessa had to say about this?

Who is DJ Equis? – Interview “Up and Coming NorthWest DJ Making A Name “

 SR: How long have you been djing?
Dj Equis: I have been at it since I was like 12 years old, but Professionally? Since 2008.
SR: What’s your favorite moment djing? 
Dj Equis: When I play that one song that makes the crowd go wild, specially when my wife comes out to my events, I get to show her how I rock crowds and she shows me a lot more support.
SR: Who’s your favorite Dj? 
Dj Equis: I got a few: Dj BMello, Dj Sophia Lin aka Hustle Lin, Dj Khaled, Dj AM (RIP), and my favorite, #nohomo lol, Im gonna have to say DJ Scene, he is very inspiring, and his skills are incredible.
SR: Favorite venue?
Dj Equis: I don’t really have a favorite venue, I like them all, I love large crowds, so any packed venue lol.
SR: Where can we find you spinning? 
DJ Equis: I’m everywhere, any event that is thrown by Addictive Ent. Im there. As of now the schedule looks like this:
Thursdays- Sky Lounge (Bellevue)
Fridays- ClubX (Seattle) & KTown (Kirkland)
Saturdays- Fusion Ultra Lounge (Seattle)
Sundays- Trago (Seattle) & Vanity (Tacoma)
Just say DJ EQUIS at the door at any of these events for guest list price before 11pm.
SR: What are you goals for future?
DJ Equis: I want to bring the joy of music worldwide, I want international recognition, those are my future goals, so my kids can be proud of their dad.
SR: What sets u apart from the competition?
DJ Equis: I thinks it’s the ability to be versatile, I can rock any crowd of any genre, my biggest advantage would be the ability to read crowds, and adapt to them.
SR: Tell us about your website and what it is? How people can be featured ect?
DJ Equis: www.SupremeReaction.com it is a hip hop blog, we feature local, and worldwide artist, pictures and videos on current events, sports etc. It has high traffic volume and is ideal for anybody that would like to gain exposure,  If you would like to be featured on our site contact me so we can work something out. DjEquisMusic@gmail.com
SR: What’s your favorite song to get crowd hype? 
DJ Equis: I would have to say, “This is how we do it” -Montell Jordan & “Be Faithful” -Faith Evans ft. Fatman Scoop it NEVER FAILS! lol
SR: Do you have any advice for up and coming dj’s?
DJ Equis: Actully yes, ALWAYS remember you are there for the people, the day you “don’t take requests” is the day you lose your crowd and fan base.
SR: Embarrassing moment djing?
DJ Equis: Of course lol, when I first started doing clubs in 2008, I was a lil nervous about getting on the mic, and finally said “f*ck it!” I grabbed the microphone to try and get the crowd pumped, I said “If you having a good time make some noise!” …….. Lol, nobody made noise, I got super red. That was embarrassing. ha
SR: If there was a movie about you what would be the name of it?
DJ Equis: “DJ Equis: Internationally Unknown”
SR: Who would play u? 
DJ Equis: Probably me! Lol I’m a good actor. Or my son.
SR: Anything else you want to say?
DJ Equis: Yes, I want to thank everybody that supports me and everybody that doesn’t. I want to give special shout outs to the following:
My wife & kids, my sisters, my parents, my brother Sunny Rothmiller, my homie Arash aka Cash, the whole Addictive ENT Team, BBoy and the whole Tits Brand team, Long Live and NoClue,  Supreme Reaction and staff, and there’s a whole lot more. I didn’t mean to forget you, I just ran out of time. Special thanks to the man above. Follow me on twitter @djequis, add me on Facebook search DJ Equis.

Nas Life Is Good interview: "We don't chase pop, pop chases us" | SoulCulture.co.uk SoulCultureMedia

On the UK leg of NaS' recent tour, SoulCulture TV took a road trip up to Manchester to speak to the legendary emcee about his latest album, Life Is Good; out today (in the UK, July 17th in US) through Def Jam.

After performing for the Academy crowd, Nas discussed the energy behind the album and his hopes for it to inspire artists, shared his thoughts on commercial distractions in the rap game, Damian Marley's influence on his live shows and more

BlackBird (Official Video) - Nemo Achida | Dir. by Marcus Mcfly & Dylan Knight

Written & Produced by Nemo Achida

Directed by Marcus McFly & Dylan Knight

No I.D. Talks Nas, Kanye West, and Rihanna Albums

Super-producer and Def Jam Executive VP No I.D. talks about working on new albums from Nas, Kanye West, G.O.O.D. Music, and Rihanna. http://www.rap-up.com

*MM* Mike GLC - Celebrate That (Official Video)

@mikeglc @mainmediauk

Checkout the website - www.maintenancemedia.com


A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ant – Bath Salts Ft. Flatbush ZOMBiES (Prod. P On The Boards)

Here is a new track entitled Bath Salts featuring Flatbush Zombies. This serves as the first single from the ASAP Mob album coming soon.

Havoc Says Mobb Deep Is On "Indefinite Hiatus" & Confirms Shots At Prodigy On Twitter [Video]

(AllHipHop News) -  Mobb Deep has had some severe inner turmoil that came to a head when Havoc tweeted his frustrations with groupmate Prodigy over Twitter a few months ago. The two have not been the same since, and Havoc says he is ready to admit the truth about those tweets. Check out what he told Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur of AlHipHop.com exclusively below:
“The tweets is crazy,” said Havoc. “So it was you?” asked Creekmur. “Yeah,” said Havoc. “And I was speaking of a stand point of being mad, but still being truthful of how I felt – but it was just the wrong thing to do at that time.”
As for the state of Mobb Deep, Havoc says they are taking a break.

“Right now Mobb Deep is on hiatus, indefinitely…until things get hashed out,” Havoc told AllHipHop.com. “Eventually, the real story will come out; there’s two sides to every story. Only one has been spoken for.”
View video below of Havoc revealing the truth about why he tweeted and spoke out about the Prodigy gay rumors.

 Part 2 of AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with Havoc has him speaking about his alleged new Prodigy diss record, his upcoming solo album, “Thirteen,” and more. Check back in the coming days.

Lupe Fiasco Freestyles On Flex

This is a dope a** freestyle from my man Lupe Fiasco, not many Emcees can flow like this. Check it out...!!!!

Various Artists – Project X (Soundtrack)

StraightFresh.net - A lot of people have been asking about a .zip file for not only the official soundtrack, but for a file containing every song from the smash movie Project X. I got you guys don’t worry. If you heard a song you liked while watching the film, it’ll be found here. Props to IndieWire for the full list. Hit the cut for the tracklist and download link.

*Updated with new link & 2 additional songs*
01. 2 Live Crew – We Want Some Pussy
02. Wiz Khalifa – When I’m Gone
03. Yeasayer – O.N.E.
04. Trick Daddy – I’m A Thug
05. Pusha T – Trouble On My Mind (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
06. AMG – Bitch Betta Have My Money
07. SB & PC – FnG
08. James Blunt – Your Beautiful
09. Queens of the Stone Age – You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire
10. The Hundred In The Hands – Dressed In Dresden
11. YACHT – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
12. Lloyd Banks – Beamer, Benz or Bentley (feat. Juelz Santana)
13. Eminem – W.T.P.
14. Far East Movement – Candy (feat. Pitbull)
15. J. Cole – Blow Up
16. Salt-N-Pepa – Push It
17. Bang On! – Hands High
18. Bassnectar – Paging Stereophonic
19. Suni Clay – In A Hood Near You
20. Animal Collective – My Girls
21. A-Trak – Ray Ban Vision (feat. CyHi Da Prynce)
22. Dead Prez – Hip Hop
23. White Arrows – City Boy (KKS Remix)
24. Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko (Boys Noize Fire Mix)
25. Nas – Nasty
26. Bonde Do Role – Marina Do Bairro
27. Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)
28. Drake – Over (Hyper Crush Remix)
29. R. Kelly – Bump N Grind
30. Soul P – Turn Around
31. Lil’ Jon – Outta Your Mind (feat. LMFAO)
32. The Bangerz – Free Falling
33. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
34. Small Black – Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)
35. The Kills – Cheap & Cheerful (Sebastian Remix)
36. Wale – Pretty Girls (Benny Benassi Remix) (feat. Gucci Mane)
37. Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M.
38. Amon Tobin – Rhino Jockey
39. Metallica – Battery
40. Four Tet – She Just Likes To Fight
41. Dr. Dre – The Next Episode (feat. Snoop Dogg)
42. The XX – Intro
43. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
44. D12 – Fight Muzik
45. SB – We Just Made It
46. Machine Gun Kelly – Wild Boy (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
47. J-Kwon – Tipsy
Note: For downloading from Gigasize, find the download link that says “Click here to begin your download!” and then fill in the CAPTCHA.
Download: Link 1 | Link 2


Wise McGriff EXECUTIVE from Def Jam Records will be in a city near you, auditioning Artists for the “UP NEXT TOUR” in the DMV area… that’s Washington DC,  Maryland,  Virginia area,  your hotel and travel will be paid for,  he will pick the best talent that night  to be in the August or September tour.
Also Mr. Wise will be scouting for talent and looking for someone to sign. As he said in the YouTube video He will also be taking BIO’s, CDs and Mix tapes back to the Def Jam, so make sure your CDs are properly packaged.
JULY 24:  Philly PA. Club 1800
JULY 25:  Richmond VA. Uptown Lounge

You get to perform one song for Mr. Wise an executive from Def Jam Records; he will pick the most talented person or group to go on “UP NEXT TOUR” , a 3 day tour in the DMV area he will also take BIO’s and CD’s back to the Def Jam office. Here is your chance to be seen by the right people, get a picture with him, give him your business cards do what got to do this is your shoot. Also all your guests get in free so bring a crowd for your support and to wow the judge.  Cost: $200 if you would like a slot email rapheadmusic@gmail.com with your show name and cell number and which show,  all payments are due 48hrs prior to the event. If you have any questions you can call  1-855-RAPHEAD 

Here is some of the "UP NEXT" artist going on Tour




 Mica Parris winner of "The Voice". Mica has also performed back-up for the opening act that opened for SWV, Bel Biv Devoe, Jon B, Al B Sure, Michel'le, Boyz II Men, & Brian McKnight  


HipHopStories.net: Willie Taylor Ready To Stand Alone

HipHopStories.net - We all watched as Diddy put together the talents of 5 young men, Willie, Robert, Mike, Brian and Que on MTV's Making the Band 4.  We may have even all cheered for their success and crossed our fingers that they would not meet the same fate as Da Band and Danity Kane.  After 5 years of trying to hold the group together, (despite Que quitting the group in 2009) the remaining members decide to part ways. 

The group released an official statement on July 16th informing their fans that the group had decided to break up and focus on individual projects.     Willie, of Illinois spoke with HipHopStories.net about the break and his next steps.

Willie acknowledged that the success of the group was only possible because of Diddy and Bad Boys and that there is definitely not a Bad Boy Curse. He indicated that the break had more to do with each member living so far apart and their varying ideas of the groups direction.   
Willie has just released a single " Instagram" that he wrote and is currently working on the "Reintroduction of Willie Taylor".  He just completed a play "A Fool and His Money" and a movie "Note to Self" and has several label deals on the table.  Right now Willie is grinding and ready to demonstrate to his fans that he can stand alone.


Bruno Mars Steps His Game Up....!!!!

Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House

bruno mars house 1 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House
Worldswagg.com - Bruno Mars is relocating on up. The “Just the Way You Are” singer has splurged on a lavish 4,000 square foot home which is perched in the Hollywood Hills with metropolis opinions of Los Angeles.
Bruno, who is readying the stick to-up to his 2010 debut Doo-Wops &amp Hooligans, spent $ three.two million bucks on the mid-century showpiece, which features 3 bedrooms and 3.5 loos. Decked out with Swarovski lights, designer finishes, and a 26-foot-prolonged loved ones space/media lounge with moment fire, this is the final bachelor pad for the Grammy-successful entertainer.
Verify out some photos below…
bruno mars house 2 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House
bruno mars house 3 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House
bruno mars house 4 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House
bruno mars house 5 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House
bruno mars house 6 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House
bruno mars house 7 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House
bruno mars house 8 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House
bruno mars house 9 Bruno Mars Purchases $3.2 Million Hollywood Hills House

Rapsody - Nonfiction Ft. Raheem Devaughn & Ab-Soul (Prod. 9th Wonder)

One of the hardest Female Emcees who's ever held a mic is back with her new track Nonfiction, featuring Raheem Devaughn, Ab-Soul and produced by 9th Wonder. Rapody’s debut LP The Idea Of Beautiful will be released on August 28th. Stay Tuned.

New Audio: The 17th f/Spoke In Wordz & Fokis “Rubbish” (Produced by Vanderslice)

New track from Local-Mu12 Member THE 17th entitled "Rubbish,” produced by Vanderslice and featuring Spoke In Wordz from Denver, CO and Fokis.  “The 17th is an artist from New London Connecticut, and he and I actually have an entire album sitting in the stash that is crazy.  Here is the first single from his upcoming EP, Free Music, which will be dropping in late August. The 17th is vicious on the mic and his word play is something else" Says Fokis.

the9elements Interviews Domingo Payso

the9elements.com - Earlier this week, I chopped it up with up and coming emcee Domingo Payso via the phone. Dude is based out in Brooklyn by way of Phoenix, Arizona and is really on his grind to get his name up, by doing shows with the Raekwon and Maino. We talked his upcoming and debut project titled "Payso Poppins" and where the inspiration for came from.

We then spoke on him performing at Face In The Crowd, a indie artist showcase that helped the careers of Wiz Khalifa and Vado, and then talked about performing with artists like Raekwon and Maino, artists he respects and looks up to. The interview then turned to him being from Phoenix, Arizona and now living in Brooklyn and the difference between the two areas and how they've shaped him. We then ended the interview with him talking about what's next for him.

Futuristic Blogger Interviews Big K.R.I.T For New Cover Of TRUE Magazine.

Big K.R.I.T Covers TRUE Magazine

FuturisticBlogger.Com - Big K.R.I.T Covers TRUE Magazine
Futuristic Blogger Interviews Big K.R.I.T for the new cover of  TRUE Magazine– Are you ready for some southern hospitality with a side of country fried chicken, collard greens, corn bread and sweet tea?? Well imagine a dinner like that, in the form of media print and hip hop. True Magazine presents their latest issue called Southern Respect II. This issue features Chamillionaire, David Banner, Waka Flocka and Rich Boy.
The Big K.R.I.T Interview conducted by Futuristic Blogger 
Available July 27, 2012 — More Details Here

Blizthetundra - ft. Ceefour| Kings. (Shot by D.Kane)

Video for HLVII members Blizthetundra and Ceefour song, KINGS

VIDEO :: Juven “2012 BET Cypher” (@SpacedOutJuven)

SheIsSoBad.com - Check the video released from H-Town’s own spaced out Juven and his “2012 BET Cypher.” Be sure to follow him on twitter and check out his latest single, “She Spaced Out”.
Please visit www.spacedoutjuven.com for more music, photos, tours, #Spacedout info