PurplePick New Artist: Kirby Tha Hottest - After talking to super producer DJ Montay from the famed Ooomp Camp and the maker of hits from DJ Unk's "Walk It Out" to Flo-Rida's "Low", you get the feeling something big is about to go down in the ATL. The mixtape they are about to drop this coming 4th quarter will set the tone for 2013 and beyond. Only the best kept secrets and the big dogs come out during the last quarter and from what I'm hearing, Kirby Tha Hottest will be a 1st quarter draft pick for every label in the game when they hear what the kid got coming. Paid attention!

Marlon Kirby was born in Detroit, MI. He moved to Decatur, GA with his family at the age of 14. Marlon discovered his love of music after graduating from high school and jumped right into it, performing all around his new city and winning numerous freestyle battles he was given his stage name by his fans who always say "Kirby is Tha Hottest".
Kirby Tha Hottest has a large female fan base and a very strong male following. Kirby Tha Hottest became known nationally for his hit single "I Got White Friend" produced by Marco B., he followed that up with another hit single "True Love" ft. Jim Lavigne produced by DA, "Super Bad" produced by Slim C. the latest single was released late October and has been burning up the clubs.
The movement that Kirby has is official and he's going strong around the country spreading his music and his hotness. So we want everybody to follow him on Twitter at @KirbyThaHottest and go check out his YouTube channel  and prepare yourself for another great talent in the making..........DON'T LET ME SAY I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

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