Femi The DriFish Back From NYC Competion

For those who don't know Femi The Drifish and The Out Of Water Experience went to compete in the Battle of the Bands for Afro Punk FEST in New York City but they didn't bring home the gold, but they ammed and rocked out real good and some things are possibly in the works (can't speak on it till its solid). Here are a few words from Femi,
"I'd want to thank the band for just being down for going into a battle of the bands in another city where we were the visitors. I have to thank the ladies that came down with us, y'all hold a dude down lovely and made us look good. Gotta thank the New York crew that originated from bmore/DC who came to support us, I'm straight honored y'all good folk came out and brought a few folks with y'all. I don't want to forget the folks that made donations to our trip, every penny worth millions to us. Whether we win or not we can't dwell on then when we have now to work and prepare for the next jam coming up. Just want to let y'all Kat know that I appreciate y'all."

Potography from Monday night in NYC can be found by clicking this link; 

Media coverage has been great since the album release, please read and share the the interview from What Weekly & review from LUCHOXXXART

Its been a lovely folks, hope to see you in Femi The DriFish & The Out Of Water eXperience future shows.

Talk to you later


 "Femi has built a continual collaboration with other artists who love this sort of boundary-pushing play. The Out of Water eXperience is certainly included amongst them..." — Dharna Noor, What Weekly

"He is of a rare breed of musician who can put on a consistently high quality show whether on an arena stage or in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere." — Luis Mejia, LUCHOXXXART

"If OLD DIRTY BASTARD, FREDDY MERCURY & FELA KUTI all had an orgy with the chick from THE RING, the left over pool of spluge would take on life as a liquid-form symbiotic creature like CARNAGE (Spider-man) that would give birth to who we now know as FEMI THE DRI FISH!" — Luis Mejia, LUCHOXXXART


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