Nas- Life Is Good (Album Review By DJ Doleak)

Nas’ Life Is Good has to be one of the best albums I have heard all year. This guy just puts it all on the table for this album. He talks about his painful divorce to him withstanding the pain and still feeling that Life Is Good. This album also shows a lot of maturity and how he has grown. He talks about his ups and downs of being a parent to his daughter.
Getting into the songs track to track on the song “Loco-Motive” he takes us back to the 90s with Large Professor on the hook. Nas lets you know on this song that lyrically he still has it. This reminds me of his Illmatic days but just updated. Nas also has a song with Rick Ross called “Accident Murderers” which is a great song. I do have to say on this song Rick Ross flow is just incredible on this song. Moving on to the song Nas has with Mary J. Blige is another banger too. With the old school drum loop with Mary J. Blige singing on the hook. For those that think Nas doesn’t do enough club bangers well he gave you one or maybe even two. With the song “Summer on Smash” with Swizz Beats assisting on the hook and on the production part this song is pretty damn good too. I do have to say my favorite song is Cherry Wine with Amy Winehouse on the hook. Amy Winehouse might as well be a sista with that voice. Her voice is so soulful as Nas raps about being with the perfect woman. This song is a perfect match. No never mind that this is a perfect album. Congrats Nas. SUPREME REACTION

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