DirtySouthHipHop Introduction: Mail-Man Is Here!!!!

  • DirtySouthHipHop.com - From The MailRoom: September 9th 1991, Stephan "Mailman" lee Smith was conceived at St. Vincent Hospital Jacksonville, FL. 
    Just the average troublesome child raised on the north side of town, mailman lee became an extremely fast learning due to his environment but not so much as a product...At the age of ten Mailman grew up on Detallie drive off of Cleveland road, a ruff side of town only to move to another rural part of town, Pellafox and Flagstreet area where mailman found himself becoming a superstar rap artist ....since a young age mailman was fatherless, but with many inspirations of music running through his family. Mailmans Uncle Hollywood, Uncle Maul, Uncle Milk and his newly found manager Uncle Rome became very influential, but the making of a boy to a young man was more important than the music. at a young age mailman matured rapidly fast on the business side of the music as well as recording as early as 12 years old with Uncle Maul. (fonder of Get Money Mafia A.k.a Black MOB) 
        Music seems to be the common genetic in the family, even Grandma can get you caught up in a lyrical feud that you might falter to. see Grandma got something to say as well as Mailmans Mother can radio disk jockey...the it factor was already instilled before Mailman proclaimed himself the freestyle king of North Florida. Artist like Biggie smalls and the down south movement took its toll on mailman so his rap style developed into a new era down south style. more of a lyric-sis with a down bounce. family members like mailman cousin Chase from flight music was an artist already on his own mission encouraged mailman to succeed
    within the life-style and the image of a legit rap artist...(submitted by label)

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