Brotherly Love: The Return of the Hip Hop Crew - Soul Source

There’s an old saying that goes, “two heads are better than one.” This philosophy has translated pretty well in Hip-Hop over the years with multiple emcees and/or producers banding together – in what I have always liked to picture as some kick-ass Power Rangers-like ritual – in the quest to create some fine quality music.
Through time, the forces of Run-D.M.C., A Tribe Called Quest and the Wu-Tang Clan have wielded their mighty microphones in the mission to keep rap music on its trajectory towards good taste. Now, decades later, it would appear that the collective dynamic has made its return and just may be planting the seeds for Hip-Hop’s future.
I think it’s necessary to outline the definition of a crew, though. Nah, I’m not pointing the index towards a Young Money or a Maybach Music. However well-manifested their allegiance to one another may be, these are units that strive to up one’s career stat sheet or add yet another zero to the bank balance. You can hardly argue that Rozay cried himself to sleep the night Pill waved goodbye to the Maybachs.

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