Kool Keith - "Total Orgasm" - New Mixtape Release

Just a month after releasing his most recent LP, Love & Danger, Bronx, New York hailing native and founder of Hip-Hop group Ultramagnetic MCs, Kool Keith offers a brand new solo mixtape, Total Orgasm.

Sticking to the subject of the project’s title, Total Orgasm is full of raunchy material over an accompaniment of self-produced beats [Keith being responsible for nine of the 16] alongside Dj Junkaz Lou, Mr Sche, R.T Music and WMS The Sultan.
Take a listen to the project below, purchase via BandCamp.


1) The Ultra Legendary (Intro) (Produced by Dj Junkaz Lou)
2) Swag (Produced by Kool Keith)
3) Fat Pussy (Produced by Kool Keith)
4) Jedi Supreme Ft. Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By Mr Sche)
5) Acura Ft. AG (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
6) Locka Locka (Produced By WMS The Sultan)
7) R.I.P Dr Octagon (Death Certificate Rmx) (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
8) Slam Dunk (Produced by Kool Keith)
9) Total Orgasm (Produced by Kool Keith)
10) Extra Thoughts Ft. The I.M.O (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
11) Nice Nasty (Produced by Kool Keith)
12) Flash Gordon (Produced by Kool Keith)
13) Belly Out (Produced by Kool Keith)
14) Bootys Low Ft Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By R.T Music)
15) Bobby Black (Produced by Kool Keith)
16) Prada (Produced by Kool Keith)

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