Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bring A Shovel And A Gun - Excerpt #2 - By Rasheed Newson

Every successful con artist has a special talent.  Ali Reed, 28, was born with his: a neurological condition called hyperthymesia.  It enables him, for better or for worse, to remember everything he's experienced since he was a toddler.  
With his perfect memory and natural charm, Ali enjoys a lucrative life as a con man, until he falls in love with a woman, who figures out how his mind works and starts manipulating him in dangerous way. 
How Ali stumbles into and survives love, multiple attempts on his life, a dangerous kidnapping scam, and two gruesome murder cover-ups is at the heart of the humorous crime novel “Bring a Shovel and a Gun.”  The book is the first in a series.


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