Trel Mack - Is Inspired By Greatness - Interview

Some artist are fads and others you see the star in them before they fully rise.Since Im in this position I’ve seen this happen one to many times. A lot of artist pride them self on not being the next gimmick or a one hit wonder. Trel Mack is one of those artist. In 2007 Trel dropped his debut mix-tape “Mack Of The Year” which was featured on many media outlets. After a few setbacks Trel Mack is back to set the rap world by storm. I got a chance to kick it with the Trel Mack about growing up in Philly what inspired him to get into music and his current single ” Dreams Of A Winner.
For those who don’t know you tell them who you are and where you represent?
What’s good, I got by the name Trel Mack and I am a upcoming hip-hop recording artist and label owner holding it down for Philly.
Now tell me what was some of things that inspired you to become a MC? 
I have always been a fan of 2pac since i was kid, he was one of my inspirations amongst other major artist in the game. I have always been artistic so I kind of just funneled to music, so to sum it all up Music and Art in general is what inspired me to become a MC.
You being from Philly. What would set you apart from other Philly artist?
Just being myself and trying not to mimic the lane that is popular in Philadelphia, which is that hardcore street music. I have nothing against it, I actually like to hear Philly Rappers do there thing because we have that drive, talent and passion. There are a lot of things, street wise I can only talk about through another person experience. I just try to stay as true as possible and experiment with other genres to make something different.
When you say “Inspired By Greatness” define what that means to you?
Thanks you, I have been waiting for someone to ask me that for the longest. The saying is simple and it simply means I’m inspired by greatness. I’m inspired by everything around me that I feel holds value and instrumental to my life. I’m talking about my career, my family, friends, my team, my future and anything that’s attached to that. Everyone should b inspired by greatness I don’t care if it was your favorite food.
With the song “Dreams Of A Winner” did you expect to get the response that you have gotten?
Actually I did and i thank my fans, my family and team for giving me confidence to believe that it will get a great response and most importantly for their patience because they didn’t have to wait on me.
You just dropped your new single “No Holding Back” what else can we expect from you this year?
Just more great music and building the future of SKE. Inspired by greatness EP will be dropping soon, I got a project I’m working on with Shaun Chrisjohn. “Dreams Of A Winner” is out on iTunes and Amazon if you didn’t get it yet. SKE Studios will be opening so expect great things. Follow me on twitter @Trelmack and hit me on

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