Who is DJ Equis? – Interview “Up and Coming NorthWest DJ Making A Name “

 SR: How long have you been djing?
Dj Equis: I have been at it since I was like 12 years old, but Professionally? Since 2008.
SR: What’s your favorite moment djing? 
Dj Equis: When I play that one song that makes the crowd go wild, specially when my wife comes out to my events, I get to show her how I rock crowds and she shows me a lot more support.
SR: Who’s your favorite Dj? 
Dj Equis: I got a few: Dj BMello, Dj Sophia Lin aka Hustle Lin, Dj Khaled, Dj AM (RIP), and my favorite, #nohomo lol, Im gonna have to say DJ Scene, he is very inspiring, and his skills are incredible.
SR: Favorite venue?
Dj Equis: I don’t really have a favorite venue, I like them all, I love large crowds, so any packed venue lol.
SR: Where can we find you spinning? 
DJ Equis: I’m everywhere, any event that is thrown by Addictive Ent. Im there. As of now the schedule looks like this:
Thursdays- Sky Lounge (Bellevue)
Fridays- ClubX (Seattle) & KTown (Kirkland)
Saturdays- Fusion Ultra Lounge (Seattle)
Sundays- Trago (Seattle) & Vanity (Tacoma)
Just say DJ EQUIS at the door at any of these events for guest list price before 11pm.
SR: What are you goals for future?
DJ Equis: I want to bring the joy of music worldwide, I want international recognition, those are my future goals, so my kids can be proud of their dad.
SR: What sets u apart from the competition?
DJ Equis: I thinks it’s the ability to be versatile, I can rock any crowd of any genre, my biggest advantage would be the ability to read crowds, and adapt to them.
SR: Tell us about your website and what it is? How people can be featured ect?
DJ Equis: it is a hip hop blog, we feature local, and worldwide artist, pictures and videos on current events, sports etc. It has high traffic volume and is ideal for anybody that would like to gain exposure,  If you would like to be featured on our site contact me so we can work something out.
SR: What’s your favorite song to get crowd hype? 
DJ Equis: I would have to say, “This is how we do it” -Montell Jordan & “Be Faithful” -Faith Evans ft. Fatman Scoop it NEVER FAILS! lol
SR: Do you have any advice for up and coming dj’s?
DJ Equis: Actully yes, ALWAYS remember you are there for the people, the day you “don’t take requests” is the day you lose your crowd and fan base.
SR: Embarrassing moment djing?
DJ Equis: Of course lol, when I first started doing clubs in 2008, I was a lil nervous about getting on the mic, and finally said “f*ck it!” I grabbed the microphone to try and get the crowd pumped, I said “If you having a good time make some noise!” …….. Lol, nobody made noise, I got super red. That was embarrassing. ha
SR: If there was a movie about you what would be the name of it?
DJ Equis: “DJ Equis: Internationally Unknown”
SR: Who would play u? 
DJ Equis: Probably me! Lol I’m a good actor. Or my son.
SR: Anything else you want to say?
DJ Equis: Yes, I want to thank everybody that supports me and everybody that doesn’t. I want to give special shout outs to the following:
My wife & kids, my sisters, my parents, my brother Sunny Rothmiller, my homie Arash aka Cash, the whole Addictive ENT Team, BBoy and the whole Tits Brand team, Long Live and NoClue,  Supreme Reaction and staff, and there’s a whole lot more. I didn’t mean to forget you, I just ran out of time. Special thanks to the man above. Follow me on twitter @djequis, add me on Facebook search DJ Equis.

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