The Mugshots of Love & Hip Hop!

From the ladies to the gents, New York to Atlanta, the cast members of the Love and Hip-hop series have had their run-ins with the law. In the hip-hop culture it’s not a surprise that some have records. What is surprising is the fact that majority of the cast are women and they have the records! Wow! On another note the Jones’ (Jim, Chrissy, and Nancy) have somehow found a way to hide their mug shots from the world. This being said, we know for a fact that Jim has had run-ins with the law and been arrested in public and Chrissy’s ghetto princesses story runs deep with drug lords and rappers. With the changing of cast members the mug shots will only continue to come!
Pictures and Video:

 Jim Jones was involved in a crazy brawl last night in Connecticut which resulted in him getting arrested, but not before it took five cops and a little bit of mace to subdue him ... TMZ has learned.

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