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American Idol's Randy Jackson is on his way out !!

Randy Jackson is out he will no longer be a judge on American Idol
I was praying for your exit too - American Idol decided to give Randy Jackson the Axe as a Judge. He will not return in 2013 as a panelist instead he will stay on as a mentor, and still earn his retirement check. As much as I like "Dawg", I'm glad to see his fossil asz make an exit. American Idol has cleaned house...... Tyler, Jennifer, and now Randy is out.
Mariah Carey is in, safe and secure with 18 mill, and according to Tmz Nicki Minaj deal is 99% done. She bullied her way right in there ..... a f*ckin go getter, she told Jenny from the block to move that asz over.
Nicki's deal is ruffling a few feathers, Mariah Carey's to be more specific. Rumor mill has it M.C. isn't too fond of Nicki and all that asz, and that itsy bitsy waist. Hell, nobody likes to be outshined it's a female thing instead of embracing the next chick they join the secret society of hate on you.
Diddy and Kanye West are out, their greedy asses wanted more than M.C..... picture that. Last I checked A.I. didn't have a rap category, and this ain't talent search seek, find, and rip off,
nooffense Diddy.
Nicky is the exception, she just made it in, thank God for Booty and Beauty. It's not official yet but, the show appears to be rocking with 4 judges this season and they're still on the hunt.
Who would you like to see on AI's judging table for 2013?

Mark Mouzone Is An Artist Of All Trades - Artist for All Trades
Mark Mouzone is more than a triple threat. He surpasses most artists today because of his ability to bring the character in the customers Imagination to life. Mark Mouzone cannot be compared to anyone, partially because those that he has been inspired by range from Picasso, Salvador Dali, Ernie Barns, Bansky, Corn Bread, Cool Earl, and Taki 183. His style is his very own because he simply loves art!

With art as his hobby, Mark has explored many different mediums. From oils on canvas Pencil, spray paint, air brush, graphic marker, Acrylic paint and digital sketch photography.

Growing up in Englewood NJ, Mark Mouzone was exposed to many different culture all of which played a major impact on his life.

Proud Husband and father, tutor and educator of children living with Autism, Mark leads a full and satisfying Life. Humbled by his everyday experiences, Mark continues to stay focus on his goal of building one of the biggest and best T-Shirt and Logo Design companies!
“With Pride in my culture, and respect for my past, a satisfying future is guaranteed.

some more samples:

If you'd like to talk to Mark, Here is his contact info:

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Chuck D Goes In On Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine, Lyor Cohen Over Chris Lightly Death

HipHopNews24/ - Chuck D has never been one to bite his tongue and the death of Violator founder Chris Lightly sent the legendary rapper into a verbal rampage. Chuck D went h.a.m on celebrities, the music industry, Clive Davis, Jimmy Lovine and Lyor Cohen.

Chris Lightly death shocked the hip hop community and strangely it was exactly one day after Futuristic Blogger posted the 10 Most Shocking Hip Hop Deaths of 2012. Chuck D claims Clive Davis, Jimmy Lovine and Lyors Cohen look at black people as lesser than and don’t consider themselves family. has paid close attention to Chuck D twitter account and we were surprise to see him go on this twitter rant. Chuck D says In 1999 BET sold to Viacom they took Tavis off, then got rid of TEENSUMMITT. Allowing black youth to never question rappers HEAD to HEAD RLT. -- Futuristic Blogger

Read All Tweets Below.

Boon League - Hip Hop Nation (ft. Jaywat, D-Rough & St.Cyr)

Something new from that BOON LEAGUE, repping "HIP HOP NATION." Off of their presents BOON LEAGUE ALBUM.

Geneva GM's debut single "Do Da Damn Thang" was played on Radio Station Z103.5!!!

Sourced: Microfiend.Com 

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Jon-Oh! Causing Major Noise With Debut Mixtape “Pre-Ejaculation”

(CelebNMusic247) Jon-Oh! Causing Major Noise With Debut Mixtape “Pre-Ejaculation”

 Hip-Hop newcomer Jon-Oh! has already scored over 26,000 views, 25.000 streams, and more than 10,000 downloads in a short period of time, “Pre-Ejaculation” is one of the most popular mixtape recently released via the #1 online mixtape platform from an up-n-coming MC.
The proud Charleston, SC native said:
“To see this many people digging my mixtape is a bit intoxicating honestly, but it also gives me the urge to put out more quality music for my fans and Hip-Hop lovers.” 

Jon-Oh! aka Mr. No Condom, has been developing a strong and dedicated fan base via various online songs and videos for a short time now and it is surely only a matter of time before more people know of the name!

Jon- Oh!, the son of a hustler, got an early taste for the good life and admits his exposure to such a lifestyle heavily influenced his work-rate today. Inspired by the head-nodding Hip-Hop beats of the 90′s, Jon-oh! began to experiment with his craft writing lyrics at the tender age of ten.
With a style of his own that is rare to find, Jon-Oh! takes every element of emceeing from backpack cyphering to storytelling and weaves them as one harmonious, yet sporadic flow.
Creator of the “No Condom” concept and movement, this Charleston native infected the urban genre with his unique and fresh sound on his blazing debut mixtape, “Pre-Ejaculation”.
Checkout his new mixtape and download it HERE
Jon-Oh! is a

Interview With Spenzo x Spenzo Go Crazy Video

Question 1. So for all the people that don’t about you, let us know a little bit about what you’re doing& where you’re from.
My names Spenzo and I’m a 16 year old kid from the South side of Chicago.
Englewood to be exact. I lived in the projects on the low end in my early childhood. I’m an artist makin music about what goes on in my life and that relates to kids my age. I’m becomin the voice of the youth in my city.
 Question2. We saw that video for Go Crazy. Tell us more about other song’s and what you’re working on.
“Go Crazy” was a dope video overall for me due to how everything came together for the outcome and to be what it is now.  As far as other songs and videos I’m workin on, there’s one called “Star In the Makin” where it captures the idea of premeditated success for me. Another song called  “Powerful Nigga”, where it shows unity and a statement being made as far as who I am and what my team stands for.
 Question 3. What are some of the things that motivated you to start rapping? 
Well growin up with my father being a DJ, I was born into the music background. I was always being around music in someway. As the years flew by,  I started developin the confidence and recognizin the fact that I had the skill to paint pictures with words.  This led to me knowin at the end of last year I needed to and started to take music seriously.
Question 4: Has Chicago Rap Scene changed From Chief Keef Hype? 
No, its always been different because there’s so much talent from different people and various ways that the scene has always been different. It’s just that Keef’s type of music shot up like a rocket before everyone else’s due to him perfectin a catchier style of rap.
 Question 5: What are some artists you would like to work with in the future? 
I would like to Work with: Justin Beiber, Kendrick Lamar,Chris Brown, and Drake, due to them all havin something special about their music.
Question 6: Any Last Words?
Thank you for givin me the opportunity to share my story.

Chris Lighty Dead At Age 44 From Apparent Suicide

Chris Lighty and Sean "Diddy" CombsVibe Magazine and Ciroc Present Sean "Diddy" Combs "Press Play" Album Release Party - InsideCrobarNew York City, New York United StatesOctober 16, 2006Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage.comTo license this image (10930433), contact WireImage:U.S. +1-212-686-8900 / U.K. +44-207-868-8940 / Australia +61-2-8262-9222 / Germany +49-40-320-05521 / Japan: +81-3-5464-7020+1 212-686-8901 (fax) (e-mail) (web site)

Hip-hop mogul Chris Lighty died Thursday morning after apparently shooting himself in the head in his Bronx apartment, sources told the Daily News. Lighty, 44 — a longtime manager of 50 Cent, Diddy, Ja Rule and Mariah Carey — was found dead inside his South Riverdale apartment about 11:30 a.m., police sources said. It appeared he died from a bullet to his head, sources said. A gun was recovered next to his body. Law enforcement sources said Lighty — who divorced his wife, Veronica, last year — may have been dealing with financial struggles, including owing about $5 million to the IRS. Musicians began Tweeting about Lighty soon after news of his death spread. “R.I.P. Chris Lighty,” posted Fat Joe on his Twitter account. “That man saved my life.”

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Atlanta Music Promoter- BXC "Beautiful Lovely" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

BXC "Beautiful Lovely" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
BXC "Beautiful Lovely" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

BXC ain't nothing nice- they are DOPE!!! I will keep you updated on what to look out for and to stay tuned for another joint to be released. Commando 1/2 of Chicago duo B.X.C, Former DTP/Def Jam artist tweeted to me today that its "GONNA BE MAJOR".
BXC "Beautiful Lovely" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This is something to hold you over for the meantime- Enjoy!
BXC "Beautiful Lovely" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
BXC drop a refreshing visual to remind all the women in the world just how beautiful they really are.
Directed by leondotcom (@leonchicago)

How Hip-Hop Conquered The World (Part 1)

( 4UMF NEWS ) How Hip-Hop Conquered The World (Part 1):
What started out in the park evolved into a massive money-making business, pulling in billions of dollars every year. From Jay-Z and billionaire Warren Buffent posing on the cover of Forbes magazine toNicki Minaj’s endorsement deal with Pepsi, hip-hop has showed its reach and marketing power over the world.
Former drug dealers turned rappers are now CEOs and record label executives. Retired pimps turned rappers are on prime time television. Hip-hop has infiltrated just about every aspect of today’s society. Turn on the television and hear your favorite rap song during a Ford commercial. Go to the theater to see a gangsta rapper who originally said “f*ck the police” star in a family movie. Buy an HP laptop withDr. Dre’s Beats Sound System. There’s no escaping hip-hop. But it wasn’t always this way.
Head over to ELEET Mag for the entire story!

GLEAMS – THE SIT DOWN (FEAT. SKYZOO) [PROD. HARRY FRAUD - Gleams gets it done in a big way, as he gets a Sky feature & a Harry Fraud beat. Don’t sleep on his latestmixtape. Download link after the cut.

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Mookie Da 1 (@Mookie Da 1) - Reality Of Tomorrow Mixtape

I Love Hip Hop Blog - In the words of Mookie Da 1….
“This mixtape is about success I currently haven’t obtained. The joy, pain & struggles it brings. I keep God first & in knowing he is in control of all things I spoke in this tape as if I already have what I do not. I represent the Southside of Atlanta. Enjoy & Follow Me @MookieDa1
Mookie Da 1 will be be performing at HipHop101: The Definition Of  True ARTistry on September 12th in Atlanta, Ga. HipHop101 is presented by I Love Hip Hop blog andWhy Cause I Can.

20 Years after their launch, We reflect on 20 facts about Death Row records

20 Years ago, Suge Knight and Dr Dre launched their now legendary record label Death Row Records. Under Suge’s feared reputation and iron-fist, Death Row was able to establish itself as one of the most formidable and profitable labels in the history of music. Multiple Platinum albums, Grammy Awards, # 1 songs, and the constant fear element that surrounded the label effectively placed Knight and the burgeoning, multimillion dollar Death Row enterprise on the very tip of the hip hop music mountain. Although Death Row has been defunct for over a decade, the everlasting legacy still continues . We reflect on 20 facts about Death Row records you may have not known.
Special Thanks to Allen Grissom of the Los Angeles Times Music Blog
20. DJ Quik & The Notorious B.I.G.
Death Row affiliate, and Compton rapper DJ Quik was once considered a suspect in the murder of the Notorious B.I.G. Quik and his crew known as the ‘Tree Top Pirus’ were present at the Automotive Peterson Museum the night Biggie Smalls was killed. (Read: DJ Quik Speaks on the LAPD naming him a suspect)

19. Death Row Security
Reggie Wright Jr, the head of security for Death Row Records was the son of Compton Police Chief Reggie Wright Sr. Many believe this was a tactical move by Suge Knight to stay one step ahead of the Police.

18. Mafia Connection 
David Kenner, the infamous lawyer and close confidant of Suge Knight has long been rumored to have ties with the legendary Genovese Crime Family of New York City. But according to former LAPD Detective David Peterson, Suge Knight couldn’t care less and didn’t know who they were.

17. East vs West 
The seeds of the East Coast vs West Coast beef were planted down South, when Anthony ‘Wolf Jones’, Puff Daddy’s one time best friend allegedly killed Suge Knight’s close confidant ‘Jake Robles’ in an Atlanta nightclub in 1995. That incident triggered the Death Row vs Bad Boy Beef. Ironically, Anthony ‘Wolf Jones’ was killed in 2003 in an Atlanta nightclub himself. Suge Knight’s friend, Big Meech and The BMF were investigated for the crime, but Police couldn’t find any witnesses to testify and the case was eventually dropped.

16. Legal Corruption 
Gina Longo was the first and only White artist ever signed to Death Row Records. Coincidentally or not, she was also the daughter of the same Los Angeles Prosecutor who was investigating Suge Knight for assault charges. The Prosecutor, Larry Longo, eventually dropped the charges after his daughter secured a recording contract with Death Row.

15. No Price On Freedom 
Dr Dre, who owned 50% of Death Row Records, received no royalty, publishing, or money when he left the label in 1995. Dre was reportedly entitled to earn over $60 million from the split. When asked if he was upset about not receiving any residuals, Dre famously said ‘You can’t put a price on a peaceful state of mind’. (Watch More Here: Dr Dre vs Suge)

14. Respect for the East 
Young Noble of the Outlawz who is from New Jersey gave Tupac a copy of Illmatic in the fall of 1994, Pac quickly became a fan and respected Nas for his artistry. In 1996 Tupac released his track about man infatuated with his gun ‘Me and My Girlfriend’, which, according to the Outlawz was heavily influenced by Nas’ conceptual song ‘I Gave You Power’

13. Clash of Generations 
When Run DMC received their life-time achievement award at the 1995 Source Awards, they were greeted with a standing ovation from nearly everyone inside the Paramount Theater in Madison Square Garden. The only ones not to stand or even acknowledge them was Death Row Records. Death Row was subsequently criticized by many publications for their perceived disrespectful gesture towards hip hop royalty.

12. Before The Beef
Prior to their now legendary beef, Suge Knight and Puff Daddy were friends who often held parties together and hung out on plenty of occasions. If Knight visited New York in 1994 he’d drop by Bad Boy’s office. If Puffy traveled to Los Angeles “he would come pick me up and we’d hang out” Puffy once said.

11. Record Sales
From 1992-1996 Death Row Records sold nearly 27 million albums, the catalog included The Chronic, Doggystyle, All Eyez On Me and more.

10. Label Beatdown 
Sam Sneed, the man with the ‘master-plan’, was viciously beaten in an office meeting in March of 1996 by the Death Row entourage, led by Knight and Shakur. According to Daz Dillinger, the reason this happened was because Sam Sneed had too many East Coast Rappers and not enough Death Row affiliates in his Lady Heroin music video, which included Kool G Rap. (Sam Sneed speaks about the incident here: DubCnn )

9. L.A L.A vs New York, New York
When Mobb Deep & CNN released their diss track “LA, LA” which was a response to the Dogg Pound’s “New York New York”, it didn’t bother Kurupt, who laughed it off, but according to Kurupt, 2pac became irate when he heard the song. (Read More About This Situation Here: Kurupt Speaks to

8. Bloodshed 
On March 14th 1995, during an after-party hosted by Death Row at El Rey Theater in L.A.’s Wilshire District, Kelly Jamerson, a well known member of the Rollin 60 Crip Gang was beaten and murdered by a mob of 15 to 20 bloods who were in attendance. According to police reports and author David Sullivan, the violence was triggered when Snoop Dogg flashed gang signs when performing on stage. The party consisted mostly of Bloods from Compton. One witness refused to testify, saying “You Police do not understand how powerful Suge is, going up against Suge or any of his people is like going up against the Mafia, it’s a death sentence”.

7. The Hitmen 
Although Suge and Death Row claimed allegiance to the Lueder Park Bloods in Compton CA, Suge also assembled his own crew known as the M.O.B. He then formed his own personal team of ‘Hitmen’ comprised of 5 of the most dangerous figures of the crew. Tupac mentioned them on his 1996 hit ‘To Live and Die in L.A “Neckbone, Tre, Herron, Big Buntry too, Big Rock got knocked, but this one’s for you”

6. What’s the 411? 
In 1993 Mary J Blige and Jodeci were unhappy with their management deals with Andre Harrell and ‘Uptown Records’ where Puffy worked as well. Suge Knight, who was seeking to sign both acts reportedly stormed into Andre Harrell’s office and threatened him to release Mary J Blige and Jodeci out of their deals. It worked, just a few weeks later they were both released from their contracts, and soon signed with Suge’s ‘West Coast Management’. As for Andre Harrell, he told Newsweek in March of 1993 that he hired security services from The Nation of Islam.

5. The New Motown 
In 1993, Death Row records was able to generate more than $75 million dollars and release two of the biggest selling hip hop albums of all time in just a 10 month span. Vibe Magazine once described Death Row “as the most profitable, independently owned African American hip hop label of all time.”

4. Giving Back 
Along with being feared, Suge was also respected in Compton for his charitable work in the community.
One such venture was “Let Me Ride Hydraulics”, a car customization shop he formed with Dr. Dre in 1994 which employed hundreds from his hometown. Death Row also hosted a Mother’s Day celebration in Beverly Hills, California every year for 500 single mothers, sponsored toy giveaways at churches and hospitals, and doled out turkeys to the needy for Thanksgiving Day. They organized basketball tournaments, raised money for struggling families to pay rent and gave many Ex-Cons opportunities to work at Death Row Records.

# 3. The Night Biggie Smalls Was Killed 
The scene at the Automotive Peterson Museum on March 9th 1997 was quite interesting due to the guest list. In attendance were Biggie and Puff Daddy, Tupac’s former finance’ Kidada Jones, Biggie’s ex-wife Faith Evans, Suge Knight’s ex-wife Sharitha, DJ Quik and a group of ‘Tree Top Pirus’, and the man suspected of killing Tupac Shakur, Orlando Anderson was also present.

# 2. Welcome to Death Row
Henry ‘Hen Dog’ Smith a suspected Bloods gang member and close friend of Suge Knight designed the original logo for Death Row Records. Suge promised him an opportunity for employment as soon as he was released from prison. ‘Hen Dog’ was murdered in October of 2002 during a drive-by shooting in South Central Los Angeles.

1. It’s Gettin Funky’
Suge Knight’s original record label was called ‘Funky Enough Records’, in 1989, he signed his first artist, fellow Compton native DJ Quik. In late 1990, Quik introduced Suge Knight to a local rapper that he managed who went by the name of ‘Chocolate’. The relatively unknown rapper quickly complained to Suge that he wrote and produced Vanilla Ice’s huge hit ‘Ice Ice Baby’ but wasn’t getting any royalty, which led to the famous “hanging” incident between Suge Knight and Vanilla Ice.

Not Your Ordinary Female 'Rapper' Toni Monroe = "The BIGGEST name in the GAME"

Post image for Not Your Ordinary Female ‘Rapper’ Toni Monroe = “The BIGGEST name in the GAME” - We get submissions from artists from all over the world and ever so often we get content that we’d like to share with our Gumbumpers. But, when I received Toni Monroe’s packet I was like…. “Okay, she’s on to something. She’s different, confident, She acknowledges her differences as a female rapper and she actually has talent.”
So, why not…. Gumbumpers tell us what YOU think….
In an industry saturated with booty shaking females and dudes oozing with street credibility… Enter TONI MONROE, a Cali-bred MC from LOS ANGELES, armed with the GRINDof a hustler, the lyrical flow of a VETERAN, and a style to make even the most skeptical critic take a second look.
Although Hip-Hop allowed her to find her voice, it has been a struggle. Being WHITE, (JEWISH to be exact) A FEMALE, and a B.B.W. (Big Beautiful Woman) in an industry dominated by black males, where only a few great female MC’s have made their mark, Toni’s mission is to spark, inspire and motivate change.
“The voices of women in hip hop are almost absent these days…Anybody can rap, but when you take a step back, and really put thought into what you’re saying, it opens up for dialogue…and now we are teaching.” Whether you’re BLACK, WHITE, GAY or STRAIGHT, BIG or SMALL…YOUNG or OLD, Toni Monroe= (equals) ONE SIZE that FITS ALL!
Imma Be Okay/Hit the Trap video

Lady of Rage’s Top 3 Female MCs & State of Hip Hop

Download “Big Girl Cookies” HERE
Toni Monroe in The Source

4 Interesting Facts About The World Networks

(CelebNMusic247) 4 Interesting Facts About The World Networks

The World Networks is focusing on revolutionizing the marketing industry and has already opened the door for numerous international business professionals and is looking to soon hire internally.

Here are 4 interesting facts about  TWN event taking place in Hollywood, Ca on Wednesday, August 29th.

  • THE WORLD NETWORKS is creating jobs for young entrepeneurs in our community. Hiring 300 professionals nationwide!
  • THE WORLD NETWORKS is involved in the community and works with various charities….we want to establish a relationship with Veterans and provide them job opportunities
  • THE WORLD NETWORKS will be launching in Dallas,Texas by 2013, NY, NY by 2015 and other major cities ….eventually go global next 10 year
  • We are not only helping business connect with their potential clients but we promote community involvement, culture, higher education, and environmental sustainability.
On Wednesday August 29th, Celebrities, TV Personalities and Models will hit the red carpet reception leading into the awards ceremony, an extraordinary event showcasing the movers and shakers in the business world while also commemorating community service advocates.The World Party will be one of the most spectacular events of Summer. The star-studded event list is growing each day. Among those who will be attending this event includes Miss California 2012 Natalie Pack, Community Development Honoree Sam Kbushyan, super model/designer Courtney Bingham, who is Nikki Sixx‘s girlfriend of the Motley Crüe, TCM’s beauty expert Ann Merin, VH1?s Vikki Lizzi, television personality and best-selling author Sabrina A. Parisi  and much more.
To recap:
The World Networks is proud to announce the official Website launch party, taking place at the gorgeous Taglyan Cultural Complex, located at 1201 North Vine St, Los Angeles, CA on August 29th.
The soiree will begin with a formal red carpet reception, which will include cocktails, appetizers and an opportunity to mingle with business professionals from all around the world.
October 8, 2011 —California State University, Northridge business student entrepreneur launches The World NetworksInc. made up of 15 companies specializing in niche marketing offering online and event marketing services to professionals and businesses worldwide.

The Official World Networks, Inc. presents:

1. The French American Network
2. The Chinese American Network
3. The Japanese American Network
4. The Latin American Network
5. The Russian American Network
6. The Indian American Network
7. The African American Network
8. The Jewish American Network
9. The Persian American Network
10. The Italian American Network
11. The Armenian American Network
12. The Native American Network
13. The Canadian American Network
14. The Korean American Network
15. The Australian American Network

L.E.P Bogus Boys ft French Montana x Chinx Drugz “Dirty Money” x L.E.P Bogus Boyz - L.E.P Bogus Boys ft French Montana x Chinx Drugz “Dirty Money”
L.E.P Bogus Boys ft French Montana x Chinx Drugz “Dirty Money” produced by Honorable C-note off Coke Boys 3 Mixtape/ Dont Feed Killaz Vol.4 coming soon
File Size: 118.9 MB