J Bizness - Giraffes (feat. The Black Opera)

A pulsating beat rides the mellow groove, booming drums, and electronic grit of J Bizness' latest masterpiece - Giraffes – the perfect sonic backdrop for the ever-elusive artist collective known as The Black Opera.   The mysterious mic controllers spit stylish bars that unravel tales of getting high off love and build beautifully on J’s foundation to further flesh out the feeling brought by the beat.
The occasion for such a track? LA’s premier underground beatsmith, J Bizness is taxiing for Tuesday’s take off of his newest instrumental trip Flight Plan.  On board for this trip are The Black Opera as well, who happen to have an album of their own debuting on Tuesday with MMG (the critically acclaimed EnterMission. lands on cd).
Enjoy the high.
 Buy The Albums:
J. Bizness - Flight Plan

The Black Opera - EnterMission.

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