Bambino Gold talks road to success and new project “F*ck Being Indicted” (Download) (Mixtape)(@BGMBambinoGold) - Edward, Bambino Gold, was born in Montgomery, AL on May 5, 1988. Bambino is one of six children raised by a single devoted mother. Poverty was issue while he was growing up and at the age of 12 years old, Bambino was introduced to the street where he began hustling. Soon after, he moved to Atlanta and was introduced to “super producer” Mike Will. He started getting serious into his rap career after he did a freestyle for Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka on a Hood Affairs DVD. Bambino was then incarcerated for 2 years, although he was locked up word was spreading fast about his raw freestyle on the Hood Affairs DVD. After being released, Bambino got right back into the studio and started to collab with the following artists: Eldorado Red, Waka Flocka, Alley Boy, Lil Phat (1992-2012), and more. He is currently an unsigned rapper and is fixing to release his first solo mixtape titled F*ck Being Indicted on August 25th hosted by Trapholics.
Check out a Interview with Bambino below:
What was your inspiration behind this Mixtape “Fuck Being Indicted”?
It’s a cool name. It’s a cool title. Naw really, I been out here catching cases – either I can do music or… The streets say its about being hot – I don’t believe that. If I work hard and stay out of trouble, with my talent, I’ll make it.
What was the reason for the name of the Mixtape, any meaning behind it?
I got it tatted on me – it is a code to me. Street sh*t. Just watch my videos and you will know what I am talking about.
Who all did you get to work with on the Tape, and how was the experience?
Experience was good. I did it with my family, me and my homeboys, got together and made music. My homeboy Mike Will was a big part of it and my family Alley Boy, Eldorado Red, Junior Boss, and Lil Phat – RIP!
What inspiring words do you have for any up & coming artists looking to follow their dreams?
Stay on these streets. I don’t mean be out here trapping but I do mean stay in the streets as staying out of trouble and to be motivated every day to do better. Music wise the streets are everything and jail is f*cked up.
Who were and still are some of your biggest influences in the industry today?
Eldorado Red and Waka Flocka, yes Eldorado Red and Waka Flocka. They are my close friends of mine and I was lucky enough to be able to see Waka make it by putting a movement together and he ran all the way up thru there. Rado is my big brother – he is never steered me in the wrong way.
Name one artist you would love to work with in the future, and why?
I would love to work with any person I meet thats real and has experience. My people are fine with me because they are as real as they get.
Can we expect you to be releasing any videos from the Mixtape?
Yeah, hell yeah. I’m about to release two videos for the songs called “Re-Rock” and “Right Here in These Streets”. My whole tape will be done with videos if possible.
What can we expect next from you musically?
My mixtape F*ck Being Indicted dropping on 8/25 on Live Mixtapes also just to get better on future projects and expect to see a lot more of me.
Where can the fans see/hear more of Bambino Gold? Twitter/Facebook/Reverb Etc?
You can google me – Bambino Gold. Youtube me – Bambino Gold. My twitter is @BGMBambinoGold and all inquiries can be sent to  my manager Diana Schweinbeck
01. Bambino Gold – Intro (0:23)
02. Bambino Gold – I Know (Feat. Cartel MGM) [Prod. By Nito] (3:09)
03. Bambino Gold – Bricks (3:25)
04. Bambino Gold – Rerock (3:02)
05. Bambino Gold – Turned Up By Haters (2:57)
06. Bambino Gold – It’s Whatever (2:35)
07. Bambino Gold – Sell Dope & Rob (Feat. Bloody Jay) (3:27)
08. Bambino Gold – Right In The Streets (Feat. K Digga) [Prod. By Dj Fu] (4:07)
09. Bambino Gold – F*ck Being Indicted Interlude (0:47)
10. Bambino Gold – Graduated (Feat. Alley Boy) (2:56)
11. Bambino Gold – Money Straight (Feat. Cartel MGM & Robyn Fly) (4:16)
12. Bambino Gold – Play Wit Them Bands (3:07)
13. Bambino Gold – Star Like Me [Prod. By Mike Will] (3:15)
14. Bambino Gold – I Ride I Die (Feat. Eldorado Red) (3:08)
15. Bambino Gold – Take Me Down (2:59)
16. Bambino Gold – Settle Down [Prod. By Zaytoven] (4:02)
17. Bambino Gold – My Religion (Feat. Eldorado Red) [Prod. By Zaytoven] (3:50)
18. Bambino Gold – Rarri (Feat. Lil Phat) (2:43)
19. Bambino Gold – Outro (0:25)

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