10 Most Shocking Hip Hop Deaths Of 2012!!

10 Most Shocking Hip Hop Deaths -- 2012 has been the year that will go down as one of the most memorable in hip hop history. Not because of the great music that came out this year, but for the great losts we all endured. This year we lost icons in the music industry like never before. The type of icons that will never be replaced because of their originality, creativity and GOD giving talents.  wanted to reflect on this year 10 most shocking Hip Hop deaths in the order in which our readers reacted to the strongest. Not everyone on this list are rappers, but they all played a row in Hip Hop in some shape or form. This list does not determine who was most important in life, because they were all deeply loved. R.I.P to the music Icons we lost in 2012. And lets pray we don't lose anymore.

Let's remember the Icons we lost in 2012.

1. Whitney Houston
2. Don Cornelius
3. Adam Yauch - (MCA Beastie Boys)
4. Ms Melodie
5. Lil Phat - Trill Entertainment
6. KMG - (Above The Law)
7. Chuck Brown
8. Rodney King
9. Christopher Martin - (Yung Berg’s Manager)
10. Alori Jah - (Kendrick Lamar/TDE affiliate)

Also R.I.P To Donna Summer, Dick Clark, Sherman Hemsley, Yvette Wilson,
Etta James, Tyrone “Scratch” Scott And Big Perm.



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