Mark Mouzone Is An Artist Of All Trades - Artist for All Trades
Mark Mouzone is more than a triple threat. He surpasses most artists today because of his ability to bring the character in the customers Imagination to life. Mark Mouzone cannot be compared to anyone, partially because those that he has been inspired by range from Picasso, Salvador Dali, Ernie Barns, Bansky, Corn Bread, Cool Earl, and Taki 183. His style is his very own because he simply loves art!

With art as his hobby, Mark has explored many different mediums. From oils on canvas Pencil, spray paint, air brush, graphic marker, Acrylic paint and digital sketch photography.

Growing up in Englewood NJ, Mark Mouzone was exposed to many different culture all of which played a major impact on his life.

Proud Husband and father, tutor and educator of children living with Autism, Mark leads a full and satisfying Life. Humbled by his everyday experiences, Mark continues to stay focus on his goal of building one of the biggest and best T-Shirt and Logo Design companies!
“With Pride in my culture, and respect for my past, a satisfying future is guaranteed.

some more samples:

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