Wanna Be A Blogger? Well Gumbumper IS Looking For Writers With A 'Unique' Perspective! is looking for a few entertainment bloggers and product reviewers for our website. Gumbumper garners 7,000-10,000+ ‘unique’ hits per day.
Gumbumper keeps its readers up to date on the latest and juiciest entertainment news daily!  If you think you’re ready to let the world hear YOUR unique perspective send us a SAMPLE of your writing and/or a video of you reviewing a product to:" target="_blank">
Rules, Conditions and Expectations

•  We are looking for bloggers that can contribute at least 2-3 articles or 1 product review per week.
•  We do not accept writing with spelling or grammatical errors.
•  The content must be unique and interesting. We are NOT a "copy and paste” site.
•  The articles should be between 200 and 400 words in length.
•  We reserve the right to modify the content of the post, and delete the entries that don’t comply with the above-mentioned conditions.
•  The writer’s name and credit for their work will always appears at the end of the post.
•  Only articles that meet our requirements are published on our website.
•  The style of writing we are looking for is:  Hip, non- offensive and fun.
•  You are not allowed period - Under any circumstance to include links that are unrelated to the post or to advertise other websites.
Thank you & we look forward to hearing from YOU!!!

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