Interview With Spenzo x Spenzo Go Crazy Video

Question 1. So for all the people that don’t about you, let us know a little bit about what you’re doing& where you’re from.
My names Spenzo and I’m a 16 year old kid from the South side of Chicago.
Englewood to be exact. I lived in the projects on the low end in my early childhood. I’m an artist makin music about what goes on in my life and that relates to kids my age. I’m becomin the voice of the youth in my city.
 Question2. We saw that video for Go Crazy. Tell us more about other song’s and what you’re working on.
“Go Crazy” was a dope video overall for me due to how everything came together for the outcome and to be what it is now.  As far as other songs and videos I’m workin on, there’s one called “Star In the Makin” where it captures the idea of premeditated success for me. Another song called  “Powerful Nigga”, where it shows unity and a statement being made as far as who I am and what my team stands for.
 Question 3. What are some of the things that motivated you to start rapping? 
Well growin up with my father being a DJ, I was born into the music background. I was always being around music in someway. As the years flew by,  I started developin the confidence and recognizin the fact that I had the skill to paint pictures with words.  This led to me knowin at the end of last year I needed to and started to take music seriously.
Question 4: Has Chicago Rap Scene changed From Chief Keef Hype? 
No, its always been different because there’s so much talent from different people and various ways that the scene has always been different. It’s just that Keef’s type of music shot up like a rocket before everyone else’s due to him perfectin a catchier style of rap.
 Question 5: What are some artists you would like to work with in the future? 
I would like to Work with: Justin Beiber, Kendrick Lamar,Chris Brown, and Drake, due to them all havin something special about their music.
Question 6: Any Last Words?
Thank you for givin me the opportunity to share my story.

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