American Idol's Randy Jackson is on his way out !!

Randy Jackson is out he will no longer be a judge on American Idol
I was praying for your exit too - American Idol decided to give Randy Jackson the Axe as a Judge. He will not return in 2013 as a panelist instead he will stay on as a mentor, and still earn his retirement check. As much as I like "Dawg", I'm glad to see his fossil asz make an exit. American Idol has cleaned house...... Tyler, Jennifer, and now Randy is out.
Mariah Carey is in, safe and secure with 18 mill, and according to Tmz Nicki Minaj deal is 99% done. She bullied her way right in there ..... a f*ckin go getter, she told Jenny from the block to move that asz over.
Nicki's deal is ruffling a few feathers, Mariah Carey's to be more specific. Rumor mill has it M.C. isn't too fond of Nicki and all that asz, and that itsy bitsy waist. Hell, nobody likes to be outshined it's a female thing instead of embracing the next chick they join the secret society of hate on you.
Diddy and Kanye West are out, their greedy asses wanted more than M.C..... picture that. Last I checked A.I. didn't have a rap category, and this ain't talent search seek, find, and rip off,
nooffense Diddy.
Nicky is the exception, she just made it in, thank God for Booty and Beauty. It's not official yet but, the show appears to be rocking with 4 judges this season and they're still on the hunt.
Who would you like to see on AI's judging table for 2013?

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  1. Anonymous09:33

    This show should be canceled..hh365