UnsungHipHop.Com  is proud to bring you a special new interview with Out Da Box Media &  Brooklyn Emcee “KA”. Fresh off the release of his latest album “Grief Pedigree” and also known for his previous collaborative works with Roc Marciano and GZA (Of Wu-Tang Clan). Brownsville’s “KA” took the time to speak with us on a number of interesting topics, including how growing up in Brooklyn helped shape his personality as an Emcee, what inspired his raw and gritty style of music, and his love and dedication for the art form of rap. In a reserved manner, he even took the time to speak a bit on the upcoming “Metal Clergy” album, which is an anticipated collaboration project between himself and fellow emcee/producer “Roc Marciano”. It was indeed a pleasure buildin’ with the homie “KA”. After the interview I grew an even greater respect for him, as I learned how serious he is about his craft. He’s one of the few artists I’ve come across who actually goes the extra mile and puts serious thought in to how he wants his music to be delivered. In addition he’s extremely humble and appreciative of any bit of support that comes his way. So with that alone, I salute this brother! Feel free to pick up his latest album “Grief Pedigree” and his previous classic “Iron Works”. If you’re into raw lyrics and heartfelt rhymes, you’ll definitely appreciate these projects. Support Quality music whenever you find it, as KA definitely represents that. In the meantime check out our in-depth interview with the man himself, to get familiar. 

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