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Remember 1996 when Atlanta was stil Atlanta, Steward Ave, Ashby Street, Bankhead, well that’s the Atlanta these two men grew up in.
EarthGang (that’s correct, one word) is the brain child of two young musicians, Johnny Venus (21) and Doctur Dot (20). EarthGang was created Spring of 2008 on top of a hill in Atlanta, GA. To date, the group has released 3 Albums | “The Better Party” ( Jan 2010) “Mad Men” ( May 2011) and “Good News” ( Dec 2011). EarthGang’s music (primarily hip-hop) has been described as “a head of its time”. Though garnering many comparisons to Camp Lo, Outkast, The Cool Kids and other “different” artists of the like, EarthGang has a very unique story to tell; one of truth, excitement, passion, and pain, reflective of this New Millennium throughout their music. These two gentlemen have successfully managed to create 3 independent self produced, self written, and self recorded Albums while maintaining Academic Scholarships at Hampton University. They have traveled across the nation performing in front of thousands at Stanford University in Palo Alto California (Black Fest 2011), New York, NY (Brooklyn Bodega 2011), Washington DC (2011) to name a few. Here in Atlanta they have performed at the ATL Indie Fest and A3C Conventions in 2011 and 2010 respectively; as well as The HIGH MUSEUM of ART’s “College Night” September of 2011. EarthGang is the musical voice for a generation of 17- 36 Year olds who appreciate ART in all forms. The music is a manifestation of the core artist in both individuals. EarthGang IS The best kept secret in Atlanta’s Music Scene; separated from the pack by the longevity of their vision, their creative intelligence, and charisma on and off the stage. The race is not to be the best rapper from Atlanta or in the country. The race is for your minds. EarthGang is currently writing and recording songs for their third Album “Shallow Graves for Toys” which is scheduled for release later this year. They have been invited to perform at the SneaksXSpeaks convention in Nashville, TN September 1, 2012. Please enjoy the music.
EarthGang will be performing at HipHop101:The Definition of True ARTistry on Sept 12th in Atlanta.

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