Sean P and CornerStore Entertainment @SeanPaul_Ybz

Sean P and CornerStore Entertainment
Sean P and CornerStore Entertainment

Crunkatlanta- Big Shout to my Cuz Sean P- he been grinding hard all these years and he not even letting up. Showing respect/luv where its due. If you haven't heard of or you not up on CornerStore Entertainment.- I just wanna put you up on game.

Sean P Of Youngbloodz - Bring Back Out The Lac (Dirty) New 2012

CornerStore Entertainment is the new indie record label based out of Atlanta, GA; founded by Sean P of the Youngbloodz, & Silent Partner of Front Street, in 2005. Since its inception, the label has concentrated on building a professional and respectable company, such as the likes of Interscope Records, Jive, Etc., but with the compassion and loyalty of a family. The foundation of the CornerStore brand is reflective of 3 things knowing where you are; knowing where you came from; and knowing where you’re going.

When most people think of Sean P, they picture one half of the rap sensation, Youngbloodz. That is just one of the many facets that reflect who Sean Paul Joseph really is, once you start to pull back the layers. Just as there are many contrasting aspects to what makes Sean P, of the Youngbloodz, who he is, CornerStore Entertainment is a record label that caterers to the four corners of the world in the music industry. The CornerStore Entertainment concept is derived from a belief that greattalent lies within all music genres and, in some way, we are all intertwined. CornerStore Entertainment …where artists’ talents intersect with consumer demands. Whether an artist or consumer alike, everyone has something special to contribute to the industry. Our motto, “Just do YOU.” But do you with all of your heart.

Sean P has always been one to lead with something a little different, a fresh, new look that no one would ever expect to see with an original sound that no one has ever heard from him before. He brings the skill, finesse, and swagger he delivered to audiences with hit songs, such as, “Damn” and “Presidential”, both produced by Lil John; “85” and “Uway”, produced byMark Twayne; “Shak’um Off”, produced by PK, Twayne and Front Street Music.
The CornerStore roster includes writers, engineers, musicians & producers. Drizzle, Shawty G,Young Mil aka Elroy, Ben Frank Jr, Young Magic, Napalm, and Ill Bill are the studio masterminds, formulating ideas and projects for Sean P, as well as other artists in the music industry.CornerStore operates under the guidelines of teamwork, with core family values. We strive to provide the tools and guidance needed to help every member of the label become as successful as they choose to be. CornerStore prides itself on creating an image of the “1 STOP SHOP” record label that provides quality services in the music industry. The success of the label can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the artists, as well as, the behind the scenes team. Co-Founders and Executive Directors of CornerStore Entertainment and Front Street Entertainment oversee all aspects of the label.
Thad Swann, Director of Operations, you are missed and loved by all of the CornerStore Family.

"85" - My All Time Favorite

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The CornerStore Entertainment Management Team:
Sherri Carter, Sean P’s Personal Assistant
Nia Bell, Director of Public Relations
LaZandrea Porter, Ronni Marshall, Business Mgt. Administrative Assistant
Brandy Bonner, Label Publicist and Editor
Juanchella Kemp and Robyn Kemp, Social Media Coordinators
Robyn Dismuke, Director of Promotions for the Midwest Division
Nita Simpson, West Promotions Manager
Lance Felton, Online Promotions Manager

CornerStore Entertainment is not just a record label…
The CornerStore Brand is a MOVEMENT!!!

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