Chuck D Goes In On Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine, Lyor Cohen Over Chris Lightly Death

HipHopNews24/ - Chuck D has never been one to bite his tongue and the death of Violator founder Chris Lightly sent the legendary rapper into a verbal rampage. Chuck D went h.a.m on celebrities, the music industry, Clive Davis, Jimmy Lovine and Lyor Cohen.

Chris Lightly death shocked the hip hop community and strangely it was exactly one day after Futuristic Blogger posted the 10 Most Shocking Hip Hop Deaths of 2012. Chuck D claims Clive Davis, Jimmy Lovine and Lyors Cohen look at black people as lesser than and don’t consider themselves family. has paid close attention to Chuck D twitter account and we were surprise to see him go on this twitter rant. Chuck D says In 1999 BET sold to Viacom they took Tavis off, then got rid of TEENSUMMITT. Allowing black youth to never question rappers HEAD to HEAD RLT. -- Futuristic Blogger

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