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MTV's "This Is How I Made It" Featuring Artist Miquel

 MTV’s This Is How I Made It features up and coming R&B singer-songwriter Miguel as he tells his story from childhood until today.
Born with Mexican & Black decent and growing up in San Pedro, LA, he never really was accepted by neither culture so he decided to make his own path.
When Miguel got older he started to develop a love for music writing his own original pieces.  He later stop writing his songs down on paper and started freestyling lyrics to music instead, which is how he came up with songs “Quickie,” “Vixen” and “Sure Thing” which was the song that got him signed to Jive Records.
After another freestyle session, this time with well respected and Grammy-nominated producer Salaam Remi. Miguel wrote his first breakout hit “All I Want Is You,” which paved the way for even more hits like Adorn.  If he continue to practice his craft of writing he will surely have a long career in music even if he is not singing.  Checkout the clip below:

Kanye West ’7 Screen Experience’ In Atlantic City - VIDEO

Following on from his 121212 Sandy Relief performance earlier this month where he was criticised for several reasons, creative performer and rapper Kanye West pulled out all the stops for what’s being called a ’7 Screen Experience’ concert in Atlantic City, the first of three shows of its kind.
With a bit more time to prepare, Kanye held an epic 75 minute concert in Atlantic City’s Revel Resort, where he transformed the stage into an indoor Winter experience as snowy forests and mountains were displayed on the large screens behind and above him as he performed some of his classic hits such as “Cold,” “Heartless” and “Say You Will.” I can honestly say I'm not a concert goer but I would attend one of his events.  I believe when you go to a concert its suppose to be a show not just 10 guys screaming on the microphone be more creative then I wouldn't mind paying the extra money for a ticket.
Always leading the pack with his elaborate style,  Kanye dressed matching the Winter scenes with a layered and uncoventional all white suit, as well as donning a couple of unusual feathered and diamond encrusted face masks for the occasion.  Now that's original for you a$$, Kanye in my opinion is a great example of a complete artist package style, skill, and charisma.  For a sneak peak checkout the video below:

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Fabolous - “Life Is So Exciting” (Ft. Pusha T) Official Video

fabolous soul tape 2
 Brand new visuals from Fabolous’ latest mixtape release The S.O.U.L Tape 2.
For the official video for “Life Is So Exciting”, Loso’s collaborative cut with the G.O.O.D Music signed Clipse member Pusha T, the pair hit the Art Basel Miami Beach celebrations earlier this month in Florida with director Jon J for this monochromatic visuals giving a peek at their ‘So exciting’ life. I can't lie Fab did his thing on this mixtape, I wasn't original a fan of his but his skills and use with words won me over.  Check him out below he goes. H.A.M.

Jakwob - “Detox” - New Download Release -AUDIO

jakwob detox
British producer and multi-instrumentalist Jakwob, who blew us away with his amazing The Prize mixtape earlier in the year which fetured the likes of Kano, Ghostpoet, Mr Hudson, and Roses Gabor just to name a few. Unleashes this genre-blending instrumental soundscape laced with elements of Trap, EDM and more taking listeners on an audio rollercoaster.  I'd like to see somebody freestyle off of this track, only few emcees like Common or Andre 3000 can pull that off. Checkout the track below, meanwhile here is something from the producer. “Something a little different from me. Make sure u listen loud!” – Jakwob

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - "Poetic Justice" (Remix) - AUDIO

Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip reunite to spit some verses over Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” theme. They really killed this joint in their versions of True Hollywood Stories the Janet Jackson Episode.  Just more proof that real Emcees last the test of time. Check out the stream below and feel free to download Busta's new “Catastrophic” Mixtape at the bottom of this post it goes hard.  Reminds be of the old Busta with the Locs.

The Making Of Real Husbands Of Hollywood


 Real Husbands of Hollywood is here people I thought this was a joke or a web series but apparently I was wrong.  This looks like its going to be funny I wonder how "REal" this show is going to be how the producers will manipulate these guys to some "Atlanta Housewives" drama.  I really hope they get Bobby Brown on this show Bobby is off the chain funny.  With the cast of  Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin, J.B. Smoove and Robin Thicke it has to be some good laughs even though it's fake or if you want to call it a spoof. Check out the behind the scenes clips below it's funny.


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Lisa Raye Set To Play In The Movie "Kaffair Boy" Based On the Book By Mark Mathbane

 Lisa Raye new movie Kaffir Boy filming in South Africa, she playing a second grade south African teacher Known mainly as Diamond in Player's Club and Keisha on VH1's Single Ladies, Lisa Raye is looking to grow beyond her stereotypical roles and tackle a much grittier project.
The actress tells HipHollywood that she's heading to South Africa for her role in Kaffir Boy.

The book turned film is an autobiography about Mark Mathabane's life under the South African apartheid, its brutality,
how he escaped from it and how he became a well known tennis player.
Lisa Raye will play a second grade teacher in the film and explains she been waiting a long time for a role like this. I think this is a great look for Lisa Raye and her career but I was a little concerned that she didn't know how to pronounce the world "Kaffir" its not pronounce the way it's spelled.  But to know this you have to be aware of the culture, I hope she does her homework. This kind of detail defines who makes the real money in Hollywood, but congrats to her I hope she do well.  Checkout the video below.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Billionaire Blogs Club 2012 Album, Mixtape and Artist Of The Year Awards

Welcome to the first annual Billionaire Blogs Club Music Awards! We’re kicking things off with arguably the most important categories, album, artist, mixtape of the year. With so many excellent albums released in 2012, we had trouble narrowing down our list of finalists, but somehow, we’ve done it.
The Billionaire Blogs Club wanted to recognize and give credit to the most influential album, artist and mixtape of 2012. And let's hope that 2013 is full of great music and talent as well.
Happy New Year...

Best Artist of 2012 -- Kendrick Lamar
Best Hip Hop Album of 2012 -- Kendrick Lamar
Best R&B Album of 2012 -- Frank Ocean
Best Mixtape of 2012 -- Big Sean Detroit

Raekwon - "Neither One Of Us" (Freestyle) - AUDIO

Raekwon spits some lyrics of fury over Gladys Knight & The Pips’ “Neither One Of Us” off his “Lost Jewelry” EP which drops on January 8th.  Raekwon is one of the few active members of The Wu Tang Clan but she surely he hasn't lost his skills.  Check my man out below.

Shawty Lo New Reality Show With His 11 Kids From 10 Different Mothers

 A petition to rid the world of Shawty Lo’s upcoming reality series has already collected more than 500 virtual signatures.
A rapper with 11 kids, 10 different mothers of those kids, and a girlfriend living in one house? Does that sound entertaining? Oxygen Network seems to think so and is set to televise “All My Babies’ Mamas,” a new reality show special starring Shawty Lo as the babydaddy who holds it all together.
The one-hour special is expected to chronicle the life of the “Foolish” rap artist struggles to please several different mothers. Like its reality predecessor, “Flavor of Love,” the series doesn’t identify the women using their real names. Instead, they’re labeled as “Jealous Baby Mama” and a “No Drama Baby Mama,” just to name two.
What may be more surprising than all these mothers/exes interacting with each other is the fact that the Atlanta rapper has a new 19-year-old girlfriend, who has no problem with his lifestyle.
Liz Gateley and Tony DiSanto, the creators behind MTV’s “Teen Mom” are the Executive Producers for this upcoming production.
According to the Senior VP of Development at Oxygen, Cori Abraham, “All My Babies’ Mamas’ will be filled with outrageous and authentic over-the-top moments that our young, diverse female audience can tweet and gossip about."
However, that will only be the case if the show makes it to air. Sabrina Lamb of New York has launched a petition on and wants TV viewers to boycott the show’s sponsors.
“These companies profit by humiliating girls and women by promoting degrading images. They have gone too far and we are boycotting their advertisers,” she wrote.
Other social media users seem to agree with Sabrina. One Twitter user wrote: “That upcoming Shawty Lo reality show makes me want to wander the earth and find the meaning of life.”
So my question to everyone is should this show be cancelled? Please write your comment below.

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Five Ridiculous Things Women Expect from Men

  from SBM has some funny things to say about the expectations from Women in relationships Check It Out Below:

"I haven’t dated a lot but I’ve dated enough. Over the years, I’ve learned that women – and ladies, I love you dearly – have some ridiculous expectations when it comes to what a man is supposed to do in the relationship. I’m not talking about things like courtship in 2012 even though a lot of you “independent women” make more money than us and have more graduate degrees than us or how men always have to be the first to approach. I think we can all agree those things and many others are ridiculous, but at least they make logical sense and have a basis grounded in history. Today, I’m talking about expectations that really are ridiculous and their ridiculousness aren’t up for debate. While I could have made a list of 100, I chose to start-off with five. I trust my brothers-in-arms can add to the list in the comment section. Without further ado…

1. Kill Bugs.

I don’t know where this expectation came from but I don’t care what your sexual make-up at birth, bugs are disgusting. Look, I’ll kill a bug with the best of them but it’s not like I like it. Tarantulas are just as big to me as they are to you! The best thing you can do is go in the opposite room of wherever the bug is while I negotiate some type of cessation agreement with the bug. If a bug is too big, we’ll both just have to pretend like we don’t see it, ok? Deal? Good! The last thing I need is you standing behind me pushing me closer to the bug, like the bug doesn’t see us coming. Have you ever gone toe-to-toe with a flying cockroach?! I have! Nothing will have you questioning your manhood and calling up on whatever deity you believe in faster than going to step on a cockroach and he flies up towards your face like, “YOU GOIN TA JAIL NOW!”

2. Kill Killers.

On my best day, I weighed like 170lbs. Even if I put my whole body into it, there aren’t too many guys I’m going to lay out with a punch. I know this about myself. This is why I’m a lover not a fighter. If you go across the club and Tyrone ‘The Two Eye Drops is Worth 20-Bodies Each’ Franklin grabs on ya butt, your butt just got grabbed on. End of story as far as I’m concerned  What are you doing on the other side of the club anyway?! No one told you to go over there! Hood-killers aside, I’m also not about to go up against a chainsaw wielding serial killer. IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Her: Did you hear something? WIM: NO!
I like scary movies but the difference between me and most women is that I KNOW IT IS A MOVIE! I suggest you kick-off those red bottoms and get on the good foot, because that’s what I’ll be doing. If a killer comes after me, I’ll be shaking a leg and it won’t be stanky! I suggest you keep up or I’ll just have to mourn you on the 6-o-clock news tomorrow. They couldn’t make a movie called TAKEN about me. I am not Liam Neeson. If the terrorists take you, that autobiography will just be called TOOK, because that’s what you’ll be, took-en! I’ll mourn you on AC360 and cry with the best of them. Miss you, baby!

3. Investigate Strange Noises.

I’m sure you’re seeing a theme by now. If there’s a noise in the basement, as long as it’s not in the room we’re residing in, I have no beef with that noise. That noise didn’t do anything to me, so why would I look into it? Did you not read items #1 and #2? You’re able to hear strange noises in the middle of the night with precision but you can’t understand the words that are coming out of my font? I’m not looking into it! Let’s lock all of the entrances to the room we’re in and be scared together. I’ll hold you, but I’m not leaving that room. If you’re so curious, we can work out a password or password-reentry-knock-system and you can leave the room. I’ll lock the door behind you. Good luck!


I understand paying for everything during this make-believe “courtship” phase. Once we’re in a committed relationship, I better see that matching clutch purse of yours on more occasions than pulling out your driver’s license! I had a former co-worker whose boyfriend made $90,000 a year. She made about $50,000. She paid for nothing and she planned to never pay for anything. By her estimate, that wasn’t her job. His money was her money and her money was her money. That’s a cool philosophical story, bro and I’ma let you finish, but if we live together and you don’t pay for anything, you and I don’t live together. You live with me and I will feel free to remove you from the premises if things don’t work out, because that’s what I feel like you’re saying by not contributing so much as a penny to expenses, especially those you help create. If we’re in a relationship, I’m not paying for the esteemed benefit of being in your company. They have a name for women who charge by the hour, they’re called… [Internet connection lost]

5. Change into the Perfect Man.

I understand that not everyone is going to like me and that’s fine. But, don’t agree to be with me but what you’re really looking forward to is dating the guy I could be after you change me into #him. I’m not going to change into him. Know why? Because I’m not him, I’m me! I like myself, no pause. Me and myself get along perfectly fine. You’re welcome to join us. If you can’t see yourself being part of the experience, then don’t get on the ride! If you think I’ve worked all this time to become who I am to change into someone completely different for you, it’s not going to happen. You don’t need me, you need the man in your head. If I’m not your dream guy, no hard feelings, we can move on amicably! All I humbly request is that you PLEASE INFORM ME OF THIS INFORMATION BEFORE I PUT A RING ON IT! "

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Friday, December 28, 2012

 IN THE CIRCLE: THE DREAMS OF NEWARK, is one of the top reality web series online its about seven driven 20-somethings , premiered on December 09, 2012, and has made major impact.  Viewers showed love to this follow up to last season's "IN THE CIRCLE: THE DREAMS OF NEW YORK".  The series response has prompted a GREEN LIGHT for a 3rd season.  The series created by Joseph Matthew Garrett will be releasing new episodes EVERY OTHER SATURDAY as of Dec. 29, 2012.  
Here is an early look at episode 2 of "IN THE CIRCLE: THE DREAMS OF NEWARK", titled "18 Mile".  

Joey Bada$$ And Pro Era Freestyles On Hot 97

The tragic passing of Capital STEEZ has definitely brought as dark cloud over the Pro Era camp he will be missed.  It's not to clear on his origin of death but I'm sure the group will dedicate mixtape in his tribute.  In the mean time I wanted to post this dope as freestyle from three of the members.  Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, and Cj Fly did their thing on this video watch it below.

Dwayne Wade Suspended For Kneeing Ramon Sessions

NBA superstar Dwyane Wade got a bit heated during last night’s game against the Bobcats. Miami Heat star D-Wade is a very emotional player, but he usually lets his offense and defense do the talking.  But after some rough contact from Charlotte Bobcats baller Ramon Sessions, Dwyane might have let his  emotions get the best of him. In the middle of the 4th quarter Dwyane flailed his leg on Sessions and it resulted in D-Wade’s knee kicking dude in the groin. Wade was hit with a 1 game suspension on Thursday, without pay,  and he has to sit out tonight’s game when the Heat travel to Detroit.
The Heat won the game, but Dwyane rushed to his Twitter to explain his actions


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ofei - "SClusive Music Monday Mix" - Free Download

 Elusive East London hailing singer, songwriter and producer Ofei, who caught our attention with the thought provoking “London” is definitely one to keep both eyes and ears on over the next few months.
The enigmatic newcomer who utilizes his current mystery as a tool to make us focus on what is important, the music, is set to release his debut EP anytime soon. So as an introduction he has put together an amazing and eclectic mix to kick off your Monday morning and give us an insight into the music that inspires and fuels him. Filled with a whole bunch of familiar tones press play and sit back and enjoy..I know I did.

1 – Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo intro with Sun Ra and Gil Scot Heron —– Paint it Black
2 – The Rolling Stones —– Paint it Black
3 – Dolly Parton —– Jolene
4 – The Korgis —– Everybody’s got to Learn Sometime
5 – David Bowie —– Lets Dance (with a little Whodini — Five Minutes of Funk)
6 – Pharcyde — Passin Me By Vs Connie Price — Fuzz and them
7 – Dee Edwards —– Why Can’t There Be Love?
8 – Lords of The Underground —– Chief Rocka
9 – Lords of The Underground —– Sleep for Dinner
10 – Kenny Rogers & the first Edition —– Just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)
11 – David Ruffin —– I can’t be hurt anymore (Intro Only)
12 – Ebo Taylor —– Twer Nyame (Excerpt)
13 – Black Sabbath —– War Pigs (Basement tape)
14 – Booker T.& The MG’s —– Green Onions
15 – Minnie Riperton —– Inside My Love
16 – Shuggie Otis —– Strawberry Letter 23
17 – John Lennon —– Imagine
18 – Henry Mancini —– Lujon (with Gil Scott-Heron)
19 – Trouble Man (1972 Trailer)
20 – Nat King Cole —– Nature Boy
21 – Ofei —– London (with Sun Ra)
22 – Noel Harrison —– The Windmills of your mind
23 – (Outro) Esther Phillips —– Native New Yorker

Ice Cube Talks About The Fourth Edition To The "Friday" Series

  It’s been 10 long years since Friday After Next, the last film in the Friday series, and with talk of a new sequel gaining steam earlier this year Ice Cube has revealed a little more on how development of the film is going.
Speaking to The Well Versed Ice Cube says that the film, expected to be called Last Friday, will follow his next album, Everythang’s Corrupt, and the script has recently been turned in. It’s currently unknown Chris Tucker will be returning as Smokey, one of the most symbolic characters of the series despite only appearing in the original 1995 film.
Though he was considering participating in the final film, recent reports have suggested that he has a few qualms about whether it will be able to live up to Friday, the film which launched him to stardom.
Check out the video below.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Evelyn And Chad Are Back Together !!!

According to MediaTakeOut Evelyn and Chad ARE BACK TOGETHER . . . or at least they're LIVING TOGETHER. Yesterday a fan asked Chad if he and his estranged with Evelyn were "still talking." Chad told him that not only are they "talking" . . . but the couple are "living together"
Evelyn is currently on vacation in the Bahamas. But if Chad is telling the truth . . . they should be back under the same roof by the end of the week.  I still say we don't know the full story on what happen, we all make mistakes apparently Chad has anger issues he needs to work out. I hope they shut down the hatters and last the test of time.*YbIPJCmV9iU8t7ag*n971PEujtfFIcrry2TPlEkjf8krO3fOFnfuZqN1/1356529961aebc7449b1.jpg

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Freeway - "Black Santa" - Official Holiday Release - AUDIO

Freeway gives us his Holiday Inspired “Black Santa” EP today. This features the dope Rocafella reunion track released last week. I'm not too big on the Christmas joints but its actually dope check it out below. Rappers are still trying to make classics like the ones from Kurtis Blow and Run-DMC this is not a bad attempt.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wale - "Folarin" - New Mixtape Download - AUDIO

 Maybach Music Group’s Washington DC native, Wale drops off his eagerly anticipated mixtape Folarin hosted by DJ Clark Kent.
This joint features guest appearances from 2 Chainz, French Montana, Chrisette Michele, Trinidad James, Jhene Aiko, Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussle and production from the likes of The Beat Billionaire, Jake One, Cardo just to name a few. I'm a fan of Wale's older stuff before he want to the majors, this reminds me of that Emcee I met when I was living in B'more.

1.The Forward by G Mogul (Prod by Aaron Wess)
2.Change Up (Prod by LG)
3.The Show ft. Rick Ross / Aaron Wess (Prod by No Credit)
4.Let A Nigga Know ft. Chinx Drugs / Fatz (Prod by Rico Beats)
5.GetMeDoe ft. 2 Chainz (Prod by Beat Billionaire)
6.Bad ft. Tiara Thomas (Prod by Tiara Thomas and Kelson)
7.Limitless ft. Scarface (Prod by Jake One)
8.Chun Li ft. Nipsey Hussle (Prod by Cardo)
9.Skool Daze (Prod by Nottz)
10.H20 (Prod by Joe K)
11.Street Runner (Prod by Beat Billionaire)
12.Back 2 Ballin ft. French Montana (Prod by Cheeze Beatz)
13.Cool Off ft. Jhene Aiko (Prod by ToneP)
14.Fa We We Freestyle (Prod by Digi Phonics)
15.The One Eye Kitten Song ft. Travis Porter (Prod by Diplo)
16.Flat Out ft. Trinidad James (Prod by Beat B
17.Ji-Dope (Prod by Beat Billionaire)
18.The Right One ft. Hit Boy (Prod by Austin Millz)
19.Money Changes ft. Chrisette Michelle (Prod
20.Georgetown Press ft. Lightshow (Prod by AppleJuice Kid)
21.Never Never Freestyle (Prod by Danny!)

Eve Put Her Own Spin On Big Sean’s “Guap” - AUDIO

 Following on from the release of Big Sean‘s “Guap,” Philly rapper Eve takes it upon herself to remix the song and has made it her own. The new freestyle hit the web today quite poetically on Christmas Eve as part of her ‘EVEstylin’ tuesdays’ series of new freestyles.

On the freestyle she goes hard with her verses, reminding everyone of her talent and how long she’s been in the game – but she also takes time to give a shout out to fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj likening Minaj’s success to her own back in ’99 whe she “changed the game and I flipped it on ‘em / Now it’s 2012 and E-V-E still s#@!’ on ‘em.”

With that said, listen below and see if you agree.

Skillz - “2012 Rap Up” - New Release - AUDIO

skillz 2012 rap up
 As surely as another year brings us another Christmas, we also receive a brand new “Rap Up” courtesy of Virginia repping rapper Skillz.
“Imma tell y’all right now, this whole song gonna be ratchet”…utters the rapper before taking us on a highlight of some of the highs and lows of 2012 from Blue Ivy’s birth, Lil Wayne dissing New York, the Dark Knight shootings, Common dissing Drake, Obama’s second term, if you can think of it he has mentioned it in this track.  Check it out for yourself below:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

YouTube Strips Universal, Sony/BMG & RCA Records Of 2 Billion Fake Views

Written by Chase Hoffberger @chasehoffberger Via Daily Dot
Google slashed the cumulative view counts on YouTube channels belonging to Universal Music Group, Sony/BMG, and RCA Records by more than 2 billion views Tuesday, a drastic winter cleanup that may be aimed at shutting down black hat view count-building techniques employed by a community of rogue view count manipulators on the video-sharing site.

Universal's channel is the one that took the biggest hit. According to figures compiled by the YouTube statistics analysts at SocialBlade, the record company's YouTube channel lost more than 1 billion views from its preexisting tally of 7 billion views Tuesday.

Sony/BMG was the second largest sufferer, dropping more than 850 million views in one day, bringing its total number of views to a mere 2.3 million. RCA, which got off scot free by comparison, dipped 159 million views. Its tally now sits more modestly at 120 million views.

In addition, each label's YouTube archives are now surprisingly thin. UMG, which had long held a heavy hand in YouTube operations, now only boasts five videos on its YouTube channel, none of which are actual songs—and none of which last more than 1:23.

Sony's page, by comparison, is currently empty. The company did not respond to the Daily Dot's request for comment.

Other notable channels affected include the ones belonging to Michael JacksonChris BrownBeyoncĂ©, and Avril Lavigne, among others. More than 500 prominent YouTube channels have been stripped of preexisting YouTube views in the past 30 days, something that causes concern when you consider that YouTube views counts, unlike subscriber statistics, are cumulative and cannot organically drop at any point throughout their existence.

Google's takedown of these major music channels came on the same day that hundreds of YouTubers took to Google forums and their own YouTube channels to inform their peers that they'd been subject to a series of video takedowns for violations of YouTube's Terms of Service (TOS). Some speculated that the widespread video takedowns were caused by a technical error, but YouTube confirmed that the users violated TOS item 4, Section H, which bans automated methods of inflating view counts.

"This was not a bug or a security breach. This was an enforcement of our viewcount policy," wrote a Google representative on the forums.

The apparent crackdown on fake views became a major talking point Wednesday on Black Hat World, a forum where users trade tips about unethical search engine optimization tactics.

The thread's first post alluded to a friend of the poster who "sells likes" and was recently told by four different customers that their videos "got deleted due to TOS violation."

"Now I also got a message from a customer who ordered views from me that his video was removed," the individual wrote, sparking a six page conversation that continues on to this moment—and mentions Universal Music Group throughout.

"I spoke with some people on Skype and 2-3 more have the same problems with videos being removed for fake views," the original poster added in a later post. "Likes are from YLH (YouLikeHits) and AddMeFast and views from ViralSocial in my case."

Later in the thread, the conversation turned towards an individual known in some online circles as Tapangoldy, a 16-year-old seller of YouTube views who is prominent on the cheap favors website Fiverr and claimed last month to have already raised $60,000through the site. Recently, he closed up shop for a few days "to fix all issue thanks."

Photo via Fiverr
Tapangoldy, who among other things had offered YouTubers an excess of 10,700 new views to any video of their choosing for $5, held a 98 percent "Gig Rating" before becoming inundated with negative reviews on Wednesday, most of which painted him as a fraud who uses bots to accrue YouTube views.

Although Tapangoldy seems to be one of the top-rated sellers of YouTube views, he isn’t the only Fiverr user whose business has been affected. One Black Hat World user wrote, “I'm just having great fun watching the Fiverr bloodbath. Most the top rated gigs for views are either paused or being flooded with bad reviews.”

How closely is Tapangoldy tied to Universal, Sony, and RCA? It's something we can't presently confirm. The Daily Dot has been unable to contact him during his temporary exile, and he could have nothing to do with the labels’ overnight YouTube collapse. But Tapangoldy's sudden change in fortune comes at an interesting time considering all of the preexisting elements, their pertinence to the major label music structure or otherwise.

YouTube did not respond to the Daily Dot's request for comment.

UPDATE: Universal acknowledged the sudden drop in views, and told the Daily Dot that the Universal Music Group channel, though popular, has been mostly dormant since the company shifted its focus to individual channels hosted on Vevo, which Universal founded in conjunction with Sony Music, Abu Dhabi Media Company, and E1 Entertainment in 2009.

Courtesy of DailyDot

Buju Banton Awaiting Ruling On Drug Charge Mistrial Request

 A Florida juror who voted to convict Jamaican reggae singer Buju Banton on drug charges has denied improperly researching the case during trial, despite a weekly newspaper's report that quoted her as saying that she did.
Banton is serving a 10-year prison sentence for his convictions on cocaine conspiracy and trafficking charges stemming from a 2009 arrest. The Grammy winner faces an additional five years for his conviction on a related gun possession charge, but his resentencing hearing was postponed to investigate the report of juror misconduct.
Banton's attorneys have filed a motion in Tampa federal court seeking a new trial. If granted, it would be the second mistrial for Banton, whose first trial in 2010 ended with jurors deadlocked. He was convicted in 2011 in his second trial.
U.S. District Judge James Moody reserved judgment Thursday on the defense motion.
Jurors were told during the trial not to do any independent research into the case. Terri Wright, a juror from Banton's 2011 trial, was quoted in a Miami New Times report as saying that she researched parts of the case even though the judge had ordered jurors not to.
"I would get in the car, just write my notes down so I could remember, and I would come home and do the research," Wright was quoted as saying.
New Times reporter Chris Sweeney testified Thursday that he interviewed several jurors. Sweeney also provided the court with a recording of his interview with Wright.
Wright testified that she sent Sweeney a text message after seeing his story, saying there had been "a huge misunderstanding with (Sweeney's) questions." Wright's text message also read, "I did not violate the judge's instructions with this case. I did my research AFTER the case was over and the verdict was given, NOT during the case. . I trusted you and now feel totally betrayed."
Wright testified that she only researched Banton's music and the federal Pinkerton rule, which involves liability among conspirators for the actions of other conspirators.
There was no proof that Banton possessed a gun or was aware that a co-defendant did, but because of the Pinkerton rule, Banton was convicted of a weapons offense. Moody tossed the gun charge, but an appeals court reversed that decision.
Wright said she told Sweeney that she had been a juror seven times before serving on Banton's case, but she did not volunteer that information to prosecutors or Banton's attorneys "because that wasn't a question" during jury selection.
Moody called a sampling of three other jurors to ask if they remembered hearing other jury members talk about doing outside research. Two testified that had not heard anything, but one said she recalled a white female juror saying she had researched the Pinkerton law. Wright is black.
Assistant U.S. Attorney James Preston said Banton's defense had not met the legal requirement for a mistrial by showing that the jury was exposed to outside evidence that posed a reasonable possibility of prejudice to the defendant.
Defense lawyer Chokwe Lumumba said jurors were ready to acquit Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, before Wright shared her research.
Banton is popular in his native Jamaica and won a Grammy for his last album before his drug conviction.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lancecape - "Napalm" (Ft. Korry Deez) - Official Video

 Lancecape is no stranger when it comes to beats and has steadily been perfecting his production skills for roughly 15 years. Having produced bangers for the likes of Frank N Dank, Rapper Big Pooh, Keith Murray, AG and Cannibus he has gained ground in the global beat circuit. Being in Detroit's Red Bull 'Big Tune' beat battle Lancecape was able to grab the crowds respect, finish as a semifinalist and rub shoulders with hip hop heavyweights Black Milk, Jake One, Oh No and Alchemist.

  For his first single, Lancecape is releasing a bass heavy tune called 'Napalm' accented with grungy guitar chops and his signature dirty drums. It features fellow Monolith member, Korry Deez, who is 1/3 of the Juno nominated and BET 'Rated Next' hip hop group Irs. He might be best known for his deadly verse on Kardinal's 'Ol' Time Killin' that had a video directed by Mr. X which received heavy BET and international rotation. Deez is known for touring with Kardinal, GODSMACK, Declaime, Jully Black and numerous others.
Lancecape is now finally ready to release his debut album 'Always Fresh' on January 8, 2013 with indy lo-fi label Future Science. Check it out below...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adara The Natural Glamorous Empress

When did you decide to go natural? Why? Did you big chop or transition?
I was inspired to go natural by my friend Jamila of College Curlies - she had started blogging and turned me onto all the information out there, so I got really curious. I was in love with all of the curly styles and the ability to do my hair myself was really appealing. I started transitioning my freshman year of college. My last relaxer was at the end of February 2010, and I cut it almost a year later at the beginning of February '11. My big chop story was on CurlyNikki! Way more detail in that post.

Transitioning: Halloween '10

Right after I bc'ed; February '11
What is your current regimen?
Lately I style every week, sometimes every two. For a while I washed with Jane Carter's Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo and conditioned with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose, which I love. Since I've been home for the summer I've been using my little sister's stuff, which is Nature's Gate Henna shampoo and conditioner - both great. I also picked up some Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter conditioner and I really like it so far, especially because it's so cheap. I detangle with conditioner (just got a shower mirror so I don't have to get out to do it, yay!) and a wide-toothed comb, and then style with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and seal my ends with Trader Joe's coconut oil. A medium sized braid out was my go-to for the last six months, but I've recently returned to chunky twists and I'm loving that. I re-twist with a little spritz of water and some more product if I need it (in front of Cosby Show and Living Single re-runs, very important part of my regimen). My routine is pretty simple (read: I'm pretty lazy).

Braid out at the Tour de France last summer in Paris! Clearly I'm more excited about the watermelon than the bicycles.

Describe your hair-
I haven't bothered to type it really, but it's coily in the front/top and gets tighter and you move out, until its frizzier on the low sides/back. My hair is super thick but I need to work on length retention - it can get really dry and I tend to get single strand knots. I need to deep condition more!

What do you love about your natural hair?
I love that I'm in charge of it - when I was relaxed, I never felt like my hair was "done" unless I went to the salon. It's really nice to be able to do it myself. And I can't lie, I like the attention I get when I go out! It's fun when people notice your hair and ask questions about it. I've been doing all my yearly doctor's appointments and I think I've encouraged a few nurses and medical assistants to try wearing their hair natural.

Rocking some twists back in my pre-relaxed days

What have you learned throughout your journey? Advice for others?
Going natural was definitely an exercise in going for it. Before I bc'ed, I was really nervous because I auditioned for commercials and things in New York - I was worried that I wouldn't be as successful with shorter hair. But it worked out great, especially because natural hair is huge in advertising right now. I did a Subway commercial that aired in New York earlier this year and just shot one for Joe's Crab Shack that should be out in the fall. For me going natural is also about accepting what you have. While transitioning, I spent so much time on blogs and on YouTube obsessing over other women's textures and how I could get mine to look like theirs. I also hear a lot of women tell me that my hair is pretty, but that they couldn't go natural themselves. That comment drives me crazy! The way your hair grows out of your head is perfect.

Eatin' Fresh!
Where can we find you on the web?
I don't tweet much, but you can follow me on Twitter (@ohsoadarable).

Anything else you'd like to share?!
I just graduated a year early from New York University with a BS in Communicative Sciences and Disorders, and I got a full ride to do my Masters in Speech Language Pathology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill medical school! I was also accepted into UNC's lactation consultant certification program through the school of public health, so I'll be doing that as well. I'm so, so excited to be a Tarheel come August! My goal is to practice in a pediatric hospital - I'd love to work in the NICU as a feeding specialist (SLP's also cover swallowing disorders). Any fellow natural SLPeeps out there? It's also really important to me to use my lactation consultant certification to promote breastfeeding in the African American community, particularly among teen moms. (Nikki, thanks for helping to spread positivity about breastfeeding by talking about it on your blog!)

NYU graduation! I pinned my twists up under my cap and took them out in the front seat of the taxi on our way to lunch. With my mom, who's also natural.

Courtesy Of CurlyNikki

Kenya Moore Talks About "Gone With The Wind Fabulous"

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore left more than a few viewers scratching their heads in confusion after she twirled about and declared herself "Gone With the Wind fabulous."
After being called “old” by Porsha Stewart, who is about 10-years her junior, the two ladies engaged in a heated argument which led to Kenya's comment. The former Miss USA compared her fabulosity to the 1937 film, and she recently took to her blog on to explain her statement and express pride in her age.
“Being called old is the last dirty word you can call a woman. The fact is, if we are lucky we will all age graciously with wisdom, grace, and dignity,” wrote Kenya who suggested that Porsha—who has seemingly belittled Kenya's title—might be intimidated by her accomplishments.
“One cannot rewrite history. My legacy is untouchable, and I’m most proud of my professional achievements and accomplishments I have been able to bequeath despite the odds,” wrote Kenya.
Still lost as to why she dubbed herself Gone With the Wind fab?
Kenya acknowledged Hattie McDaniel as the first Black woman to win an Academy Award for her performance as a maid in that classic film. “In my eyes, Hattie McDaniel is a shero,” she wrote.
Kenya said that Hattie's appearance in the film opened doors for many Black actresses to come, including Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique.
After paragraphs of explaining why she was so thankful for the women who paved the way before her, she compared herself to Hattie, stating that she can defy the odds as Hattie once did.
“I’m Kenya Moore. I’m 41 and fabulous! My age, race, religion, social economic standing, and marital status are not indicators of my past, present, or future as I too can defy the odds just like Hattie. I am bold. I am humble. I am strong. I am complicated. I am complex. I am vulnerable. I am resilient. I am good. I am honest —That’s what makes me fabulous,” she wrote before encouraging others to be just as fierce.
“I will forever be GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS. And I hope I can inspire others to be Gone With The Wind fabulous too at any age.
See Kenya's Gone With the Wind moment below:

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Michael Ealy Is Now A Married Man

  Sorry to disappoint you ladies but, Michael Ealy has gotten married.
Repeat...!!! Michael Ealy is off the market ladies....DAMN...!!
People reports that the Think Like A Man star wed his girlfriend of about four years, Khatira Rafiqzada, back in October.
 "Michael has always been a private guy, and he wanted to enjoy his time as a newlywed with his wife privately," his rep said. "Now that some time has passed and the holidays are here, he wanted to share the news with his fans that he is married and very happy." 

Courtesy Of People

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Starring Bruce Willis & Dwayne Johnshon

 Following a big move from it’s original June 29th 2012 release date to March of next year, a new trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation has been released.
The delay was reported to be due to post-processing the film into 3D, but the main reason was actually to give time for reshoots. The purpose of the reshoots were to include more of Hollywood-heartthrob and lead character of the original film, Channing Tatum who has a highly successful year, starring in films such as The Vow, Magic Mike and the hilarious 21 Jump Street.
The trailer shows exactly what you’d expect from the Jon Chu-directed film: explosions, big guns and action, thus the most surprising thing may be the inclusion of Lupe Fiasco’s “Little Weapon” towards the end, one of my favourite tracks from the talented wordsmith, though the title doesn’t quite do the size of the arsenal shown off in the trailer justice.
Alongside Tatum, the film stars Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, Adrianne Palicki, Walton Goggins, Ray Park, Byung-hun Lee, Elodie Yung, Ray Stevenson, D.J. Cotrona and Wu-Tang leader/Man with the Iron Fists director and actor RZA. Check out the trailer [which auto-plays, so adjust your volume accordingly] and poster below.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens in  March 2013. 

Mike Beatz - “Heaven” - New Release - AUDIO

 Mike Beatz is a Jamaican hip-hop artist, producer and writer and his production resume includes T-Pain’s "Reborn", Capone N Noreaga’s "Bring It Here", Trina’s "Rich Girl".  In 2009, he stared a side project (Wizard Sleeve) with a close friend and frequent collaborator Lex One and one of their first releases “Me Plus You” released on Southern Fried Records (owned by fatboy slim) went on to be re-released on Ministry Of Sound as the smash hit "Riverside (Let's Go)" in 2010. "Riverside" went on to sell over 96,000 copies in its first week topping the iTunes sales charts and landing #1 on the charts. Due to this success, they were able to tour for two-years, building a strong international fan base and during that period of time we were blessed enough to work with top tier artists such as: Deadmau5, Diplo & Switch (Major Lazer), Dev, Tinie Tempah, Sway, S.A.S, Professor Green just to name a few.

In 2011 while on tour overseas with Wizard Sleeve, Mike Beatz released an independent solo-LP entitled Boom Bap with Norwegian producer Adonis. The solo-project was an ode to the classic sound and featured guest appearances from Guilty Simpson, Royce Da 5'9, AZ, Termanology, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli & Wrekonize (¡MAYDAY!) and received 36,000 downloads in its first month and got placements on top sites such as XXL, HipHop Dx, Nah Right and even getting spins from DJ Premier on his radio show.

Mike Beatz is back and is releasing a new music video for his self produced track "Heaven." Shot in the everglades of Florida, Beatz teams up with director Noel Rosado on this eerie cinematic visual.