Evelyn And Chad Are Back Together !!!

According to MediaTakeOut Evelyn and Chad ARE BACK TOGETHER . . . or at least they're LIVING TOGETHER. Yesterday a fan asked Chad if he and his estranged with Evelyn were "still talking." Chad told him that not only are they "talking" . . . but the couple are "living together"
Evelyn is currently on vacation in the Bahamas. But if Chad is telling the truth . . . they should be back under the same roof by the end of the week.  I still say we don't know the full story on what happen, we all make mistakes apparently Chad has anger issues he needs to work out. I hope they shut down the hatters and last the test of time.*YbIPJCmV9iU8t7ag*n971PEujtfFIcrry2TPlEkjf8krO3fOFnfuZqN1/1356529961aebc7449b1.jpg

Courtesy Of MTO