Beyonce - “Check On It (XXYYXX Remix) - NEW AUDIO

 XXYYXX  drops off a remix of Beyonce‘s ’05 hit “Check On It“, and although the quickly-crafted track is rather short and snappy, it’s bound to stay in your head.
The Florida-production made this whilst on a plane, and it seems to benefit from two things: firstly, the enforced simplicity of long distance transport, and secondly, XXYYXX’s experience at building a track around Bey’s majestic voice (he previously used one of her songs for his trippy masterpiece “About You”). If the original was a relentless teaser for a playful romp, this is one sassy little stomp. XXYYXX uses rattlesnake rhythms and heavy bass to build a compressed, stuttering track from the most basic of vocal edits, and although Slim Thug’s feature is lost, the result retains all of the old track’s kinetic energies.
Take a listen for yourself, and take a ride back to the mid 90's