The Game - "Jesus Piece", Chapter 3: Rebirth - Trailer

 After hearing Game drop one hell of a track earlier alongside Kanye West and some of Houston’s finest, I expect many hip hop fans will be pre-ordering their copies of Jesus Piece as we speak, but to continue his incredible work ethic of the last few weeks, the Compton rapper is back straight away with a third promotional trailer for his upcoming album.
This brief clip, entitled “Rebirth”, shows Jayceon as he enters a dimly-lit church for a top-up sprinkle of Holy Water and a kindly priest’s blessing. To a sonic backdrop of choral tones and sacred strings, Game clasps his hands together, offering up a prayer to the heavens, and presumably asking that God overlooks the blasphemy of his deluxe edition album cover and helps the thing chart well.
Jesus Piece drops on December 11th. Check out the previous trailers here and here, and experience The Game’s “Rebirth” below.

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