Freddie Gibbs Talks About His Departure From CTE

 Word on the rumour mill for a little while now has been that Freddie Gibbs is left Young Jeezy’s CTE label, and today it’s confirmed.
After telling the team at Power 105.1′s Breakfast Club that his next album had no label to distribute it. and tweeting that he was a “free agent”, Gangsta Gibbs phoned into the show again this morning (December 11th) to confirm his departure from the imprint.
The Gary, Indiana rapper insisted that he left on good terms and revealed that it was a “mutual decision” caused by two artists “moving different ways”.  He added that he was busy working out a new deal somewhere else, but said he wouldn’t rule out signing with another artist in the future.
After dropping his Baby Face Killa tape a couple of months back, Gibbs is keeping himself occupied with a number of new projects, including a solo album (tentatively titled Necktie Party) and his next mixtape Eastside SlimHe’s also working on his newly launched ESGN label, so hopefully he can sort out a new deal quickly and provide us with more of that gritty Midwest rap music.

Listen to what Gibbs had to say in his phone call to Power 105.1 below:

Courtesy Of SoulCulture


  1. Anonymous04:31

    Atleast it ended on a good nite

  2. CTE need to rebuild anyway

  3. Anonymous08:53

    jeezy VP and Label pusher, of course gonna fail =TP of OceanviewBLVD