MTV's "This Is How I Made It" Featuring Artist Miquel

 MTV’s This Is How I Made It features up and coming R&B singer-songwriter Miguel as he tells his story from childhood until today.
Born with Mexican & Black decent and growing up in San Pedro, LA, he never really was accepted by neither culture so he decided to make his own path.
When Miguel got older he started to develop a love for music writing his own original pieces.  He later stop writing his songs down on paper and started freestyling lyrics to music instead, which is how he came up with songs “Quickie,” “Vixen” and “Sure Thing” which was the song that got him signed to Jive Records.
After another freestyle session, this time with well respected and Grammy-nominated producer Salaam Remi. Miguel wrote his first breakout hit “All I Want Is You,” which paved the way for even more hits like Adorn.  If he continue to practice his craft of writing he will surely have a long career in music even if he is not singing.  Checkout the clip below: