Lisa Raye Set To Play In The Movie "Kaffair Boy" Based On the Book By Mark Mathbane

 Lisa Raye new movie Kaffir Boy filming in South Africa, she playing a second grade south African teacher Known mainly as Diamond in Player's Club and Keisha on VH1's Single Ladies, Lisa Raye is looking to grow beyond her stereotypical roles and tackle a much grittier project.
The actress tells HipHollywood that she's heading to South Africa for her role in Kaffir Boy.

The book turned film is an autobiography about Mark Mathabane's life under the South African apartheid, its brutality,
how he escaped from it and how he became a well known tennis player.
Lisa Raye will play a second grade teacher in the film and explains she been waiting a long time for a role like this. I think this is a great look for Lisa Raye and her career but I was a little concerned that she didn't know how to pronounce the world "Kaffir" its not pronounce the way it's spelled.  But to know this you have to be aware of the culture, I hope she does her homework. This kind of detail defines who makes the real money in Hollywood, but congrats to her I hope she do well.  Checkout the video below.

Courtesy Of HHN24/7


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