HBO Presents The Beyonce Documentary - Trailer

 Here’s a teaser video for HBO’s forthcoming Beyonce documentary-film, debuting February 16th, 2013.
The feature-length film, which includes first-person footage shot by Beyonce herself, will look at all aspects of her life, from Bey’s Grammy Award-winning singing career, to her role as an actress and an entrepreneur, to the more intimate parts of her life- the precious moments shared with husband Jay Z and their baby daughter Blue Ivy.
Michael Lombardo, president of HBO programming, describes how the special documentary “looks beyond the glamour to reveal a vibrant, vulnerable, unforgettable woman”. The short trailer below certainly gives us an idea of the film’s probing and multi-faceted nature, mixing behind-the-scenes clips and shots of Beyonce at her laptop with footage of the superstar songstress on-stage, delivering the electrifying performances that have helped her become world famous.  I wonder how much dirt is she really going to reveal?  Hmmm....let me check and see if she is releasing a new CD around that time...lol. 


  1. we'll see how much she reveals -naybesa.com

  2. Not Really interested, but I am sure the stans will love it. - LoveMyBlack.com

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  4. Looks pretty cool! This and the Jay Z documentary.